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Difference between Headlights and Fog Lights

Without Lights, no vehicles can move in night times. For making a car, about 30,000 parts are required counting every part down to the smallest screws. Light is one of the most essential items.

The latest model cars have a lot of lights, including Headlights and fog lights. This is very imperative to know for the drivers the difference between Headlights and fog lights. Vehicles to be equipped with headlights and other lights.

Nowadays, cars have a variety of lights, which are intended for different purposes and serve important, especially for safety functions. It is hard to know for the average driver exactly what each light does work.

Through this article, we shall try to take a look at two types of lights that drivers often confuse the difference between headlights and fog lights. Prior to identifying the difference, it is needed to know about the two types of lights.

What are Headlights?

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Headlights are those lights fitted on the car’s front and are also referred to as driving lights or low-beam lights. Commonly, the headlights come in white as white lights are more powerful in the dark as compared to yellow or red lights. The headlights or driving lights can be switched on in addition to the regular high beam.

The majority of drivers use the high beam headlight while off-roading or traversing dark, deserted countryside roads. These lights are designed to send powerful beams far ahead and illuminate the next stretch of road that drivers have to traverse. Inappropriate use of the headlights, there are penalties in some countries.

What are Fog Lights?

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Fog lights are a type of automotive light that helps the drivers to clearly see in front of the vehicle. These lights are used in dangerously thick fog. Fog lights are completely different from standard headlights, which are also used for other conditions. It is assembled below the headlight and in-made designed to emit a wide beam of light.

These lights have a unique beam shape. Beams of fog lights are flat and wide and positioned low on the car, normally near the front bumper. The Shape of the fog light’s beam usually looks like a narrow bar. These are used to cut through the fog and light up the surface of the road so that drivers can see well enough to stay on the road and within their lane.

Thinking over the more safety manufacturers have produced rear fog lights designed in red-colored, putting in the back like brake lights. This is to ensure that the other drivers can see your car in low visibility conditions. Sometimes it is placed in the middle of the rear bumper cover or in place of one of the reverse lights.

Difference between Headlights and Fog Lights

Our discussion about Headlights and fog lights. These are two types of Lights, which are identified and characterized by their own names. Both the lights have completely different features. Headlights are used in vehicles to provide elucidation forward of the vehicle and intended to supplement the high beam as and when required for.

Difference between Headlights and Fog Lights

On the other hand fog lights are used to reflect the fog, snow, or dust particles in the air and are developed for use in dangerously thick conditions. The  important differences are stated below:

Headlights Fog Lights
Headlights are used in vehicles to provide elucidation forward of the vehicle and intended to supplement the high beam of standard headlight system.Whereas Fog lights are used to reflect the fog, snow, or dust particles in the air are developed for use in dangerously thick conditions.
Usually, Headlights produce a white light color. Many drivers want to personalize their headlights. One way to achieve a unique look is with different colored headlights. But when it comes to bulbs, the colors are not legal.Traditionally, the Fog lights have come in yellow light, but some manufacturers initiate to produce white. Logically, they intend to prove that it will have a more rectangular beam of light so that a large horizontal area is covered.
Headlights are used to show clear vision to avoid any road obstacles during nighttime. High beams produce a greater amount of light but simply due to the angle and position within the headlight.The Fog lights are used in specific conditions like dust, train, fog or snow. Fog lights are also mounted reasonably low, typically about 12 to 30 inches above the road surface and angled downward to illuminate the ground below the fog.
Using headlights is mandated by law and standard in all cars in the US. Some states of the USA mandated that drivers turn on their headlights 30 minutes before and after this time frame, such as Tennessee and Georgia. High beam headlights should follow the standard of lighting up to 250-350 feet ahead. Low beam headlights of a car are required by US law to be turned on when it gets dark, usually from sunset to sunrise. Surprisingly, using high beams is prohibitive in foggy conditions as it produces intense glare and reduces visibility for other drivers around the car.On the other hand, using fog lights is not mandated by US law and base models do not have them. But it is highly recommended. Even though drivers who use their fog lights when visibility is normal or only slightly reduced could be pulled over by an officer. Not only that, they even face if the officer deems the use of the fog lights inappropriately given the weather conditions. Fog lights are so technically designed that they don’t shine upwards and produce glare from the weather back into the driver’s eyes. Fog lights are not a problem for oncoming traffic. On the basis of circumstances, the laws are varied in different states.
Usually, Headlights are needed to turn On during the dark hours, As per law headlights on 30 minutes after sunset and leave them on until 30 minutes before sunrise. Also, any time while can’t be seen at least 100 feet ahead and heavy rain.Whether the Fog light to be On only during low visibility weather conditions and not clear weather. Fog lights are required to turn on in dust and foggy weather.
Headlights are placed on the center of the car and directed towards the middle of the driver’s vision. Also intended to illuminate a long range of the road and cars up ahead.Whereas the Fog lights are placed low on the car to prevent glare from reflecting off fog. It is located below the headlight assembly and is designed to emit a wide beam of light that is shaped like a ‘bar’ with a sharp cutoff at the top to prevent it from reflecting off of the fog.
Headlights usually are installed for long-range. Projection of lights to illuminate the road and cars in front of drivers.On the other hand, fog lights are installed rectangular for short-range and scatter lights for the road directly in front and immediate sides of the car.

