What is The Difference Between A19 vs A21 Bulb

a19 vs a21 bulb

Difference between A19 vs A21 Bulb Nowadays, without light, there would be no life, which is not only important, but the reality of human life. Blessings of electric lamps gave people complete control over lighting inside their homes and workplaces at the click of a switch. As the days go … Read more

Why are my led lights not bright?

why are my led lights not bright

Perceptibly shocking news, if your LED lights are not bright, while LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular to use in buildings and reputable over the globe ! LEDs are renowned because of good reason as they have brightness,  long life, are highly energy efficient, can be dimmed and produce a … Read more

Why Do LED Lights Flicker And How To Get Rid Of It?

Why Do LED Lights Flickers

Nowadays LED lights are one of the vastly used products all over the world. People are already amused by its services but there are still some issues which are quite irritating. In this article we are going to discuss “Why do LED lights flicker?”  and we will also find out … Read more

Can you leave led strip lights on all night?

can LED strip lights be left on 24/7

Can you leave led strip lights on all night? Human nature on an average is almost similar, though someone’s characterized nature is ridiculous but when choices are concerned absolutely differ from one to another. Because it depends on variety of  taste, how life should be easy, comfortable and enjoyable in … Read more

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

types of under cabinet lighting

Light is one of the most essential things, when it comes to the kitchen. Light will not only let you see what you cut or mix in the bowl, it will also describe the distinctive look and sound of your kitchen room. Although overhead lighting is a concern for many … Read more

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light?

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light?

Inadvertence  answer of the question captioned above, “Can any LED light be used as a grow light”? either ‘Yes or No’  can reply within a moment, but this is yet to be possible for a responsible person who has dedicated himself for thinking on horticulture.  In order to provide an … Read more

Different Types of Headlights-Review

types of headlights

There are so many different types of headlights bulb on the market these days, considering which one your car will require might be confusing. Still, no need to panic since you covered this post about what headlights you should be using on your car. We will look at LED lighting, … Read more

Are LED Headlights legal?

are led headlights legal?

It is imperative people always enthusiastically are interested to know, are LED Headlights legal? or not, it depends on the state that you reside in. It varies from state to state in America. The laws and regulations are almost similar but will differ slightly for every state. Be on the … Read more