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Lighten up your cabinet with the Best under counter lighting

Best under counter lighting

If you don’t have enough lighting in your home or you need some more lights in your kitchen area then install the best Under Counter lighting which can help you to add a bit more ambiance to your kitchen.

Under cabinet Lights are already trendy and popular in kitchens or any cabinet area to light up your cooking.  So when it comes to kitchen lighting, it is one of the prime aspects. Not only it helps you to see but also it interprets the unique style and feel of the kitchen space. 

Best under counter lighting kits

If you are searching for the best LED lighting for the kitchen or the ideal lighting for under the cupboard, we are here for you. We are highlighting 10 of the best under counter lighting which will give you the extra glow to your under cabinet area. 

Here are our picks of the best under counter lighting kits available online.

1. Brilliant Evolution wireless LED Puck light 6 pack with remote Control

under cabinet puck lighting

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We are starting our list with Brilliant Evolution wireless LED Puck Light for cabinet. This one is amazon’s best seller products and currently it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 6578 customer rating.

These wireless under cabinet lighting with remote are super bright, and come with 55 lumens. The LEDs are 3000K and provide a warm white light. You never need to change these LEDs. There is a remote which you can operate to turn the under cabinet LED puck lights on/off up to 15 feet. Also with this remote you can operate 2 sets/12 pcs puck lights. You can set the brightness with the preset dimmer button. Moreover, if you want to turn off the lights after a sudden period, there is an optional timer on the remote that will automatically turn off.

Installing these under cabinet puck lighting is very simple. You can easily set up with strong adhesive tape and also the puck lights mount with screws. These wireless cabinet lights are operated by 3 AA batteries and it will run for 100 hours.

  • Easy installation.
  • Provide natural bright light.
  • It’s dimmable.
  • Remote control can operate up to 12 puck lights.
  • Automatic turn off timer.
  • Adhesive tape doesn’t always last.


2.  Brilliant Evolution Wireless ultra-thin light bar

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Our second choice is Brilliant Evolution Wireless ultra-thin LED light bar. This one is also the best seller product in amazon. One of the best things about these lights – it is ultra-thin, less than 1 inch thick. This LED light bar is super bright and comes with 65 lumens. Also the LEDs are 3000K and emanate a warm white glow. To turn the lights on/off you have to press the tap lens.

Installation is very easy and everything you need is included. You can simply use the adhesive tape and easily fit them into your suitable places or you can use the screws to make it more stable.

These lights operate on 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package and have a run time of over 100 hours. We strongly recommend you to choose durable alkaline batteries to operate this light. 

 Brilliant Evolution LED light is one of the best Under Counter Lighting in the market.

  • Ultra-thin Led light bar.
  • Super bright at 65 lumens.
  • The run time is 4 times longer than other lights.
  • Adhesive tape is not suitable for a longer time.

3. Litever under cabinet LED lighting kit

under cupboard down lights

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The Next one is Litever under cabinet light kit. This 31 W led light is super bright, soft even light without any dots you normally see with LEDs.

As usual installation is very easy and it comes with sufficient adhesive pads, mount clips, wire clips, extension cords. That’s why it will help you to install this under cabinet LED lighting kit quickly and easily.

The power cord is 3 feet long and there is a connecting cord that’s about 4 inches in length between the lights. So you can easily arrange the lights to run anywhere from around 6 to 12 feet throughout.

With the dimmer switch you can adjust the brightness from 0 to 100%. Also this LED under cabinet lights covered by aluminum PCB with thermal paste to ensure heat misuse of the LED’s.

  • Easy and many sided installations.
  • Soft light.
  • Dimmable option.
  • Durable PC plastic.
  • Adhesive tape installation is not always secured.
  • Rotating dimmer switches can be undependable.

4. Eshine LED dimmable under cabinet lighting

under cupboard down lights

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The most special thing about these under cabinet lights from Eshine brand is the gesture system included that means you can easily turn off or on with a simple wave of your hand. It has a sensitive IR sensor. So you don’t need any hassle of a remote to operate this. Also you can control the dimmer option to hold your hand under the sensor to adjust the brightness of the light.

It’s available in two colors. warm white which is 3000K and cool white which is 6000K.

There are three sizes of these LEDs under cabinet light available.12 inch, 20 inch and 40 inch.

As usual, the installation system is very easy. It comes with 3 M adhesive tape and screw sets. So you can use any of those to install.

  • You can choose two colors.
  • Wave of hand control.
  • Easy installation.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Motion sensors cannot be reliable.

5. Albrillo LED dimmable under cabinet lighting

under cabinet lights

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If you are looking for the best under counter lighting with proper brightness of your under cabinet lights, then Albrillo Brand LED under cabinet lighting is for you. You don’t know actually how bright they are. Hopefully you will get 100% satisfied brightness of these lights.

These ultra bright led lighting provide 2000 lumens. Each of the 6 lights in the set is only 4 watts which is energy saving and every one is embellished with a rotary dimmer switch to control the brightness of lights.

