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7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market

Are you looking for the brightest LED light bar on the market?”

Then you just arrived at the perfect place for all your queries. Because today we will be reviewing 7 best brightest LED light bars on the market.  

Some people think that LED light bars are only used for off-road vehicles or trucks, which is actually not right. You can use these light bars for your cars or any other vehicles as long as you are getting brighter lighting to make your night driving comfortable and easy.

What is Off Road Light?

Before digging deep inside the brightest LED light bar, first, let’s know what an off-road light is. Off-road lights are the incredibly bright light that can illuminate the field in the middle of the night so that you don't hit something. 

These lights are classified as off-road lights because they do exceptionally well in off-road environments such as forest roads and mountain areas. As a result, these lights are often seen on monster trucks.

Benefits of Off-Road Lights

Great Visibility: The most obvious benefit of mounting off-road lighting on your car is that they illuminate the environment in front of and around you. The stronger your vision, the easier the track will be to follow.

Stylish: These lights often come with different sizes and shapes, which are also lucrative and can enhance the style of your vehicle. 
Inexpensive: Off-road lighting products are good and they come with a variety of price points. To install the best led fog lights or a light bar in your car, you don't need to spend a lot of money.  

Types of Off-Road Lights


If you're driving in complete darkness, you may want to try bringing a flashlight. This form of light produces a strong, concentrated beam that brightens the region to which it is directed. Many of these lights are movable, allowing you to aim them in whatever direction you choose. Halogen bulbs are commonly used in these fixtures. 

Light Bars:

Many off-roaders chose to equip their cars with light bars. These long and narrow systems allow you to light up a wide area by merely flipping a switch, making them extremely handy. LED lamps, which are highly powerful, long lasting, and cost-effective, are used in the majority of light bars. They're also one of the most popular off-roading light styles.

Fog Lights: Fog lights provide a long, rectangular beam and are commonly used in agriculture. Fog light bulbs aren't as bright as spotlights or light bars, but they're also very handy. When it's raining, foggy, or hazy, they emit low, shallow beams of light that can aid visibility.

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market

After reviewing so many light bars, we finally came up with 7 brightest LED light bars on the market. So take a quick look at it.

1. Nilight 18W 1260LM Flood LED Off Road Lights - Best Cheap Led Offroad Lights 

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 1 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar
The Nilight 60005C-A LED Light Bar has a standard fit and comes in a range of sizes, so if you have a Jeep, a pickup truck, or a cruise, you'll be able to find one that suits your car. It has both spots and flood beams, giving you a long, broad field of vision ahead.

The aluminum alloy housing was newly modified to work with heat conduction silicone gel to have a cooler experience. Because of their IP67 waterproof status, the lights are waterproof up to 3 feet and for a period of 30 minutes. They're both dustproof, with rustproof steel mounting brackets that can be adjusted up to 45 degrees.

Things We Like:

  1. Advance lumens chips
  2. 50,000 hours of lifespan
  3. True white ray 
  4. Adjustable mounting bracket
  5. IP67 waterproof rating
  6. Universal fit 

Things We Didn’t Like: 

  1. Mounting Hardware’s quality could have been more better

3. HELLA Value Fit Mini Light Bar

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 9 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar

HELLA Value Fit Mini Light Bar has thermo-conductive housing that allows for effective heat dissipation from the LED circuitry. Mounting bolts on each side and on top can be used to install more components to achieve the desired width and height.

Things We Like: 

  1. Thermo-conductive housing
  2. Effective heat dissipation
  3. 6 high performance LEDs
  4. 1000 lumens
  5. Super brightness

Things We Didn’t Like: 

  1. Only for off-road use
  2. Medium quality cables

4. Blazer International Off-Road LED Light Bar

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 11 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar
The Blazer 24" double row off-road light bar has been skillfully engineered to reflect light both wide and far in order to improve visibility when driving. With a life of up to 30,000 hours, this light outlasts conventional incandescent bulbs and uses slightly less power at 8.3A than standard halogen lamps.

This LED off-road light bar is corrosion-resistant due to its aluminum extrusion housing. The vent fins aid in the rapid dissipation of heat. The lens is made of high-strength, impact-resistant polycarbonate, and it offers a servicing free light bar that lasts under all weather conditions. 

The off-road light bar operates with 12 to 24V systems, making it ideal for pickups, SUVs, ATVs, boats, and a variety of other vehicles.

Things We Like:

  1. 48 LEDs
  2. Suitable for all weather condition 
  3. 24" double row LED
  4. Fog and Spot beam
  5. Light temperature 6000K

Things We Didn’t Like: 

  1. Mounting Hardware’s quality could have been more better 

5. Auxbeam 12Inch LED Light Bar - Best Bright Led Torch Light

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 13 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar

Auxbeam is a popular brand in the LED light industry. They also have some good quality LED light bars and pods. With this specific product they are offering one (12inch) light bar and two (7inch) light pods. 

7-inch LED pod light bar with greater LED chips, super smart engineering beam pattern style, and excellent results even on foggy days The pods have die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins, which are much stronger at dissipating heat than regular light.

