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Where to put LED lights in your room?

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There are so many places where you can set or put your LED lights in the room. Here in this article, we will be discussing where to put LED lights in your room?

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1. LED Strip Lights for Wall lighting in your room

If you are searching for the best-LED lighting idea in your room, wall lighting can give you the best experience. Strip lights for wall lighting are being classified by three different types.

Where to put led lights in your room

Recessed Wall Lighting

LED light strips poke into a hollow section of the wall during recessed wall lighting. This style of lighting is perfect for giving a diffused, gentle look to your room. As they give the room a more elegant appearance, recessed wall lighting can be found in houses, offices, and even commercial spaces. 

Surface Installed Wall Lighting

You may also select wall lighting that is surface mounted where LED light strips are pasted or placed on the wall surface. By mounting surface wall lighting, you can get pure unfiltered bright light in your room, which is commonly preferred to all.

Creative Wall Lighting

Hence, for creative wall lighting, you can also use LED light strips. If you want to produce some pieces of art on your walls, you can let your creativity glow by using RGB and RGBW LED light strips. It is very easy to install this lighting fixture on your wall. It is as well very simple to take them down. LED light strips are already so popular for decorative lighting for years.

Things You Will Be Needing

  1. We recommend using 3528 CCT Adjustable Strips for recessed lighting, 5730 LED Strips for surface installed lighting, and 4-in-1 5050 RGBW Strips for creative lighting.
  2. Depending on how bright you like the light to be, you can use any light strips between 60 to 120 LEDs/m.
  3. The strip length will depend on the wall dimensions. LED light strip connectors may be used to connect the strips to each other and to attach the strips to a power supply.
  4. By calculating the total length of the strip with the wattage per meter, you can work out the wattage needed for running the strips.
  5. Use LED light strip controllers to quickly monitor the color temperature and luminosity of the LED light strips.

2. LED Light Strip for TV Backlighting

A perfect way to contribute to the overall theme of your TV and your space is to backlight your TV screens. Efficient and discreet, LED light strips can be conveniently mounted on the back of your TVs without thinking about disruption or interruption. This is a fantastic way to construct an aesthetic lighting piece, particularly when you turn off your TV.

led strip lights for tv

Backlighting TV screens is a fairly easy process. You can choose from a variety of different colored LED light strips and there are even color-changing strip lights which can give you an amazing vibe to your watching experience.

Things You Will Be Needing

  1. We recommend that you use 5050 RGB and Single Color LED Strip to backlight your TV screen because it has fantastic luminosity and a number of color choices.
  2. The size of the strip would be based on your TV screen measurements. LED light strip connectors can be used to connect the strips, mainly around the edges of your TV screen.
  3. By calculating the total size of the strip with the wattage per meter, you can work out the wattage needed for operating the strips.
  4. Using wireless RF LED light strip controllers, you can monitor the light intensity and brightness of your TV back light.

3. Display Case Lighting with LED Light Strips

There are so many rooms that have a display case where people put on a variety of showpieces and other decorative things. It’s also a great idea to light up that display case with an LED strip light.

best led strip lights for showcase

Many display cases are made of glass. But there are also wooden cases or a mixture of wood, metal and glass can also be found. In any event, LED light strips are a perfect way to illuminate the showcase in such a way as to highlight the objects inside.

The best thing about LED strip lights is even if you use the LED light strip for a long time, the object inside the showcase will not heat up.

Things You Will Be Needing

  1. We consider using Side View 3014 LED Strip for showcase illumination, as it is extremely bright and emits standardized light.
  2. As the strip has a high luminance, 60 LEDs/m in a single row is quite enough to illuminate large display cases.
  3. The size of the strip would be based on your display case’s measurements. LED light strip connectors can be used to connect the strips, mainly around the edges or the top of your display case.
  4. Find out the wattage needed by combining the total length of the strip with the wattage per meter to power the strips.

4. LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Kitchens are a significant characteristic of any house. They are typically situated in a house at a focal point and thus need to be stylish in order to go with the rest of the room. There are so many innovative ways of using lights to upgrade various areas of your kitchen.

where to put led strips in room

As they are lightweight, clear, and energy-efficient, LED light strips are ideal for this work. They are environmentally conscious as well, so you don’t have to think about any pollution.

