How to install LED bulbs in Projector headlights?

How to install LED bulbs in Projector headlights?

Upgrading is a smart idea for updating the most essential usable items in need everyday life, especially owners of any kind of vehicle concerned about improving safety, comfortableness, and style with visibility. Installation or retrofit of LED bulbs in projector headlight is a wonderful initiative for upgrading with set up modern technology in your vehicle whatever it is. Prior to installing LED bulbs in Projector headlights might you need to know about Projector headlight, so that it would be easy to understand the feasibility of installing the LED bulbs in projector headlights.

What is Projector Headlight?

In advancement of lighting technology, projector headlights are a newer invention in the world of headlight expertise. In the year of 1980 they were first used in some luxury vehicles on a larger scale. And from the inception the projector headlights have been increasing their popularity and used on all types of vehicles widely. 

Basically Projector headlights consist of a headlight assembly with replaceable bulbs similar to reflector headlights. Also included a reflector component but that’s where the similarities end.

Projector headlight contains a bulb in a steel bowl with mirrors to act as reflectors. Therefore, a projector headlight also has a lens that acts a magnifying glass, increasing the brightness of the light beam. It is due to the way projector headlights are designed, capable of illuminating more road surfaces at greater distances than the traditional reflector headlights. As there is a cutoff shield, ensure light produced by these types of is angled properly. For the good reasons including with many advantages Projector headlights are growing in highest popularity. 

How do Projector headlights work?

There are some basic components of every projector headlight includes with the followings:

Bulbs: Without bulbs how projector headlights are able to focus lighting. So bulbs are essential items that can be used like halogen, HID and LED bulbs as the sources of light. While bulbs in projector headlights can be much brighter than the bulbs in reflectors headlights.

Reflector: Projector headlights, classic reflector headlights actually include a component called a reflector. Instead of a parabolic shape, they use an elliptical shaped reflector and this is the difference. In fact, the light emitted from the bulb in a projector headlight focuses on a narrow point near the front of the reflector, where it meets a shutter and this causes a difference in shape.

Shutter: Unlike the classic reflector headlight housing, the shutter is one of the most important components in projector headlights. Methodically, the shutter is inserted into the light beam from below, resulting in a sharp cutoff and effectively aims the light at the road instead of allowing it to blind other drivers.

Lens: Lens of projector headlight is designed to consistently distribute the beam of light that has already been shaped and aimed by the elliptical reflector and the shutter. 

What things consider to do Before Installing LED bulbs headlights?

Legality: While thinking to  upgrade a new set of LED headlight bulbs, confirm the legality as LED bulbs for automotive application are not DOT approved in most of the aftermarket. Due to intensity, the bulbs might also blind opposite drivers.

Enough space: Prior to installing LEDs bulbs check your engine, LED bulbs might require wide space under the hood as it is in-made shape with large circuits underneath that need constant cooling also may need to remove certain components and retrofit someone.

Adequate venting: As the diodes in LED bulbs will not produce a lot of heat even extreme and continuous usage and bulb’s bottom part needs to vent heat out. Whereas the circuits in a typical LED headlight bulb will produce a lot of heat, so small cooling fans are required. 

Soft plastic near the LEDs could melt: Because of excess heat in the bottom part of LED bulbs, which may create danger to melting surrounding plastic components in the headlight assembly including other components in engine bay.

Light housing  style: You need to know whether your light housing is projector style or incandescent style. As because modern cars are equipped with standard LED lighting and specific headlight housing. Installing LED bulbs in a headlight housing which is designed for halogen or HID bulbs may  not produce the results you want, because LED bulbs are able to emit light depending on placement of diodes.

How to install LED bulbs in Projector headlights?

Properly installing the LED light in vehicle headlights is the most technical issue. In order to accomplish the work an expert mechanics or automobile electrical engineer is the right choice. In connection with retrofit, it is time to discuss the steps on how to install LED bulbs in your vehicles.

How to install LED bulbs in Projector headlights

Prior to preparing how to install the LED bulbs in the projector headlight, make sure the vehicle is parked in a safe and level area. The best idea to work in the afternoon, preferably a couple of hours before dust. As because you are able to complete the job in enough natural light and also you can test the headlights in the dark without waiting a long time. The following Steps below for your ready reference should be concentrated properly. 

Step-1: Choose the right size of bulb for the job and make sure to buy an LED bulb that exactly fits the headlights in your vehicle. This is important, the classification of the bulb will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. Usually typical headlight fitments will include H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, HB3 AND HB4. This to be noted that these headlight fitments are not interchangeable. As for instance, while an H3 and H4 bulb might have the same light output, which you would not be able to fit an H3 and H4 socket and vice-versa.

Step-2: In order to replace, remove the old halogen or any other bulbs that are in the vehicle. If you are not familiar with this, check the owner’s manual and the usual procedures are given below: 

  • Open the hood of the vehicle
  • Disconnect power socket from the bulb
  • Put out the rubberized cover that protects the headlight housing from moisture.
  • Unhook the spring the secures the bulb in the housing
  • Carefully remove the bulb.

Step-3: Now is the time to install LED, but it depends on the type of bulb as the kit will come with circular adapters that hold the bulbs in place. Just install the adapter, hook the spring, and insert the LED bulb. To confirm, you may need to turn the bulb to lock it further in housing.

Step-4: Right now it comes to the tricky part. Usually LED bulbs will either come with a large base, e.g. a cooling fan or a series of ribbon-like heat sinks at the bottom of the bulb assembly. For this reason you might not be able to reinstall the rubberized cover. Either you can cut the cover to make the hole larger, or you can use a different cover altogether. Now the tricky part is fitting the heat sink, so it won’t be covered once the LED bulbs are in operation. 

Just a couple of minutes the heat sink might get too hot to melt other plastic in rubberized components under the hood. To ensure a safe operation, make sure the heat sinks are not touching sensitive components.  It would make this a bit difficult to accomplish due to lack of wiggle room under the hood. So take time when doing so, which is a bit of a daunting task. 

Step-5: Now plugging in the bulbs. Infact, this should only be a simple plug and play procedure. It is very easy if you bought the right set of LED bulbs in projector headlights, powering the unit is simply plugging in the socket to the factory wiring in your vehicle.

Step-6: Just turn the headlight on to check the light. While focus lighting, you can now enjoy a brighter and more intense light ! Congratulations !

Step-7: Hey ! the job’s not done yet. Go out for final testing, whether your LED headlight in projector headlights performs good as per your requirement and with full satisfaction. If not further check and double check under the to ensure all wiring and heat sinks are in their proper place.

Final Words:

Last but not the least, we tried to elaborate how to install LED bulbs in Projector headlights, we are very optimistic that you will get a complete idea and enrich your smart knowledge, if you scanned your eyes on the writings. As and when you have the privilege and option for choosing to upgrade the install LED lights in your projector headlights does not have to be a daunting task.

However, you may consider the cost as it can be expensive to upgrade your housing to Projectors and the cost of good LED bulbs can run approximately in the $ 250 to $300 price range, or more or less at present. Keep in mind you put a price on safety for you and your family in installing new LEDs can greatly increase your driving safety by illuminating the road and should be considered if you have old and dull halogen bulbs.

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