How to Change the Color Of an Led Light?

How to Change the Color Of an Led Light?

Nowadays changing the color of lights is not only a fashion or stylish, but to change the color have potential benefits that are possible at schools, hospitals and office buildings. It is imperative to detail how to change the color of an led light in a very easy way. However, Change color makes use of various materials that produce protons at various wavelengths. Usually it gives the appearance of colorful lights like purple LED light bulbs, sharpie light bulbs and pink LED lights for cars

In fact, an LED light can produce several colors by using an LED device and with controlling each color’s intensities.  Compared to the single color, these colorful LED lights can be pretty expensive.

Now there are two questions upfront. Firstly- how to change the color of an led light and Secondly- how do LED lights change color by itself. First question can be solved in a very easy way. And the second question is imperative to require elaborate discussion, which to be captioned in other Articles. At present, we are going to solve the first question (captioned above in this Article) in a very easy way.

How to Change the Color of an LED Light easily?

In order to change the color of an LED light the easiest way, there are three simple ways of LEDs. But the step will not require an expert technician when it comes to LEDs.  Prior to start, there are few things you need to know about an LED light’s housing. It is made from an epoxy resin, and light focus out because it is very translucent.  This is backed by a rich industrial experience and a commendable array of plastic LED bulb housing. Plastic LED Bulb Housing offers focused lighting with enhanced illumination on the ground.  The light that comes by translucency and LED translucency is different types. The types are diffused and water clear.

The types of diffused LEDs look a bit cloudy. It allocates lighting to spread out consistently into the housing.  The types of water clear LEDs are usually made of transparent plastic. Water clear LEDs are brighter than the Diffused type of lighting. This Is because such materials are used, which do not disperse light.  These types of lights are often used for flashlights.  

 How to Change the colors on LED Strip lights by using Thin Paper.

  The ways to change the color of LED lights, use of Tissue or any kind of Thin paper is one of the processes. Light Emitting Diodes / LEDs have a lot of colors and various types. If you need a colorful LED, there is a trick, which is very useful.  For an example, if you have an LED like white color and you need or you like to change it to Red LED. So, you don’t need to buy a new LED. Just try this Trick:

How to organize the Steps:

Step 1: You Require:

color changing led strip lights home depot



·         White LED light (in this case LED strip)

·         Tissue paper or any thin paper

·         Scissors

·         Colored markers

·         Clear tape

Important:  Using the types of Diffused LED to make the color look much better and the types of Water clear LEDs also effective in this regard.

Step – 2: You Require:

best color changing light strips


the thin paper you are going to use, this has to be cut into rectangles.  The paper size would be depending on the size of your LED bulbs. For comfortably wrapping the bulb from outside, you may cut sufficient the paper as required for.  On the other hand if you are using LED light strips, you should cut the thin paper small in size.

Step – 3: You Require:

how to change colors on led strip lights



you should decide the colored marker what color you desired for and then shade the papers with the colored marker you choose. Thereafter, you should wrap the paper onto each bulb properly. Now secure them with the clear tape.

 Step – 4: You Require:

how to change colors on led strip lights


Check the electric connection and switch on your LED light which you covered with paper. Subsequently, you can obviously see the colored result with your full satisfaction.

How to Change LED Light Color Directly Coloring onto the Bulb

The other method of changing LED colors and you will require:

·         White LED lights

·         Sandpaper

·         Colored markers

How to organize the step:

1. Firstly- You need to sand the entire bulb until you get the effect of diffused or cloudy. Afterwards use sandpaper with grit between 200-400 and thereafter wipe the bulb lightly to free it from sanding dust clear.  

2. Secondly- You have to shade the entire bulb grab with your colored marker. You need to make sure that bulb has perfectly covered all spots. While you will make sure that the color has fully dried and LEDs glow well and give another coating to the bulb.

3. Finally- Check your electric connection and switch on your LED to see if you missed any spots. Just shade any areas with white shining through them and you are done. 

 Final words

Any innovative ideas and works whatever is useful for daily life, and accomplishing best efforts is a matter of great pleasure and happiness. The efforts like how to change the color of an led light by your own in a very simple way is also best satisfaction and delightful.

 This is a very interesting way and you are the architect or designer as you have successfully able to change the LED light color. Now you may compare to the previous method. Our observation, this is more permanent since you are coloring onto the bulb itself. This method is very easy and you can suggest to your friends and neighbors to follow the tips on how to change the LED light color in a very easy way. The system is not cost effective, but simple and also fun, which you will enjoy as creativity.  

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