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Can Led Bulbs Be Used in Ovens?

Lighting is a really important factor in the kitchen. Without proper lighting, it is quite impossible to watch the cooking process and avoid unwanted accidents. In the kitchen, burned-out light bulbs can be distracting. Even if you try to prepare something in the dark, it is obvious that you will spoil it at some point. Now if you want a straight answer to weather can LED bulbs be used in ovens, the answer is “NO”

The LED bulbs are generally made of plastic materials. When these LED bulbs are exposed to high temperatures, these plastics are vulnerable to melting. So it is dangerous and it might cause an accident.

The oven generates a large amount of heat and this ensures that the led bulb will be burnt out. When you have the feeling of plastic melting or the smoke, you should check it out.

But here comes good news for you that there are some high-quality LED bulbs that you might use in the oven, but the problem is those LED bulbs are very expensive. On the other hand, for very cold temperatures like the fridge, you can use also led bulbs.

Even those expensive light bulbs for ovens won’t last long, because LED bulbs cannot perform well when exposed to heat.

Is There a Special Led Oven Light Bulb?

The majority of ovens use 15-watt halogen tubular lights and others use a 40-watt appliance bulb. A 25-watt T7 microwave light bulb is used in microwave ovens. And when lighting is subjected to high temperatures, most of these lamps normally turn on and are also shatter-resistant.

But before altering the oven light on your own, you can first check with a lighting professional, who might want to look into your oven or might ask for your ovens – wattage, base of the oven, bulb size and shape, and the voltage of it. Only then the expert can suggest the perfect lighting for your oven.

Ovens use various kinds of lighting, but you can’t even assume that there’s a certain light bulb designed for ovens only. Nevertheless, as they can tolerate high levels of heat, you can make oven light bulbs exceptional.

What Are the Bulbs That You Can Have in the Oven?

The standard incandescent light bulbs are most widely used by people for their ovens. You can get special electronics incandescent bulbs. Even when exposed to extreme heat for a long time, electronic incandescent bulbs can stay on.

So if you set your mind to buying an LED bulb for an oven, we suggest you check out the following things before buying it.

  • Voltage: First, you need to check the voltage of your oven. Generally, all American ovens run on 100-120 Volts. But outside of America, most of the ovens run on 220-240 Volts.
  • Wattage: Second, you determine the wattage of the light and the incandescent brightness. At 15 watts to 40, watts are mostly used by people for incandescent lamps.
  • Bulb Base: Lastly, the form of base of the bulb in your oven must be tested. It will possibly be a base form of E14, but if it is a larger and brighter bulb of 40 watts, it may even be E26.

There is another thing to remember if there is a screw-in the cover that normally covers the bulb. So the best size to fit within the cover must be checked.

There Are many kinds of LED Bulbs for ovens in the market. But not all the bulbs are not good enough and long-lasting. We can suggest to you some best brands of LED bulbs for oven-like Kindeep Ceramic E17 LED Bulb, Unitedlux E17 LED Bulb, Kakanuo led bulb for oven, GE microwave oven light.

If you want to know how to change bulbs in the oven you can watch this video.

Is It Safe With No Light to Use in an Oven?

You may use an oven without lighting, but it might cause a lot of danger. Without light, you can’t properly check whether or not your food is ready. The method of cooking can be ruined by opening and closing the oven door just to check.

Accidents may also be caused by an empty bulb socket. The uncovered plug is live and if you mistakenly graze it when preparing your meal, it will actually hit you or you might get an electrical shock. The empty socket can still have within it but the food residue may obstruct its operation.

high temperature led oven light bulbs

So without a bulb, using an oven is not safe. You will not use an oven without any bulb in the socket. However, if you leave the old non-working bulb inside as long as the socket is not blank, that’ll be all right.

How Does the Oven’s High Temperatures Impact the Led Bulb?

The LED light consists of a plastic housing surrounded by microprocessors and semiconductors. The oven temperatures will rise to 500 ° F (260 ° C), and will almost melt up any plastic. With the self-care press, turn it up to another level and you can hit temperatures as high as 800 ° F (425 ° C) that will just melt your LED bulb in a moment.

Standard LED light bulbs usually perform at temperatures up from 25 ° C to 40 ° C (77 ° F to 104 ° F). LEDs enjoy living in a cool setting. In reality, in cooler temperatures, they operate more effectively. As temperatures rise, LED bulbs emit less light output. The LED plastic pieces begin to melt until you hit the heat level and the LED bulb stops working.

How Long in the Oven will LED Bulbs Last?

The plastic substance in the LED would melt easily in a hot oven. If sufficiently hot, it can also cause smelly gases within the oven that damage your cooking. LED bulbs will survive inside an oven for a short time before they flame out.

When exposed to high temperatures, all bulbs usually wear out faster. LEDs usually die out when exposed to heat more easily than other light bulbs. The oven heat allows the silicon material to spread and burn, which destroys the LED bulb.

It is obvious that your oven will be affected by the smoke created by the burnt LED. For a long period of time, the plastic scent could linger there, which would also affect the food you put there.

Final Words

The oven and LED bulbs just don’t go together. While ovens use high heat to work, LEDs tend to run in cool environments. You must never try to use LEDs in the oven, otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of problems. An incandescent or halogen light is the best choice for you in the case of an oven.

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