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Can you leave led strip lights on all night?

Can you leave led strip lights on all night?

Human nature on an average is almost similar, though someone’s characterized nature is ridiculous but when choices are concerned absolutely differ from one to another. Because it depends on variety of  taste, how life should be easy, comfortable and enjoyable in a better way. Nowadays, global society has been saturated with the wrong teaching of false positivity. The denial of darkness never equates with abundance of light. At the same time denial of the best option never equates to the reality of the choice. However, in order to make life easy and comfortable with safety people always choose the best option, thus can you leave LED strip lights on all night is questionable. 

Usually people move on their habit in everyday life, and life gradually going to be fast in recent days as a result of which everyone is involved with full pressure of work and activity, no way to waste any moment. Sometimes it happens that inadvertently forget minor tasks like turning the light off when leaving the house. It might be considered a bad habit, or there is an actual need for keeping the LED strip lights left on 24/7  or for a long period of time. It depends on the situation and environmental position or safety risks may related with extended use, need to assess the circumstances. 

However, I will briefly try to elaborate about the feature, quality, feasibility and exactly how it’s safe to leave switched on and whether LED strip lights cause a  fire along with other pertinent issues. 

How is the LED Strip Light useful?

Generally the surrounding area of your premises or house or modern villa and Guest house was built as usual. Looking to add a bit of modern style, LED strip lights are one step ahead to help appear fashionable and lucrative for your holdings in a positive atmosphere. LED strip light is one of best stylish, versatile and cost-effective lighting available in the marketplace. Normally LED strip lights is using for indoor like your bedroom, behind the TV and also as a interior lights for car it is very popular.

Taking care with most priority LED strip lights are manufactured lucrative slim strips of tape featuring tiny SMD chips that emit light. This light also produced significant versatile options for offering more advantages that can be attached to pretty much anything, with lengths varying between one metre and five metres. In order to use a variety of locations, they can also be cut to length to suit your needs and are available with a waterproof casing. They are convenient to use on banisters, under kitchen counters, bathrooms, behind home entertainment systems and as accent lighting. 

Due to well-manufacturing LED lights are extremely long lasting and can be left on 24 hours, 7 days a week (24/7) as because this unparalleled conventional types of lights produce minimal amounts of heat, for which no chance to be overheated and question does not arise that ‘can LED strip lights cause a fire’ to the areas or surroundings. Functions of the lights are completely electrical devices, which is not without caution and LEDs can fail by any reasons or unintended contact of components, that is short circuit. Therefore, can LED strip lights be left on 24/7 entirely a different query, which make  scenes. 

Can LED strip lights cause a fire? 

In recent days, people are very conscious, when they decide to use any products, specially electrical items obviously wanted to know the feature with advantage and disadvantage. Smart people always think of using any kind of electrical devices, even if any unforeseen situation like fire danger may occur or not by any means. Therefore, it is essential to know properly about and whether the product can LED strip lights cause a fire during the period lights on. 

What is an LED Strip Light?

can you leave led strip lights on all night?

Light Emits Diodes (LED) strip lights are not a common product, they are absolutely new and versatile forms of lighting, which has many variants and exceptions. But most important part of LED strip light and characteristics are as follows:

Note: if you need the best led strip lights for your indoor or outdoor, we have an article about these where we discussed briefly.

Mounted on narrow & flexible circuit board

As per manufacturing method it consists of many individual LED emitters mounted on a narrow, flexible circuit board. Flexible LED strip types not only provide color temperature but LED count and pairing the correct power supply. Buyer has to consider what the LEDs are mounted on and how they are all connected. Importantly LED strip substrate material quality can affect LED strip performance and no risk of cause of fire.

Line Voltage

Operate low-voltage DC Power, that is the first consideration is what voltage to use. Generally 120V, 12V, or 24V are used. Actually this will depend on the application and other practical considerations for installation. Line voltage as 120V comes in spools of 50 metres, but this allows for installation of long stretches without the need to splice various sections, so that time and  installation will save and cause no fire risk as well. These tape lights can be cut every half metre that is 50cm.   

