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Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

Light is one of the most essential things, when it comes to the kitchen. Light will not only let you see what you cut or mix in the bowl, it will also describe the distinctive look and sound of your kitchen room. Although overhead lighting is a concern for many homeowners, so installing under cabinet lighting should be considered as well. This applies to a number of light fixtures that are mounted under the cabinets. These lights are essential for illuminating work space or as aesthetic complements or even both. 

We analyzed different types of under-cabinet lighting in this detailed document. We will also give you some useful buying tips, outlining the key features you can remember while looking for the best under cabinet lighting. 

It has to be mentioned that under counter lighting is not just for the kitchen.  Wherever you have cabinets built, you can use them, if it’s your basement bar or dining space. 

There are four types of under cabinet lighting and they are – (1) LED Lighting, (2) Fluorescent Lighting, (3) Xenon Lighting, (4) Halogen Lighting. We will be discussing all four types of under cabinet lighting including their Pros and Cons. 

4 different types of under cabinet lighting

LED Lighting

LED Lighting is popular for its long existence, high energy savings, low heat emission, which is one of the most common forms of under cabinet lighting. LEDs are becoming more common in homes as incandescent lamps have continued to lose their luster in recent years.

led under cabinet lighting

LED is an abbreviation for the diodes that produce light. That kind of illumination requires use of a variety of diodes to produce electricity. By comparison, incandescent bulbs use heated wire filaments to emit illumination. Lack of heat is one of the key factors that allows LEDs more energy efficient and last longer. The aspect related to energy conservation is especially significant. LED lighting is 90 percent more effective than incandescent lighting.

Under cabinet illumination, has two major styles of LEDs: Strip lights and Puck lights. The right alternative depends entirely on the design tastes. If you’re searching for a compact, easy installation solution then led strip lights can be the best choice for you to light up your cabinet.

Puck lights are just as good with the difference of providing focused lighting areas, rather than distributed illumination. Sometimes, they require a little effort to install. You may either recess them into the cabinet ‘s underside, or install them underneath the wall.

The dimmable sense of LEDs is that you can use dimmers in your system. This helps you to monitor the strength of light for various conditions and for specific persons. 


  1. Very energy efficient, allowing significant electricity savings
  2. Low heat consumption
  3. Long life
  4. Easy installation
  5. Dimmable


  1. Since prices have been declining steadily in recent years, LED lighting is still considerably more costly than other types of cabinet lighting. But energy savings achieved over the lifespan of the lighting also outweigh the expense.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting has high energy consumption and low heat emission, which is  another common alternative for your kitchen remodeling project. Once you have turned the light it holds on forever, today’s fluorescent lamps don’t flicker or buzz. They are perfect for under cabinet lights in one explanation.

Slim fluorescent strips are the safest fluorescent lamps for under the fridge, with a diameter of half an inch. This ensures that they easily disappear beneath the cabinet while still shedding lots of light. Half inch fluorescent bulbs are known as T4. There are some better alternatives which include T5 (5/8) “and T8 (1”) to go bigger. Over one inch, the lamps beneath cabinet illumination would be too big.

Unless you do not like regular fluorescent bulbs you can use CFL instead, also known as compact fluorescent lamps. Typically, they take the shape of hockey pucks, from there the term puck lights came.

One of the most significant aspects to look for as you measure under cabinet fluorescent lights is wattage. It represents the level of light produced by the bulb. The bigger the bulb, the better the wattage. Choose bright lighting as with LED lighting, and then use a dimmer to control the intensity.


  1. Quite electricity efficient, translated into substantial energy savings.
  2. Long life.
  3. Dimmable in certain forms 


  1. Contains mercury and can be harmful when subjected to it by anyone.
  2. Costs more extra, with additional downstream savings.

Xenon Lighting

The xenon lights and the halogen lights both are incandescent. They generate light by electrically heating a thin tungsten filament until it heats up high enough to emit light. Xenon lamps are called for xenon, the neutral substance, which is in the lamp enclosure. The same relates to halogen bulbs which we will mention next.

xenon under cabinet lighting

Even if xenon lighting is incandescent, it is much more energy saving and cost – effective than traditional incandescent lighting. It can also last for a longer period. However, xenon bulbs are less energy intensive compared to LED and fluorescent lighting, and tend to produce more heat.

Xenon lights are valued for producing warm and bright lighting which makes them popular and effective for incandescent under cabinet lighting.  Just like LEDs and fluorescent lamps, you can get xenon, either in linear or puck type under cabinet illumination. It also provides both hard-wire and plug-in variants.


  1. A strong, warm light which enhances the area underneath. The xenon lighting is a good choice if you are looking for additional lighting for your kitchen work area.
  2. More effective than regular incandescent lamps.
  3. High performance rendering of colours.
  4. They are incredibly dimmable.


  1. It is less energy efficient than fluorescent or LED lighting.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen falls in the xenon-lighting category, with the only exception being that it incorporates the toxic gas, halogen, in the lamp enclosure. As both are incandescent,  they produce more heat than LED and fluorescent lighting and comparatively they are not that much energy efficient.

halogen under cabinet lighting

Halogen lighting with a vibrant tone is very powerful, making it a popular choice for homeowners who are searching for clear and warm illumination.

If you’ve determined that LED and fluorescent are not for you, then for your under cabinet lighting the main tussle will be between halogen and xenon.

The heat intensity is one of the significant distinctions between the two forms of incandescent lighting. Halogen generates considerably more electricity, rendering it with less energy efficient and having a shorter lifetime compared to xenon lamps. But heat isn’t the same as typical incandescent bulbs. 


  1. Its bright light is perfect for illumination.
  2. In terms of energy consumption and heat output is greater than the typical incandescent.


  1. They burn more hot than LED, xenon or fluorescent bulbs. Keep foods away from the light which are heat sensitive.
  2. Shorter lifetime than most other forms of cabinet lighting mentioned here.

Bottom Line

Under cabinet lighting is very essential not only for beautification but also for a comfortable environment. With tremendous advancements in lighting technologies over the past decade, homeowners have a lot of alternatives to pick for their cabinet decoration. As we already discussed above, about different types of under cabinet lighting, hopefully it will help you to find out your perfect under cabinet lighting.

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