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How To Install LED Strip Lights On the Ceiling?

One of the types in the LED family is LED strip lights. Since LEDs are revolutionary in advanced technologies, LED strip lights are not behind the running phase. Installing LED strip lights should be considered when you learn to introduce ambient lighting to your home and commercial species.

Now the most important things are how to install LED strip lights on the ceiling premises you are required for. In this article, we are going to discuss How To Install LED Strip Lights On The Ceiling and also some related questions.

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Putting your lights in proper place

Both LED strip lights to come with an adhesive backing on a long reel that helps you to stick them in location. What you need to do is cut the adhesive cover and then mount the lights to the ceiling areas that you want to cover.

We may choose not to use such adhesive backing, but instead, you may choose to use aluminum channels that keep the strip lights in place, and for a better lighting effect, the plastic that comes with them serves like a diffuser.

If you have a fall ceiling and you choose to add light fixtures, make sure they are put behind a lip at the edge of your drop ceiling. The LED tape should be nearly 15mm lower than the lip. You will have a greater lighting effect that way.

You also can match the lights horizontally or vertically. If you prefer the latter, put the LED strip as near as possible behind the drop-ceiling lop.

How to install LED strip lights on the ceiling?

It’s not a big deal to install LED strip lights on the walls, but there is a professionally designed device that suits the purpose and looks beautiful. Here you can find tips on how best to install your LED strip lights in order. There is a manual for doing so on serial and alternative configurations as well.

First: With corners and turns in the way, you need to calculate the circumference of your room ceiling. And, if the power supply has a short cable, calculate the distance from the power socket. You can take one or more strip reels according to length and you can also conveniently cut the strips to length at the specified copper cutting point on the reel.

Second: Ensure that the power outlet is as close to the source supply that comes with the LED strip reel as possible for maximum visual appeal and minimal extra reel wastage.

Third: With ventilation in the room, the setup should be well-ventilated and not jammed behind heavy furniture or tight curtains. Also, is sure to use coving that makes strong heat dissipation such as aluminum, and ventilation is large and deep enough.

Fourth: This is an essential aspect of sticking the strip light all on. On the back of the strips, there are several high-quality strips of built-in adhesive. Any suppliers promise that the built-in tape, which is intended to take away excess heat, is a safer choice.

Fifth: If the calculations go incorrect and the strip you’ve found is small, it can happen. Then, leave the extra distance at the end of the entire length for little to think about. When you buy again, you have the option to add more light strips or you can join strips which you already have with you.

How to hide LED strip lights on the ceiling?

How To Install LED Strip Lights On Ceiling

Before explaining  “How To Hide LED Light Strip On Ceiling?” First I want to describe why you need to hide LED strip lights?

If the LED strip lights are not covered or hidden, the electrical components of the strip lights will be visible. For example- the diodes, resistors, and wiring. So if you hide or cover your strip light, the ceiling will look clean.

Now, how will you hide it? You can hide your LED strip lights by using the drop-down false ceiling, which you already have in your room. But if you don’t have the drop-down ceiling, you can use coving while installing your strip lights.

Can LED strip lights be installed without the coving?

You might have a question in your mind that installing strip lights with covering or hiding it is a big mistake. But you will be happy to know that coving strip light is not mandatory at all. It is totally up to you how you want to install it.

There are people who also like the naked look of the LED strip lights but if you don’t like it this way, then you can install your LED strip light with the coving.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading the article, you already know not only how you can install LED strip lights on your ceiling but also some other relevant information. If you need to know the more relevant information, feel free to comment or email us. Have a good day!

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