How long do LED Strip Lights Last And How to Extend More Lifespan?

In accordance with various research studies, it is observed that on average the LED  strips light last up to approximately 50,000 hours, which to be easy to understand in terms of calculating approximately not less than 6 (six) years or more. The studies also have shown that LED strip light will have only diminished to 70% of their original light output.

Lifespan of LED strip lights depends on many factors, which influenced how long do LED strip lights last. After discovering LED light bulbs  lots of light manufacturers came forward to produce many types and categories of LED light bulbs in various purposes starting from house then widely extended in countless places and areas including with office, road,  stadium, garden, horticulture and endless vehicles etc.

Strip light is one of the types of LEDs family. 

How long do LED Strip Lights Last?

Nowadays, LED strips are the most popular decoration products in the marketplace, which is popularly utilized in many of the occasions, various kinds of public meets, buildings, museums, parks with religious worship places. Actually this product facilitates us with their full play of advantages to adorn our life no matter in family decoration or large landscape lighting.The most outstanding benefit of LED strips is the long lifespan, and they have been hailed as the “Longevity Lamp” by customers in comparison with other common lighting fixtures. 

A large number of renowned LED light manufacturers declared with solemnity that their strips could work for 80.000 to 100,000 hours. Also the best American company GREE has theoretically  tested lifespan is 100,000 hours under ideal conditions for the LED chip only, without mentioning the service life of LED strips and the accuracy of constant     use of electricity. But this data could not be regarded as the actual service life of LED strip light as a whole. In reality, the actual lifespan of LED chips depends on the operating principles and working environment, which is determined the lifespan of LED products is around 30,000 to 40,000 hours without having any doubt. 

How long do LED Strip Lights Last

In recent days, LED strips are so popular that they have been widely applied in outdoor and indoor as people have much more profound understanding due to quality, brightness and long lasting. As it is known these are constant current element products  but due to LED strips producing many different companies so it might be different from constant current effects, also the lifespan is to be different for considering the difference of qualities. 

Now it is therefore necessary to properly address the detail assessment about the service life of LED strip products as follows: 

 Temperature coefficient characteristics:

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) derived with a semiconductor diode, which is prominently acknowledged all over. Similarly volt ampere characteristics identically equal with all semiconductor diodes and temperature of volt ampere characteristics are coefficient. The volt – ampere characteristics have absolutely depending on high and low temperature, and if the temperature rises the characteristics may shift to the left or missing.

The Lumens Depreciation:

As per observation, usually most of the white LEDs are obtained illuminating yellow fluorescent powders by blue LEDs. The lumens depreciation of LED strips may be the two reasons. First reason is the blue LED itself is the cause of lumens depreciation, and which is much faster than that of red lights, yellow lights and green lights. Secondly, the lumens depreciation of fluorescent powders that may be very serious under high temperature.        

Since the Manufacturers of LEDs are different and usually brands are different, therefore depreciation of lumens in different kinds, which is obviously inter-related with their junction temperature. As such in a way of methodical techniques of LEDs, the aforesaid junction temperature passes on to the temperature of the semiconductor P – N junction as well. It is due to the higher junction temperature, lumen depreciation creating very seriously. As a result of which the lifespan of LED strips badly deteriorated. While lowering the junction temperature first, the lifespan of LED strips will be extended.  

How to measure the Junction temperature?

How can we measure the Junction temperature as it is not possible to put a thermometer or thermocouple inside of the P – N Junction.  Therefore, it is possible to measure the shell temperature with a thermocouple and then calculate the junction temperature, which is based on the given thermal resistance (RJC) from the Junction to the shell. 

Measuring the junction temperature becomes so critical when the heat sink of LED strips is to be installed. LEDs generally are welded on the aluminum base and installed on the heat sink. Just measuring the Shell temperature of the heat sink, It needed more values of thermal resistance for calculating the Junction temperature, including Rjc (from the junction to the shell) , Rcm (from the shell to the aluminum base, which may includes the thermal resistance of the film printing plate), Rms (from the aluminum base to the heat sink), Rsa (from the heat sink to the air) and each value will influence the accuracy of the whole test.