Are fog lights mandatory?

To ensure safety measures and reduce road accidents, conscious people install fog lights. But rear fog lights are not mandatory in the US as fog lights both front and rear are considered auxiliary or supplementary lights and so they are not mandatory.

Other than the fog-prone zones and the hilly areas, the fog lights are not compulsory, but it is not possible to monitor all vehicles to ensure that only those with fog lights travel to such areas. So it is necessary to provide fog lights in all vehicles as per the IRF statements.

According to The Worldwide research, “Increased visibility between vehicles reduces crash risk by more than 30 percent, especially during foggy months of December to February and in the hilly areas foggy conditions pose threat to motorists, and a law to make both front and rear fog lights mandatory, could help reduce the risk of road crashes caused by poor visibility. Fog lights are extremely useful during conditions of poor visibility caused by rain, fog, dust or snow.” said KK Kapila, Chairman, IRF.

In recent days, increasingly road accidents due to fog as per studies reports. Therefore, the global road safety body International Road Federation (IRF) urged upon the government to make front and rear for lights mandatory in all vehicles.

Why do some cars not have fog lights?

Advanced technology is so good that extra fog lights are simply not necessary as the car manufacturers conceive this idea. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agreed with the concept of the car manufacturers that for lights are not required and also they do not need to test the effectiveness of the fog lights. Meantime, some automakers started removing the fog lights.

Because the fog lights are no longer deemed necessary as headlight technology improved. This is the main reason that some cars do not have fog lights. The usefulness of fog light has been questioned, though, because the area they used to illuminate is not adequate even for reduced highway speeds.

Do fog lights help at night?

It makes scene fog lights for fog. For getting the best results when you actually use the fog lights in foggy conditions. However, the problem is that people tend to overuse them, even when it is not at all foggy weather. Some drivers have the habit of using fog lights at night for extra illumination.

Because these lights do light up the road much more. If headlights are aimed correctly, it is unnecessary to use, resulting this just wastes the energy and bulbs. Frequent using these lights the lifespan will reduce.

In fact, it is much more difficult to use these extra two lights. The reason is that when the cars come from the opposite direction at night time. In every step, visibility is always a challenge, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

That is why most of the cars come with some kind of fog light setup in addition to the regular headlights. As per advanced technology, it is designed to cut through fog more effectively than headlights. Obviously, fog lights help at night time if the weather is not favorable.

Final Words

This is simple, fog lights are completely different from standard headlights. In recent days, fog lights come with a unique beam and shape with flat and wide beams and positioned low. The main difference between headlights and fog lights is that headlights are used in vehicles to provide elucidation forward of the vehicle intended to supplement the high beam. Whereas the fog lights are used to reflect the fog, snow or dust, especially in dangerously thick conditions. Prior to use, check your local traffic low.

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