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How to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar?

In recent times, nothing makes a point like a chandelier when it comes to light fixtures. Completely, it's all that glitters, the room's mood setter and occasionally a conversation piece with the guests creates a fantastic environment.

Stylish lighting is the fourth layer of interior lighting, not only makes room sparkle, glow and design like home jewelry but also carried out in actual work environments and could lead to a more positive atmosphere.

In reality, with the installation of chandelier lighting fixtures or accessories, your house will bring out its best features. Your beautiful chandelier, glass or crystal, glitter whenever it's clean. Here's how to keep chandeliers polished and tidy by using lint-free clothes.

3 Steps to Clean Crystal Chandeliers with Vinegar

Step 1

Mix 2 cups of hot water, 1/2 cup of alcohol for cleaning and 2 tbsp. Automatic spot remover for dishwashers in a spray container. This liquid should be used to clean the parts of the metal and glass cover of the chandelier.

Step 2

In another spray container, mix 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar. And use this mixture for cleaning the lightbulbs.

Step 3

Wrap the lightbulbs in sandwich bags and fasten them tight with a rubber band. You will only open these bags when you are done cleaning. 

In the marketplace, there are many types of chandelier cleaner. Among them, I can suggest you some of the best brands of chandelier cleaner like sparkle plenty chandelier cleaner, Satco cleaner, Brilliante crystal chandelier cleaner.

When to Clean a Chandelier

It is very important to know when your chandelier needs to clean. It actually depends on where your chandelier is located, for example- if your chandelier is in a place where there are a lot of chances of getting dust. In that case, we suggest cleaning your chandelier every six months. 

how to clean old chandelier

Generally, it is ok to clean your chandelier at least once a year. When you see the crystal is rusty, then you need to understand that the chandeliers require cleaning. When the glass or frame appears to look dirty, the traditional chandelier types should be washed.

Plans Before Cleaning Your Chandelier

For crystal or glass elements, many chandeliers have a very complicated hanging pattern, so please make sure of how the arrangement fits together before you try to clean. 

Having a simple sketch or diagram of all the pieces is a smart idea. Or you can take a digital camera snapshot which can also be useful.

There are some chandeliers that contain many small components, for those kinds you need to take the help of the professionals. Or less you might face a lot of difficulties to clean it, to some extent you might end up ruining your chandelier.

Things you will need

The things you will be needing to clean your chandeliers are quite basic. First you will need a ladder to reach the chandelier. 

You will also be needing a piece of cloth to clean it. We suggest you wear gloves as the crystal of the chandeliers will easily pick up the finger prints while cleaning.

Safety Precautions

Absolute care shall be exercised around every electrical fixture, so operate slowly and follow precautions for protection. 

First, you have to make sure the power is switched off. Sometimes we power on the switch unintentionally, which might be a great risk. So to avoid that you can place a piece of paper and stick it with a tape.

How to clean chandeliers on high ceilings?

You'll need to have a ladder first. Find a ladder if you can, which will allow you to reach the chandelier comfortably. Using a duster to polish the chandelier first.

How to clean chandeliers on high ceiling

Next to mist and scrub down the chandelier, use a spray bottle of water and some dish soap. This is as much washing as you would be able to do whether you are reluctant or unable to pull down the chandelier, but this should be enough in most situations.

Final Words

You are proud of your wonderful chandelier, and it's definitely going to take place of honor at home. Its sophisticated form is part of its appeal, but to maintain this dazzling elegance, you need to know how to clean a chandelier to make sure it still looks the best.

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