Different Types of Headlights-Review

Different Types of Headlights

There are so many different types of headlights bulb on the market these days, considering which one your car will require might be confusing. Still, no need to panic since you covered this post about what headlights you should be using on your car. We will look at LED lighting, halogen lighting and HID lighting and show you the advantages and dis-advantages of each lighting type. We will also want to help you to find out the best one for your car and which one will go with your lifestyle. 

So let’s immerse ourselves in the world of car headlights without any further delay. Don’t be scared by what you see. The multiple choices are simpler to narrow down than you would expect.

It’s not the simplest thing to find out what the best headlight fixtures are. Some lights cost only a few dollars, whereas others will stretch outside the average for $100. Keeping that in mind, when it comes to automotive headlight fixtures, cost isn’t everything. There are a few variables to remember as well as the latest ones, the luminosity, how long they last, the amount of white production and so much more. Despite these reasons, let’s discuss the 3 most common forms of headlight bulbs on the market: Lead, Halogen, and HID.

Still, it’s important to know the history of the car lighting industry before we get to the basics. Lights have progressed as vehicles progress. Lights which used liquid oxygen began in the 1880s. Such lights were used because they remain lit even when the breeze comes their way. Moreover, in today’s 21st century we have faster cars  and we need to have crystal clear visibility on the roads. So as the model of cars improved, the headlight of it has improved as well.  

Before we talk about some specific headlights, let’s discuss other features which make bulbs exceptional from one another. For example, maximum output bulbs are the most expensive on the lot but they have rather limited lifespan. Because of this many people get discouraged to buy this product. 

The final discovery in lights that you should look at includes socially sustainable options for the now and the future. As the 21st Century is moving for a more Eco sustainable world, bulbs that are long-lasting, but do not destroy the earth are becoming more popular. Despite that, consumers are saving energy, using less electricity and enjoying lights that last longer than ever. 

Now, if you set your mind to replace your headlights, we recommend you to take the help of the professionals. To install headlights of your car you need to have some technical knowledge or else it could be difficult for you to install.

# 3 Different Types of Headlights

Knowing the various styles or types of headlight lamps is vital to understand if you have the right headlights mounted on your vehicle. Now it’s time to know about the basics and important aspects of these three forms of headlights. 

Halogen Headlights

As a Headlights of vehicles, Halogen lights have dominated the market for a long time. Now people are more conscious of their vehicles and they have begun to know other strong alternatives. Still now they are commonly used because they are inexpensive to manufacture and repair. These Headlights perform like regular Household incandescent lights. But when electric current heats a very small metal filament, they glow very brightly.

halogen bulbs

Halogen Lights are cost effective, longevity, easy to install and dimmable also. Moreover, these lights produce a faint yellow shade which is good for foggy weather conditions while driving.

As a disadvantage halogen lights create lots of heat when electricity passes through the filament. Because of this heat production it’s quite difficult to handle the bulbs even a tiny amount of moisture from your skin can minimize.

On the Other Hand, halogen lights are not effective on the road for their faint yellow glow. Also lumen output is fairly low. So you are able to see only the down road properly.

HID/Xenon Bulbs

Another Different technology is HID or high intensity discharge. These xenon lights don’t use metal filament to create light like Halogen lights. This light is produced when a high voltage arc jumps between two electrodes stuck in a glass tube packed with xenon gas.

Xenon bulbs

It creates a bright white/bluish light, while xenon gas explodes. If you compare it to Halogen light this process produces very less heat. 

On the Plus Site These Light bulbs produce huge quantities of light in the blue-white vast spectrum.These lights have spectacular reflection which move more quickly and appear to diffuse less yellow glow like Halogen. It has around 3000 lumens. So these lamps produce very brighter lights which may increase your visibility at night while driving on the lane. Also its longevity is around 2000 hours.

But there are some downsides of these bulbs. First of all it takes several seconds for these lights to hit a spark, fire up and bring it to full power of brightness. So they are slow to turn on and can’t flash on and off so quickly. Also because of producing a large amount of blue-white light, they can irritate the other drivers on the road. Moreover the installation of these bulbs is a little bit complex and also more expensive than Halogen bulbs.

LED Headlights Bulbs

A Light emitting diode (LED) is increasingly becoming a very popular technology on the lights market. Headlights using LED bulbs are now becoming increasingly popular for car users for many reasons. First of all LED bulbs need much less electricity and last longer than HID and Halogen Bulbs. LED Technology is rising in popularity among the public for this purpose and it’s being used as headlights,indicators and taillights.

best led headlights

While LEDs themselves run really great, these headlights as a whole have problems with heating.the base of the emitter device is getting really hot because of the strong resistance within the light itself.This means that the LED needs some short of heat sink to prevent the diode from melting and usually a cooling can of some sort. 

But Considering the cooling matters and purchase in cost, LEDs offer some really amazing promise as lighting solutions.

LED Headlights are small in size. So It’s very easy to fit the car bodywork. However Brake Lights, Blinkers, Fog lights, Interior Lights etc. are now commonly used as a  LED Technology for vehicles. The other nice thing about led bulbs is that they last really long and you don’t need to change them frequently. 

You can check our article of the Best products of LED headlights with a buying guideline including pros and cons of each product. 

NOTE: To know if LED Headlight bulbs are legal or not, there is a complete article regarding the legality of LED headlights, you can check that out for more information. 

Bottom Line

However, if you determine, whether it’s LED, halogen or HID, you need headlights for healthy and efficient driving. And if the headlight is off, the car will be seriously impacted by this going forward. Our purpose is to serve you by bringing out the best option that you deserve. 

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