For kitchen closet lighting, you can use both tape and rope lamps. When you want a fluorescent effect and tape lights with more diffuse colors, it is best to use rope lights. Tape lamps can be used to make them pop inside and outside the kitchen cabinets. To boost the function of your kitchen, kitchen counters can also be decorated with LED tape lights.

Things You Will Be Needing

  1. We recommend using the built-in 2-in-1 3528 CCT Interchangeable Strip for white and warm white color and Versatile LED Neon Flex Side View for colored lights for kitchen cabinets.
  2. As these strips have strong brightness, 120 LEDs/m in a single row is enough to light all sorts of cabinets and counters.
  3. The length of the strip would be depending on the cabinet calculation. LED light strips can be sliced and the strips can be attached to each other using LED connectors.
  4. All the LED light strips come with 3M adhesives on the back, such as flat, smooth surfaces that can be conveniently added to them. For the protection and light impact, LED profiles and extrusions can be used.
  5. You can power your LED light strips with a laptop or a desktop LED power supply. You can use a solder-free LED light strip connector to connect your LED strips to the power supply.

5. LED Strip Lights for Ceiling

For lighting up ceilings, LED light strips are used more widely. This is because they are usable as slightly raised, surface mounted, or pendant lights in a variety of sizes and can be built in many different ways. LED light strips are an appealing alternative for ceiling lighting because of their simplicity and ability to be operated by wireless remote controls.

led strip lights for ceiling

You may use LED neon rope lights to amplify the spot. LED tape lights with aluminum tubing make your room appear classy, or LED linear lights to fully illuminate your room. There are so many innovative ways to light up your ceilings. Your creativity is the limit if it comes to ceiling lighting with LED light bars.

Things You Will Be Needing

  1. For ceiling lighting, based on how bright you like your room to be, you can use some sort of LED light bar. For fixed ceiling lighting and LED light strips for wall-to-wall ceiling lighting, we consider using LED linear light.
  2. The strip length or scale can rely on the ceiling measurement. LED light strips can be split and you can attach the strips with each other by using LED connectors.
  3. Multiply the overall length of the strip with the wattage per meter to work out the wattage needed to power the strips.
  4. To connect your LED strips to the power supply, you can use the LED power supply to power your LED light strips.

Key Features you Need To Look Before Selecting LED Strip Lights

There are some key features that you need to know before planning to set up LED strip lights for your room. There is still a clear visual effect on a well-built, compact, and inconspicuous lighting solution. For that cause, decorators enjoy them, because usually, they won’t annoy you with those lights that are neon, blaring or annoying. Before buying LED strip lights for the room, there are some characteristics we can take into account.


Basically, the LED light strip’s color is largely determined by the house’s lighting design and hue. For spaces, we typically use warm white light and natural white light, and often we also use RGB light with a controller to adjust colors to create a room that is more vibrant.

In reality, the bedroom is the key place for resting. The glow is not only about the illumination in the bedroom; it is about the mood and sleep as well. Then it is easier to choose low-illumination or low color temperature lamps instead of brighter LED strip lights.

Remote Controller

Comfort is a very significant aspect when using lamps in the room. LED strip lights are now often fitted with a remote controller, and it is possible to switch the LED lights on or off with certain smart LED strip lights and adjust colors or brightness with an application or voice control.


Bedrooms need to be less luminous in comparison than bathrooms and kitchens. We should take this into account as we pick LED strip lamps for bedrooms. And we need varying degrees of light as the time of day varies, so we need a dimmer to modify that, too. More electricity can also be spared by LED strip lights with a dimmer.


As we spend a long time in the bedroom, it is very important to ensure that we are healthy and safe. When choosing bedroom LED strip lights, we need to look at their safety ranking and select some reputable products, so that when using our bedroom lighting, we can feel more relaxed.

Final Words

LED light strips are highly flexible and can easily be used to light any room. In a variety of types, sizes, and specifications, LED light strips are available in the market. At the PCB stage, you can also configure your LEDs. Here in this article, we discussed five different ideas of where to put LED lights in your room and some key features you need to follow before purchasing. Hopefully, it will lead you to buy the perfect lighting fixture for your room.

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