It has six different lighting modes. The various lighting modes can be easily adjusted by pressing the on/off button three times in three seconds. However, it will revert to the first mode. It complies with the international IP68 standard. Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof are also high-performance features. 

Things We Like:

  1. Single control switch for wiring
  2. Six modes of lighting
  3. Super bright 
  4. High performance
  5. Die-cast aluminum alloy cooling

Things We Didn’t Like:

  1. The hardwares which are provided has to be improved 

6. AutoFeel 2PCS 4 Inch 80W LED Pods Light Bars

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 15 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar

AutoFeel led bulb store is offering  4 inches of 2 led light pod (80W) which is capable of producing 6000K 8000LM ultra bright cool white light and 1pc 42inch 175W LED light bar produces 22000 high lumens with a lighting range of 463 meters. With 8D reflective cups, it emits 6000k clear cool white light in a spot and flood beam combination. In the dark, it provides you with very good vision. 

It has a high-quality aluminum alloy heat sink with scientifically controlled fin thickness and spacing. This LED light bar is dust-tight and shockproof construction to survive any extreme conditions, and gives you a lifetime of over 50000 hours.

Almost all trucks, cars, buses, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles can use the light bar. Garden lighting, backyard lighting, and building lighting are examples of applications that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Things We Like:

  1. Super bright
  2. 2pcs LED pods and 1pc LED light bar
  3. 50,000 hours of lifespan
  4. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof 
  5. Wide application

Things We Didn’t Like: 

  1. Only 1 year of service warranty

7. Glotech 20" 126W Cree Led Light Bar

7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The Market 19 7 Brightest LED Light Bar On The MarketBrightest LED Light Bar

If you want to create better lighting with low consumption, then Glotech 20" 126W Cree LED Light Bar is for you. It comes with a Spot (30 Degree) and Flood (60 Degree) combo beam that provides absolute lighting of far away objects as well as objects off to your side.

When the wiring harness works on the 20 inch light bar, the 4inch LED Pod Lights ensure that the light bulb can be even brighter than any 2row/1row led lights of the same range, allowing you to freely monitor the light bar within 54 yards if there are no obstacles.

Things We Like:

  1. Super bright
  2. Wide application
  3. Easy installation 
  4. High performance
  5. Waterproof, dustproof, rustproof

Things We Didn’t Like:

  1. Did not come with instructions

Ultimate Buying Guide Before you Choose The Best and Brightest Light Bar For Off-Roading

As there are lots of options in the market so while choosing the brightest LED light bar, people get confused to find out the better one among all. 

So here in this article we will try to teach you how you can find out the good quality LED light bar and what are the key things you need to check while buying it. 

Without any further delay, let’s go through the buying guide.

Brightness of LED Light Bar

While buying the LED light bar first, you need to check the brightness. However, the brightness of LED lights depends on lumens. So the higher the lumens is, the brighter the LED lights bar will be. So for off-road LED light bars you need to look for lights which are between 30,000 lumens to 50,000 lumens.

Longevity of LED Light Bar

This is crucial when you don't want any of your lights to go out in the middle of the night. You'll need lights that will last for a long time. Generally LED light bars have a long lifespan, but still before buying check if the light bar got at least 30,000hours.


When it comes to LED light bars for your vehicle, length is very important. First, you have to make sure where you are going to set up the light bar. Then take the measurement of the length you want to put the light. Now, according to the measurement, you have to buy the light bar.

Beam Angle

While buying, you need to check the beam angle patterns of the LED light bar. For off-road driving, you must need to have wide beam angle lights. Floodlight light beam patterns, or both floodlight and spotlight beam pattern on a light bar are ideal.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

How many lumens should a light bar have?

Lumens per Watt is a unit of efficiency measurement. The higher the number, the better the light output of the LED. Many of the best-selling light bars have a lumen rating of 30,000 or more.

So the standard rating of lumens a light bar should have is between 30,000lm to 50,000lm.

Are light bars street legal?

This question has a quick answer: NO. LED light bars cannot be used when driving on public roads or streets because they produce huge brightness and that might annoy other drivers. In most states, just turning the light bars off isn't enough. If driving on the highway, the car must be equipped with an LED light cap.

Should I put a light bar on my truck?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky! It will actually depend on the purpose of use. Like if you are an off-road driver, then it might be a better choice for you to put a light bar on your truck or car. There are also people who use the light bar kit not only for off-road driving but also to give their ride a stylish look.

Do LED light bars get hot?

YES! All sorts of bright LED lights get a little hot, sometimes hot enough to burn your hand depending on the wattage or power of the LEDs. But no worries! These days you can find LED light bars that have cooling fans and die-casting aluminum housing in it. Still, after using the LED light bar for long, do not touch it- give the light bar some time to cool down.

Final Words

Are you so excited to get a LED light bar for your vehicle? 

Then what are you waiting for…

We already provided you with an in-depth review of 7 brightest LED light bars on the market. Grab the one that suits your vehicle among the best 7 LED light bars given above. If you buy any of these LED light bars, we can assure you that you will feel like thanking us later.

Thank you. Have a good day!

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