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How to Install LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a one of the categories of LEDs family. Since LEDs have revolutionary development in advanced technology, LED strip lights are not behind the running. When you think to add ambient lighting to your home and commercial species, you can consider installing LED strip lights.

Besides, if you need task lighting for your office and related other areas to transform with stylishness, you have no other suitable alternative but LED Strip lights. Now the most important things are how to install LED strip lights on the premises you are required for. In this article we are going to discuss how to install LED strip light for your ready reference. 

How to Install LED strip lights on Ceiling?

Installing LED strip lights on the ceiling is not a big deal, yet there is a system to properly install, which serves your purpose and looks beautiful. You will find here tips on the best place to put your LED strip lights. There is a guide to doing so act on serially and alternate setups also. 

how to install led strip lights on ceiling

First: You need to measure your room ceiling’s perimeter with corners and turns along the way. Also measure the distance from the power outlet if the power supply has a short wire. As per length, you can take one or more strip reels and also easily you can cut the strips to length at the designated copper cutting point on the reel.

Second: Make sure, power outlet is as close as possible to the source supply that comes with the LED strip reel for optimal visual appeal and minimum wastage of extra reel. 

Third: Setup should be well-ventilated with airflow in the room and not stuffed behind bulky furniture or thick curtains. Also sure to use coving that allows good heat dissipation like aluminum and wide and deep enough for ventilation.

Fourth: This is an important part to sticking it all up strip light. There are some high-quality strips with built-in adhesive on the back of the strips. This is a better option. Some manufacturers ensure the built-in tape, which is designed to carry away excess heat. There are also other strips that need an external double-sided tape that you need to stick yourself, first to the strip, and then to the wall, coving or ceiling. 

Fifth: It may happen if the measurements go wrong and the strip you have found is short. Then nothing to be worried about, leave the extra gap at the end of the whole length. You have the option to add more light strips when you order again or you can join strips you already have with you. 

How to install led strip lights under cabinets?

While installed under cabinets as task lighting, LED light strips look great. Under cabinet lighting is one of the most frequent scenarios where quick connectors are required. The user often needs to hook up several short lengths of LED strips together while bypassing obstacles. Getting for best results , you need to keep one rule in mind:

The Total length of wire extensions can not be greater than 5 meters per circuit. Therefore, if you use a total of 10 meters of Strip, the maximum combined length of all extensions can not be greater than 5 meters. Otherwise, the LED chips located at the end of your circuit will not be as bright. In the case of RGB Strips, some colors will not display properly. 

When you have all the calculations in hand, and prepared yourself to install. Then you need to either take the pre-cut 1 or 2 meters extension. Afterwards, make your connections or make your custom connection using the 17 cm connector. Installing the required length between the two connectors by cutting it in half.

Final Recap

Majority of the electrical products are required installation. Without installing, people can not understand the advantages and disadvantages. When lights are installed, the atmosphere of the place changes with beautification as a home décor.

Installing LED strip lights look to add special ambient lighting at any places of home and commercial space. LED tape is available in a full range of colors as amber, blue, green, pink, and red as well as a variety of temperatures including cool, neutral, and warm white.

If you desire for one color, you may choose color changing strip light instead. However, consider choosing an LED strip as per your need and make your life enjoyable. 

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