How to extend Service Life of LED strips?  

Although LED strips service lifespan is announced as 50,000 hours, the reality of this value may be influenced by many other factors. It is repeatedly elaborated and well circulated that with rapid development of LED technology, the cost of LED continuously decreased, whereas ceaseless improvement of LED performances specially LED strips are developed to a higher grade. 

With the best confidence of quality LED strips have proved themselves entering not only family lighting but also in commercial lighting and able to show a remarkable development trend both in international or domestic markets. Numbers of research fellows have been greatly noticed in their studies that LED strips have a long lifespan, high efficiency and energy savings.  

How to Extend the more Lifespan of LED Strips?

Lifespan of LED strips are one of the significant features and extra-ordinary prominent advantage, which has been confirmed time and again by various studies and reviews. Although LED strips also have minor defects, which may be suspect in precision analysis. There is a single LED and a LED lighting fixture combined by LEDs are different in terms of aging, which could be analyzed from the working environment and other parameters. Now it is a matter of analysis how to extend the lifespan of LED products is a question worth discussion in a very careful way.

Encapsulation Technology:  

Encapsulation Technology is an essential factor for extending long lifespan, for which the quality materials importantly needed producing LEDs. Because encapsulation technology has a reasonably large impact and influences upon the quality of LED strip lights. Lumen depreciation of LED products encapsulated basically 76% higher produced by A-grade glue. It is proved that quality encapsulation will extend the lifespan of LED strips. 

Higher temperature:

The lifespan of LED strips is ideal when the temperature of the frame is less than 45 degree Celsius. The temperature is created by LED lamp beads. Single lamp bead is small and the temperature of the frame is less. The temperature of LEDs fixtures combined by many LED lamp beads may have higher temperature. And higher temperature greatly hampered lifespan. 

Lower Junction temperature:

Lower the junction temperature of LED strips is the main solution to extend the lifespan. Low junction temperature means good heat sink. It radiates heat away in time. Two methods can radiate the heat away. Firstly, to choose strips, where the gap between lamp beads is large. The gap should be more than 25 mm. Secondly, fix up a small fan nearby while working. It could radiate the heat away and extend the lifespan of LED products.

Are LED strip lights used widely?

Nowadays LED strip lights are one of the versatile lights available in the marketplace. From indoor to outdoor they have uses. In order for decorative and aesthetic purposes to make the place bright and lucrative. LED strips are also used in various other purposes, other than source lighting. 

LED strip lights have been remarkably used very widely in various places. To get essential benefits they are used in manufacturing processes for Ultraviolet inspection. In use for entertainment sets and costume designing very perfectly as there is no  compatible lighting other than LED strip lights. In spite of those, the last and most productive uses of LED strip lights in horticulture plants like LED grow lights. 

LED strips have a variety of uses. It comes with more benefits than the other lightnings. The one of the main benefits of the LED strips as they can be deemed any time when necessary. LED strips specially used to help with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) LED dimming.

It is popularly known LED strip lights can be used continuously without being turned off. But if LED strips get a bit of time for cooling, it will provide better service and long lifespan without any defects. As per review, these are one of the best cost effective and efficient ways of lighting sources available and are more affordable. Compared to other lighting LED strips are best. 

Besides, LED strips are very environment friendly, consume less energy and don’t produce any heat. It also has zero maintenance cost. Easily affordable for any label of consumers. It is necessary to proper wiring and proper placing of the lights for continued working without any trouble. For the multi fold benefits and advantages the LED strips are used widely.

Final Words:

Since the LED strip Lights remarkably increased using all over as renowned products. It is popularly exercised utilities and features from home to outside in various places. LED strips not only use the product for decorative and aesthetic purposes in particular, but it versatile makes it in a different place’s bright and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore the question how long LED strip light lasts is nothing too surprising. 

As there is no confusion and controversy of LED strip lights for using in multipurpose objectives. It also ensures a lot of benefits and advantages which are endless and difficult to conclude in this article. If you would have your eye scanned properly, you may acknowledge it with contentment.

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