How Do LED Shower Heads work?

How Do LED Shower Heads work?

Showering is an important factor of human life. Most of the people usually take a shower at least once a day. But in some countries people take showers more than twice a day. Hygiene habits have a lot to do depending with the country of origin. Although showering is essential no matter how many times you do everyday or in a week.  However, when you are going to install a new LED shower head, obviously you may think how LED shower heads work in your bathroom.  LED shower heads have many functions with enjoyable colors. While taking shower you just turn off the lights and turn the water on and enjoy the show and the members of your family also enjoy it as well. This article will enrich your knowledge how LED shower heads work in your bathroom.

About LED Shower head

Since long people have habituated to use shower heads in the bathroom  in almost every country. In advanced technology, LED shower heads are equipped with turbines, which generate energy for the lights once the water flows through the shower head. While the LED mechanism has enough power, it will deliver a blue or red light depending on the water temperature. Most of the LED shower heads have a micro controller temperature sensor that automatically changes the color.

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Generally LED shower heads are not different to look like other shower heads except it’s light glow. Mainly it is built with a turbine mechanism for using water flow to generate light. When switched on a little noise is heard due to start working the  propeller.  Nowadays there are many different qualities and features LED shower heads available   at the marketplace. You may consider choosing the top rated LED units that are sold include a silent audible turbine. 

Types of LED shower heads

There are basically two types of shower heads. One is color change triggered by a temperature change and other is random color change. Also there is another option  of all the shower heads as a single color. It is usual that the LED shower heads have many categories.

Controlled by Changes Temperature

One of the amazing options of LED shower heads is controlled by change in temperature. While the water is cold, the shower displays a blue light. On the other side, if the water is hot the light color shows red. The variation of color change is controlled by a small electronic circuit fixed with shower heads. The people of the cold countries or winter season of the other countries might dislike showering in cold water. As such this option is very useful to them. Importantly, for safety measures you need to know the temperature of the water prior to going into the shower.

Random Color Change

An entertaining and enjoyable system of showering is a random color sequence. This system is specially for children as they are keenly interested to do fun showering. Incorporating devices with electronic circuit color of the shower head automatically change in many sequences. The gallery of colors display variety including with purple, blue, green, red, yellow and orange. There are some models that also display a white light that works as an additional light source for the bathrooms. It may be varied between a random color sequence and a single color sequence.

Simple option Single color

There are LED shower heads available everywhere with the simplest and cheapest option is only white light. These display only white light to illuminate the shower while you use it in the bathroom. Therefore, when you don’t need to shower, you can easily turn off.

How does an LED shower head work?

LED shower heads do not require batteries and seem to operate as if by magic. In fact they work water powered. The traditional shower head operates a small mechanical engine, which operates a water wheel to flow the water. In advance technology LED shower heads incorporated a tiny turbine within shower. The turbine is connected to a three phase rectifier. This rectifier, in turn is connected to a series of wires, which deliver the power as needed to run the LED lights. It just puts the water you are going to use for shower, which also powers the lights in the shower. 

These LED shower heads are so environmentally friendly that they do not need any batteries and no electricity is needed for powering the lights.

The manufacturers of LED light companies produce different levels of design and qualities. It also helps to do some research when looking for high quality LED shower heads. There are some poor quality LED shower heads in the marketplace that will not give you proper service and sometimes it may stop working. Because these types of shower heads do not have the proper water tight seals that are needed for waterproofing, thus the internal components of the tiny generator will corrode over time.

The quality shower heads and well built product will provide years of efficient and effective operation. If you are looking to visually enhance your shower experience worth the money, you should consider buying a quality product of LED shower heads for your bath rooms.

Are LED shower heads dangerous?

The simple answer is that LED Shower heads are not at all dangerous. Most people are concerned and may think that LED shower heads are dangerous because common sense tells us that water and electricity are not a good mixture, which may create any unwanted situation in the bathrooms. 

This is absolutely not the case with LED shower heads ! Because LED shower heads are built to use water to generate power. But the chances of getting an electric shock are zero. The reason is that the electric current they use is not enough to cause electrocution. Also the power that the turbine generates is extremely low, which is danger free. 

In addition to that, LED shower heads are not only environmentally friendly but it is very worthwhile and safe for your electric and water bills because they help reduce the water and energy consumption with a pleasant colorful enjoyable situation for bath and showering.


Knowing the function and feature of how do LEDs shower heads work you might be considered to use this product in your bathrooms. Obviously it helps you reduce water consumption, cut off electricity bills and save money every month as well.  Despite, LED shower heads are available in a wide variety of designs and prices. Over and above, they are durable, easy to install, hassle free and do not require frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, it is extremely important that you consider with the best LED shower head that fits your needs and style. Quality is one of the most important buying factors when it comes to shower heads. Also you can justify with current owners or neighbors about the products. LED shower heads take a common shower to the next level without any doubt. It helps improve the aesthetics and lighting of your bathroom. Certainly each shower you take will be a magical and unforgettable experience, especially a great fun for children.

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