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Do Dusk to Dawn Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

In your residence or commercial space, dusk to dawn light is always a beneficial addition. These lights are one of the best types of exterior lighting that can illuminate the places in a more elegant manner. Dusk to dawn lights are ideal for outdoor places such as sidewalks, highways, parking lots, pedestrian areas. 

Dusk to dawn light has photocell fixtures and often comes with a motion sensor. These units sense natural light and, after dusk, turn the lights on. When the sun rises, they even shut it down, so there will be no electricity consumed throughout the day. 

These dusk to dawn lights can possibly improve safety and security of your property and at the end of the month you will save a lot of electricity bills. And that is why these dusk to dawn lights are so popular and have become a must needed lighting fixture for everybody. 

Now, Do Dusk to Dawn Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

The answer is NO, in fact dusk to dawn lights save a lot of electricity as it turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically. If you change your outdoor incandescent lighting system with the LED dusk to dawn lights, it will eventually cost you less electricity than before. 

For example- If you swap a 40 watts halogen with 6 watts LED you will get the same amount of light, which means by using LED you will be able to save around 85% of your electricity consumption.

So it is clear now that dusk to dawn lights do not use a lot of electricity, rather it saves a huge amount of electricity which reduces your electricity bills. 

However, there are so many people who want to buy dusk to dawn lights but are still confused because of their ignorance about the light. So we picked up some popular questions of dusk to dawn LED lights and here in this article we will try to answer them all. 

Top Questions about Dusk to Dawn Lights

How do dusk to dawn light bulbs work?

Dusk to dawn lights now have a built-in photocell by which it can detect its operating timeline. So by this it minimizes the use of light when it is not needed.

Now there might be another question that is popping up in your mind right now. If I am not wrong some people might be thinking - What is photocell? 

Photocell is a technology which is used to determine when dusk has fallen, it triggers the lights to turn on. Similarly, once morning arrives, these lights detect natural sun light and switch off. 

How many different types of Dusk to Dawn lights are there?

If we categorise then dusk to dawn lights are of four types. They are (a) Time-controlled, (b) Photocell, (c) Motion-activated, (d) Smart/connected outdoor light. All these types of dusk to dawn lights are slightly different while it comes to operation. But all the types of dusk to dawn lights can be installed and adjusted easily in your recommended premicies. 

 (a) Time-controlled: 

Time-controlled lights are very versatile and can be programmed or configured by you, which means that you can choose when you want them to be switched on and off. These lights can be customised to meet your requirements.

(b) Photocell:

There are some dusk to dawn lights that use a photocell as a source of their energy. Photocell technology is used to determine when the dusk is falling, which allows the lights to turn on. In the same way, these lights sense natural light sources and turn off as morning arrives.

(c) Motion-activated:

There are also some dusk to dawn lights which have motion sensors built in it. The task of the motion sensor is to detect any movement and whenever it detects movement the lights will turn on. You can set the time duration between 5sec. to 10mins depending on how long you want the light to remain on. 

(d) Smart/connected outdoor light:

Smart/connected light is just the same light as time-controlled outdoor dusk to dawn lights. The only addition is you can operate and control these lights through your mobile devices. By the App you can adjust the time frame of when you want the lights to turn on and off. 

What causes dusk to dawn lights to flicker?

There are people who complain about the flickering of dusk to dawn lights. So we started analyzing and reviewing the fact - Does dusk to dawn light flicker? If it does then what are the reasons behind flickering. 

Do dusk to dawn lights use a lot of electricity

However, after a whole lot of analyzing we came up with five common reasons for flickering of dusk to dawn lights.

Lack of Maintenance

Dusty light is one of the main reasons for flickering. No one really cares about cleaning the light. So if you want to solve this issue, you need to do proper periodic maintenance of your dusk to dawn lights. 

Faulty Positioning:

Sometimes the flickering of dusk to dawn lights occurs due to wrong positioning. For example: If you set up your dusk to dawn lights near a street or a road then at night whenever the street light will come up, our dust to dawn light will detect that light source and will turn on. Not only that, whenever it will detect light from any passing by cars or vehicles the light will act the same. 

So while placing the dusk to dawn lights you need to be aware of perfect positioning of setting them up. 

Loose Connections: 

Loose connections or disconnected wiring is a common issue of flickering. So if it ever happens, you need to find the loose connection section and to solve the problem you need fix the wiring of it. 

Voltage Fluctuating: 

Sometimes the flickering or blinking problem of dusk to dawn lights happens due to fluctuating of voltage. This fluctuating can come from the main power supply. 

So if you need to solve this problem, you need to check the whole cabling system of the power supply. Then again if you figure out any issue there, fix it immediately and you will be good to go. 

Final Words

Currently, these LED dusk to dawn lights with photocells have become more common over the last few years and different countries are planning a national replacement of street lamps with these stronger and more energy-efficient LEDs. So we suggest you switch to these energy-efficient outdoor Led lights and save a lot of energy and money every year.

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