Color & brightness

 LED strip lights demand an increased variety of colors and brightness, so it is not less important at all. Usually people’s choices are different and someone needs a punchy, saturated color effect as colored LED strips can offer great accent and theatrical lighting effect. In the marketplace colors with the entire visible spectrum are available as – violet, blue, green, amber, red and even ultraviolet or infrared. Two primary types of colored LED strip, one is Fixed Single color and another is Changing different color. Feature of the fixed color LED strip emits just only one color and the operating principle is just like the white LED strips. The color changing LED strip consists of multiple color channels on a single LED strip, which most basic types will include with red, green and blue channels.

In regard to Brightness, LED strips light’s brightness determined using the metric lumens. But LED strips can have different levels of efficiency and wattage rating is not meaningful in determining actual light output all the time. Basically LED strip brightness determined by three individual factors:

  1. Output of light and efficiency per LED emitter,  
  2. The number of LED per foot,  
  3. The power draw of the LED strip per foot.

Fact is that LED strip lights without a brightness specification in lumens is a red flag. Low price LED strip lights are not qualitative, but they can claim high brightness but no guarantee, failure any time.


Sometime craft in a long reel can be needed cut to length, that to be carefully joint with both sided adhesive for mounting. Because an LED strip light is typically half an inch (10-12mm) in width, and up to 16 feet or more in length and sometimes this needs to be cut for specific length using just a pair of scissors along the cut-lines, located every 1-2 inches. Individual LEDs are mounted along with the strip, this is typically at densities of 18-36 LEDs per foot, that is, 60-120 per meter. As I have mentioned above the light color and quality of the individual LEDs determine the overall light color and quality of the LED strip includes pre-applied double sided adhesive. Make sure you have to peel off the liner and mount the LED strip to virtually any surface because the circuit board is designed to be flexible and the LED strip can be mounted on curved and uneven surfaces.  

How Come LED strip light control cause a Fire?

It is important to know Light Emit Diode (LED) strip light does not emit light from vacuum as most other bulb types do. Most technological safety measures that  illumination is provided by something solid known as a semiconductor. All of a sudden, if anyone can think of a modernizing lighting system with a full fit solution, they can review whole lists of benefits for changing from incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, no matter what they can easily consider to replace by LED lights without any hesitation. This tends to focus not only on the cost savings and environment friendliness of LEDs, but most importantly much lower chances of causing fire. 

Bulbs including other low quality fittings can be overheating are one of the main reasons for starting a fire, that is highly unlikely to happen with LED lights. While you touch bulbs, it may feel hot, but no reason can LED strip lights cause a fire because they produce light at  significantly lower temperature than other bulbs. Traditional bulbs use a filament, which loses a lot of energy through heat emissions, and incandescent bulbs generate heat as infrared radiations.

In fact variety of traditional lights radiate so much heat, intended that they are sometimes used as heat sources themselves. Generally traditional lights are useful for poultry incubation and heaters as well. As per study and review LED lights do not affect the ambient temperature they are ideal for small, confined and temperature controlled areas. 

LEDs Burn Out compared to Incandescent

By the grace of advance method  LEDs have a long lifespan because the technology in place uses a heat sink, located at the bulb’s base and it draws most of the heat to one area and keeps the electronics relatively cool. It is proved that an LED in its hottest part is approximately half the temperature of a halogen or incandescent bulb but emits the same amount of light and some cases are more. As per review, traditional lights lose between 60 percent and 95 percent of their power to heat, but LEDs are opposite, therefore LEDs ensure safety than the other halogen or incandescent  bulbs.  

LEDs Burn Out compared to Incandescent

Since decades ago, people have been using incandescent light bulbs for homes and other properties, that was the only option these days. Surprisingly according to betaNews still 50% of light fixtures around the world using 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Amazingly incandescent bulbs are popular yet, because bulbs are extremely cheap to manufacture and purchase. Until burning incandescent bulbs produce light by heating a wire filament. Due to low qualities of materials, incandescent bulbs characteristically lasts between 750 – 2000 hours and burn out a lot quicker. To be cheaper of the products, manufacturers use thinner and weaker parts of the filament and suffer less heat dissipation and more thermal stress and mechanical stress continues until the wire either melts or snaps. So incandescent bulbs are prone to burning out.  

