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How to Make a Blacklight With LED Light Strips?

There are so many people who are curious to know if LEDs should be used to build a black light? This article is going to teach you how to make a black light with LED light strips and at the end of this article, you should be able to create your own black lights with LED strips using just some hand tools.

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What Can You Do With a Black Light?

Before knowing how to make a black light with an LED light strip, first, let’s talk about why you will need a black light. Black light is vastly used for parties. Lighting up the dark parties is a common use of black lights.

There are parties where you want to use neon-colored things, props, decorations, or face paint. You cannot use a normal light for this kind of party because these things will glow only in the dark environment. So here you will be needing black lights.

How to Make a Blacklight With LED Light Strips
How to Make a Blacklight With LED Light Strips

In other scenarios, police departments use black lights to investigate crimes. Several objects in a crime scene, such as body fluids that shine under UV-A light, can be detected using a black light. Officials also use it to validate the validity of banknotes, antiques, and ancient sculptures worth millions of dollars.

Ways of Making a Black light with LED Light Strips

There are so many ways to make a black light with LED strips. But here in this article, we will be discussing two simple and easy ways, including the things you will be needing and step-by-step guidelines for making the black light.

Option #1 (Using Remote Controller)

If you want to apply this option, you will be needing a good quality strip light that includes a remote controller with the package. We are mentioning this because all the strip lights in the market don’t come with remote controllers. So if you want to use your strip lights as black lights, you need to check if the package has a remote controller with it before purchasing.

Things you will be needing:

  1. Good quality strip lights
  2. Remote controller
  3. Reliable power supply

Step-by-step process:

  1. First, you have to install the light strip.
  2. Make sure it is connected to the power supply properly.
  3. Press the DIY button on the remote for color setting.
  4. Hit the red button 25 times.
  5. Now hit the blue button 25 times.

This is one of the easiest processes to make a black light with an LED light strip. All you have to do is to purchase a good quality strip light with a remote controller. Then you just have to configure it by pressing the remote.

Your LED light strips will change color when you click the buttons on your remote controller, till you achieve the desired blacklight color effect. Although it isn’t just as good as commercial black light, it will give you the most output you can do for LED light strips.

Option #2 (If You Don’t Have a Remote Controller)

If you already have LED strip lights but you don’t have a remote controller with them or if you are buying a strip light that does not include a remote controller with the package, then you can go for option number two.

This is a manual process that will manipulate the strip light and will provide you with almost the same result. This process focuses on manually filtering out visible light in order to conserve UV light.

This option is time-consuming and might not be suitable for you if you lack the necessary tools. It’s commonly used to transform the LED flash on smartphones into black lights. As a result, we only suggest this process if you’re only using a few LED strips to create black light.

Things you will be needing:

  1. LED strip light (White)
  2. Transparent tape
  3. Purple & Blue marker pen

Step-by-step process:

  1. First count the total number of LEDs you have in the strip
  2. Cut small pieces of clear tape in sets of three, equal to the number of LEDs
  3. Put the first set of tape on every LED and color them blue with the marker
  4. Layer it with the next piece of tape all the way around and paint it blue
  5. Color the third piece purple and stick it on each LED
  6. Make sure that you covered each and every light
  7. You are all set for the black light now turn the white light to try it out

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we will answer some popular questions regarding Black light people are also looking for.

1. How do Black Lights Work?

UV light, which is within the visible light range on the spectrum and closer to the violet line, makes up the majority of black lights. This is why, considering the fact that you can sense its power as heat, you can’t see it. Black lights, in particular, emit less harmful UVA radiation.

2. Why Does a Black Light Make Things Glow?

UVA (ultraviolet) radiation is produced from black lights. Phosphors, on the other hand, are like an element. Radiation is converted into visible light by them. When UV radiation from a black light strikes some phosphor object, the energy from the black light is converted into visible light.

3. What substances show up under black light?

Under black light, vitamins A and B, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamine all glow. Fluorescent compounds in blood, sperm, and urine make them transparent under black light. Plants that have been ground into a chlorophyll-like paste glow red under black light.

4. What’s the Difference Between UV Light and Black light?

Ultraviolet light is a form of black light. Just a black light emits a tiny amount of visible light, while UV is completely invisible. The subtle visible light present in a dark light allows your eyes to interpret it as ‘black.’ If you just use UV light, the room would be absolutely dim.

5. What color glows best in black light?

You should look for glow party costumes and fabrics that are either white or neon when choosing what to wear to a black light party. The more vivid the neon hue, the more likely the object would shine. The best bets are fluorescent green, pink, purple, and orange.

Final Words

Feel free to experiment with both of the two approaches mentioned above, as you already know how to create a black light with LED light strips. It’s a fast and easy method that you can perform the next time you need a black light. Remember to link or connect the strips with care and caution to prevent voltage drops and other electrical problems.

Have a good day!


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