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How to Connect Led Light Strips?

Advanced lighting technology widely spread out very quickly, especially Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are one step ahead. It has had a historical revolution for about two decades in many types and categories. LED strip lights are one of them.

People are growing attracted day by day for LED strip lighting features and various romantic colors. The connection of regular LED strips is not a daunting task, but people should know how to connect LED light strips together in their required places.

While LED strip lights install any place in the house or office, they suddenly change the mood and atmosphere. That is why consumers are attracted to this lighting. However, we take the privilege to discuss how to connect led light strips in many of the premises.

How Many Led Strip Lights Can Be Connected Into the Chain?

This question is one of the common and frequently queried questions that has been asked by so many people. The length choices are almost unlimited, based on how you hook the strips on. You must remember some logistics while doing this.

Remember that with wire, resistance grows with distance when deciding how many strips you want to link together. For LED strips, it is no exception. As a general guideline, we advise not to connect more than three full strips end-to-end without inserting new, higher strength power wire or extra power supply units down the line.

How to Connect LED Strip Lights to One Power Supply?

Let’s see how to connect multiple strip lights to the power supply. There are several ways that your light strips can be connected to electricity. You may directly connect each strip to the plug, which is extremely helpful for illuminated smaller spaces or areas.

In order to make the connection, you can use LED light strip clips or you can hardware your LEDs straight to your home or building’s primary power source.

There are some basic steps that you should follow to connect multiple LED strips to one power source.

how to connect led strip lights to power supply

Calculate Wattage

Surely, you may also have an idea of how much electricity your LED light tapes need to work. However, once you’ve cut and linked the tapes together, there may be any additions or subtractions in the total. So, to power your versatile LED light strips again, measure the total wattage needed.

If you are using the same LED light tape for the whole project, then calculate the wattage per meter from a single source with the length of the total strip you intend to run. This will give you your power source’s power capability. If you use various types of LED ribbon lights, measure and apply all of the wattage specifications for each of them. This will give you an understanding of how much energy they require.

Compatible Power Supply

The next move is finding the correct power source, now that you know how much electricity you need for your LED light strips to operate. You need to select a power supply that can operate the LED tapes using just 80 percent of its total power. For the durability of both your power supply and LED strips, this is significant.

Connect to Power Supply

It’s time to connect your LED light tapes to it after selecting the correct power supply. As described before, via power socket or hard wiring, you can connect your LED ribbon lights to your power supply.

There are two ways to connect multiple LED strip lights to the power supply. The first is to attach each strip length to a single power supply for the motherboard, which can then be linked to the socket.

The second is to use a wire clip to bind parallel LED ribbon lights together and to attach the wire clip to the socket. Each of these approaches will help you light up your room without thinking about the decrease in voltage. Led light strip plug connectors can also be used to directly connect the strips to power sources.

Is It Safe to Connect Multiple Strip Lights Together?

Safety is everyone’s top concern. So is it safe to connect multiple strip lights together?

Here is your answer- Connecting multiple strip lights is absolutely “Safe” but you have to consider good quality products. There are some cheap quality products in the market which can be a fire hazard due to their low-quality materials.

Even if you have good quality LED strip light, we suggest you maintain some minimum precautions. For example- you need to know about the differences between the types of LED strip lights. Like a white led strip, uses 3 times less power than an RGB strip light.

Things to remember when interconnecting strip lights

Before interconnecting strip lights, there are things that you should keep in mind. It is important to use a certified power supply with more watts than your strip light needs. Your power supply should not be graded below or equal to the total wattage required by your joint strips.

You still have to remove an LED strip from the provisions of the convention placed every few inches on the strip to get through the real connections. Otherwise, it might not work for some of the LEDs in the trimmed area.

Be sure you use heat shrink over the connectors to cover them, which are different for outdoor and indoor use. Alternatively, you can use electric or coating tape as well.

How can LED strips be linked without a connector?

In fact, it is possible to connect LED strips without a connector. All you have to do is to weld a pair of joints. You will use the welding rod to solder the voltage and the red, green, and blue pins to the next wiring.

And it is proved that soldered connections are very strong and it can carry more power through the extension with full efficiency. So it is better to use soldered connections if you are using more power.

Bright Strip lights generally produce high power output. Therefore, cheap connector cables might not work properly. You must have to have a good connector cable.

Lastly, you have to cover up the joints with electrical tape to make the joints more protective.

Bottom Line

A perfect way to illuminate your designs is with LED light strips. They are sufficiently compact to fit into small spaces and are simple to mount. They leave a very tiny footprint of carbon and do not emit a lot of heat. You do not have to think about the cost of servicing because they are more energy-efficient than conventional lighting sources. To suit your space, you can easily connect LED light tapes together.

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