On the other hand,  since the advancements of technology, applying a new method opened the door of the lighting system and brought us a range of other lighting options, including Light emitting diodes (LED), which produce light using a Semiconductor. The new system is electrons in a negatively charged component use electricity to pass over to holes in a positively charged component and produce light. LEDs have a long lifespan of about 35,000 – 50,000 hours, which is more than incandescent bulbs. In fact, LEDs do not contain a filament, therefore no risk of burn out resulting, so how can LED lights cause fire.

How long can strip light on?

In the half of century LED Strip Lights have been becoming most popular across the globe and also appearing with a variety of designs and colors, brightness and lengths in order to modernize your home including with important areas such as gardens, garage, showrooms, guest house and other personal holdings. As we discuss various sections of the article above, LEDs produce very nominal and less amount of heat, so strip lights are extremely ideal for using small and contained spaces, such as underneath kitchen counters. However, in majority cases, LED strip Light can be left on 24 hours and 7 days in a week and even more with stress-test before using extended hours.

This is a matter of regret, there are many low price LED strip lights available in the marketplace, which is very poorly manufactured with low qualities of materials, they are not only over-loaded but also often under cooled and inadequate low qualities wired as well are extremely dangerous for using. The qualitative well manufactured LED strips may cost little bit high, but they provide you proper warranty and ensure ingenuity of the products and safe, therefore, long time you can leave LED Strip Light on.

Can LED Strip Light Stay on all Night as Christmas Light?

Can LED Strip Light Stay on all Night as Christmas Light?

Happily LED Strip lights can be used as Christmas light and stay on all night as because LED Christmas lights are cool to touch and dim over time, which is much safer than the other bulbs. All of a sudden, if one bulb fails, the rest of the strip shall remain the same. It is imperative to note, since they operate at a very low voltage, children or pets who touch a broken bulb will not receive a shock. This is better to turn off your Christmas lights at night and to allow the transformer to cool down. Transformer works for reducing the voltage of the electricity supply down to the low voltage that Christmas lights are needed. 

Can LED light be left on 24/7?

In reality, the question “can LED light be left on 24/7? ”  how far ethically reasonable, it’s a matter of thinking. As because if truly not at all needed or required to leave LED light on, then why unnecessary waste of finite resources. In fact powering a light bulb requires energy from a power plant, and causes substantial air pollution for releasing harmful gases, also losses of fresh water. Despite, leaving lights switched on causes light pollution, which radically disrupts the world’s ecological systems and hinders astronomical research as well. Therefore, before you leave your LED lights on 24/7, at least think about whether it’s really necessary or not. Having no other means to leave LED lights on 24/7, however, it was discussed in different paragraphs of the article with feature and safety measures.  

Final Remarks

Since technology is advanced, manufacturers are trying their best to update with modernize their products and also the peoples taking into keen interest leaves and bounds to replace the lighting for creating a decent atmosphere comfortably, therefore, LED strip lights are being popular day by day. It seems, sparkling LED strips create a pleasant atmosphere in home and garden, of which reflection blooms spiritual amazing in the human soul.

With this article, I tried fairly utmost to elaborate ‍all about LED strip lights to enrich your knowledgeable idea prior to considering replacement or setting up a brand new lighting system along with moderate your reasonable inquiries can you leave led strip lights on all night, hopefully will help to solve curiosity after properly reading every chapter of my script. Honestly to say, if you have lights in your home and property that need to stay on permanently or for extended periods, it’s worth switching to LEDs, which not only drop out energy bills, but also reduce carbon footprint.  
Last but not the list, honestly confessing, when it comes to lifespan, LED lights outperform their competitors by a mile. LED lights are not only environmentally friendly but produce very nominal and less amount of heat, so strip lights are safe and  no matter what you can LED lights be left on 24/7, with no question will arise can LED strip lights cause a fire, And assuring secure and suitable where required to be used.     

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