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How Much Do LED Strip Lights Cost?

The cost of every commodity or essential product is not less important. That is why people always think and include it with their lifestyle. The cost of LED Strip Lights is a matter for the consumers or the persons who actually need it purposely. Therefore, they might be thinking, how much do LED strip lights cost if considering buying these products?

The cost of strip lights can vary depending on its feature. The most particularities are length, number of LEDs per strip, and color of LEDs. There are some lighted stair nosing that comes complete, but some are sold per component. The highest cost associated with lighted stair nosing is typical with LED strips.

As per reports of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that the annual energy savings from LED strip lights cost more than $44 billion. But there are many curiosities about how these savings are possible. While initial costs may be higher, LED strip lights cost significantly less than incandescent CFL and halogen lights, and it is indeed needed to know how this saving is possible. However, if you want to know about led lights cost you may read.

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Initial Installation Cost of Led Strip Lights

The installation cost of LED strip lights is a little bit higher, including the cost of a power supply, tape lights and wiring necessary to connect the lights in comparison with other traditional and incandescent lights. But there are other factors that impact LED strip light cost.

LED strip light costs may change depending on your preferences for colors, hue, and length. This makes it easy to understand that longer strip lengths will cost more than shorter strips.

Also, other additional features of LED strip lights may increase costs as the ability to dim or change of light color, etc. Although these added costs to install LED strip lights are still offset or balanced by the energy savings through LED lights,

LED Strip Light More Lighting Less heat & Cost minimize

In the advanced technology, LED strip lights to provide more actual light and generate less heat than other traditional lights. Incandescent lights function by converting energy to both light and heat. As a result, 90 percent of energy is lost as heat.

In order to provide adequate light, more energy is required for a traditional light. Nowadays, LED lights can be purchased in the wattage levels as traditional lights. But actual wattage used to power the LEDs is significantly less causing the Cost of electricity bills to be amazingly minimized.

LEDs use Less Energy than Traditional Lighting

Compared with incandescent lights, LEDs use between 25 and 80 percent less energy. As per the explanation of DOE, the annual energy cost of a 60 Watts incandescent light is $4.80, but the comparable cost of a 12 watts LED, providing the same light as a 60 watts incandescent light, is $1.00. Reality is 75 percent less energy used than a 60 watts incandescent light and 72 percent less energy used than 43 watts of halogen light.

The lifespan of LED Strip Lights  & Cost-effectiveness

Long lifespan of LED strip lights is an important factor of cost-effectiveness. Typical 60 watts incandescent light bulb lasts 1000 hours, but a comparable 12 watts LED light can last up to 25000 hours.

It does mean LED lights could last up to 10 years, whereas incandescent bulbs may burn out in six months or less. Therefore, the long lifespan of LEDs is supportive to save money.

Cost may difference depending on materials available

In the marketplace, it made most of the lighted stair nosing available from either aluminum or PVC. In order to match the décor, any color of aluminum can be required, but the aluminum profiles can be anodized. The lighting can be more than more direct and vibrant if the profiles are PVC.

Cost of Aluminum & PVC Stair Nosing Profiles

The general cost of the basic stair nosing profiles is fairly similar in both aluminum and PVC. The cost of stair nosing alone can run between $7.00 a foot and over $20.00 a foot. It is depending on the shape, size, and manufacturer. This price will be increased while adding an anodized color to the aluminum.

LED Lighting Connectors & other Accessories

The Total cost of lighting stair nosing needs to be included with the components and the actual cost will come out. There are some essential parts that need to include as follows:

  1. A carrier tube that will secure and protect the LED strip
  2. End caps for the end of the stair,
  3. Backing plates to protect the step (if you are using a PVC)

The regular price of these of the above-mentioned components would not be so excessive. But it should be considered for convenient use of the LED strip light.

The cost of each carrier tubest and backing plate should not be more than $2.00 per foot. The cost of each end cap should not be more than $5.00 or less. Also, the number of connectors that you will need depends on how the stairs are being connected to the power source and how many steps you have.

The cost of special connectors’ good rule of thumb is to allocate $20.00 per step. Furthermore, if you are having the stair nosing, which is installed by an electrician, it may be able to use its own wiring and would not require special connectors.

Final Words

The topic of the discussion, how much do LED strip lights cost and we tried to explain some of the basic information in this article. In fact, LED strip lights do not cost a lot of money to install.

They are cheaper than incandescent and CFL to run, which logically we explained. Though it might cost you a little more to buy, it is worth it.

You may consider it to be an investment. Besides, LEDs are very much in demand and price is getting lower and lower.

In spite of that LED strip lights look cool and unique. You can use them for accent lighting or festive decorations and you won’t regret it anytime.

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