Privacy Policy

Affiliate Disclosure is a component of the Associates System Amazon Services LLC. The platform was built in such a manner that various websites would benefit with the aid of advertisement fees paid. Links and ads, including the Amazon branding, which are from, Amazon Supply and other Amazon franchises.

Disclosure according to the FTC guidelines

The FTC rules govern advertising ratings and consumer testimonials. Such principles are also very relevant to our website and we are trying our utmost to insure that they are followed appropriately. As regards these rules, it is part of our responsibility to accept the following: 

  • Our aim and goal is to provide visitors with relevant and reliable knowledge, plus other tools which they can use, in order to help them make better decisions
  • A significant point is the possibility or fact that this website may get fees from third-party vendors to offer goods and/or services.


True people with the testimonials displayed on the platform after they have actually checked out a good or service. Any individual openly gives this sort of information, so it is an independent, original, so real information. The platform will not accept testimonials and anyone who wishes to add them may earn no fee whatsoever, neither in the current days, not in the past or the future.

Privacy Policy

Since our website gathers some kinds of personal details, it provides the privacy policy to tell you how the details are used. We firmly encourage you to consult the Privacy Policy before sending any material to the website. Please notice that you do subscribe to its Privacy Policy by deciding to use this page.

The privacy management policies should be updated in due time. The modifications should become available as it occurs. Such amendments would therefore refer to details and events that are going to arise, not just ones that have already happened. You have the right to read the Privacy Policy as much as you find appropriate to make sure you understand any part of it.

Note: Only this page is subject to this Privacy Policy. If you exit the website to visit other websites, even though that is via an internal connection, you may still have to read the privacy policy of the website.

Collection of Information

The information we gather is information that lets us recognize an individual, such as name, age, email address, and others. Every consumer submits personal details openly. It can be used for different reasons in supplying personal details which is specifically stated. Your private details would not be used for any other reason until written permission is granted to us for that.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

The Website can use cookies and other forms of tracking technology, based on the features offered. This sort of application is used to collect other kinds of user details, such as preferred software, preferred operating system, website traffic tracking and how each guest uses the website.

We can boost and personalize users’ interactions on our website with the support of cookies. Cookies or monitoring technologies are not capable of gathering sensitive details from consumers nor can be exchanged with third parties. Nevertheless, since you supplied the website with personal details, cookies and monitoring systems may be connected to that details.

Google Analytics

We use Google analytics from which site traffic tracking data were obtained from Google. In compliance with their policies, Google can use the tracking data for another google web service.

Children Protection

We do not collect any details under the 13 year old. We encourage parents to track their 13-year-old child as they search online. While we have no intention of gathering details for children under 13, if they are having any inappropriate content from the site, please contact us.

Distribution of Information

In the event of an investigation or prevention of fraud, we can exchange details with government agencies and other organizations. Distribution of knowledge can also arise because the statute allows or authorizes us to do so, because we unroll acts to deter or defend users from abuse and illegal actions, or where we seek to address infringement that has already occurred. In such situations information for advertising tactics is not shared.

Commitment to Data Security

Data information that comes from our customers is processed and used safely. The only persons who have access to and can use this information are website operators permitted to do so, and agents or contractors who have signed an arrangement to hold this information private. Each newsletter and e-mail you get from our platform will give you the chance to opt out.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have any more concerns about the privacy policies of our website, please email us using the contact details provided.

We reserve the right to modify privacy policy if we find it necessary. Any updates will be added to the web pages instantly.