Installation is as usual very easy and everything you need is included. You can use the adhesive tape to set them into your place or can use the screws and mount them to be more stable, That’s it.

  • Super bright with 2000 lumens 6 pecs together.
  • It’s made of durable aluminum and plastic.
  • Main power cord is 4 feet long which is enough.
  • Easy installation.
  • Light to light cables are not too long.
  • turn on the light individually.

6. Wobane LED under cabinet lighting kit

led cupboard strip lights

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Our other result of research for the best under counter lighting is Wobane LED under the cabinet lighting kit. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, then this one is for yours. Not only for the kitchen but also for the desk, closet, bookshelves, workbenches and many more.

It has great brightness and energy saving features. The voltage is very low and safe for use. You don’t have to worry about it overheating.

These light strip kits are very easy to install and everything you need to install them comes in the kits. So you don’t need any kinds of tools. It’s very simple, just clean the area where you want to install. Then remove the back side of adhesive tape and stick it where you want to place it. No need to use you will not harm your staff.

This under cabinet lighting kits comes with 12 months’ replacement warranty.

  • Brightness is awesome.
  • Low voltage and low heat.
  • 12 months’ warranty, so no worries if something will go wrong.
  • Adhesive tape may no longer.

7. Torchstar LED safe lighting kit 12” link able lights bar

led strip lights for kitchen units

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For classy looking it can be your best kitchen under cabinet lighting. This LED under the cabinet lights bar is 12 inch in length and comes with a rocker switch, UL listed power adapter and extra 12” extension cables. It has two colors: warm white and cooked white.

With the 150 lumens per light bar, these LEDs provide super brightness. Moreover, this electrical powered system light kit is more suitable than battery system lights. You never need to worry about batteries dying on you.

You will get everything included for installation. For permanent installation, laid them out of the kitchen counter, hooked them up with hardwired connectors that allow you to chain lights together. And then remove the backing on the 3M adhesive tape then stick them properly. That’s it. This led light kit is very long lasting with at least 30,000 hrs. lifespan. Also the company is providing 3 years of satisfaction warranty.

NOTE: You will get three types of Torchstar LED Under cabinet lights. App control, Manual switch, Motion Activated. We highly recommend getting the manual one.

  • Rocker switch included for turn on or off.
  • Adhesive tape is very strong.
  • Extra 12” extension cable.
  • No worries about battery dying.
  • Easy installation.
  • Adhesive plastic wire clips are not included.

 8. Getlnlight dimmable under cabinet light

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Our other one Getlnlight brand dimmable under cabinet lights. This one will give you lots of options. First of all, you can select 3 colors. Warm white, soft white and bright white. By the simple sliding switch you can operate this mood of lighting and your kitchen.

These kits are powered by a plugin power cord system. There is also a hardwire system. Everything is included in the package.

Moreover, you can control your power between low to high by using a dimmer switch. And the most super thing is that you can choose a total 6 different of sizes which is 12 to 48 inches. Also you can choose 3 different body colors of the lights that is white, bronze, brushed nickel.

Installation is very easy. Just set it with screws under the cabinet.

  • 6 different lengths.
  • 3 different body colors.
  • 3 different color temperatures.
  • Hardwire installation can be difficult.

9. Lightkiwi Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting kits

led lights for under kitchen units

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If you are on a good budget, then you can opt for Lightkiwi dimmable under the cabinet lighting kit. It is a very high quality professional grade lighting option.

These Lightkiwi Led lighting kits can easily expand the configuration by using various power supplies with higher wattage. So the led lighting panel is designed to expand without overburdening the product.

With the optional hardwire kits it provides highest quality lighting with dimming option. Also it can connect with smart technology like Alexa, google home.

Installation is very easy. You don’t need to apply any engineering method to install the new led under cabinet lighting kit.

Company is providing a 3 years you are feel free to use these next 3 years after buying.

  • High quality professional grade lights.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Works with advanced technology.
  • Easily adjust with high wattage.
  • Expensive than other lights.

 10. RXWLKJ portable LED under cabinet light

Best Under Counter Lighting

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Lastly, if you want handy LED Under cabinet light then these Portable Led Under cabinet light is for you. It is another best-selling product on Amazon. It has three ways of switching which is on/off/g.

This is super bright motion sensor light. It can automatically sense human motion with 10 ft to turn on and after about 20 second of no movement it will automatically turn off.

Installation is very easy. Its built in magnet on the backside. So you can stick it to any iron structure.

These Portable LED lights are powered by a rechargeable battery system with 850mah Polymer lithium battery.

Company is providing you a 90 days money back guarantee after purchasing these LED lights.

  • Its portable
  • Two different colors.
  • Works with motion sensors.
  • 100% brightness satisfaction.
  • Not waterproof.

Why install the Under Cabinet lighting?

Extra Glow: Under Cabinet Lights can fulfill the main overhead lighting. It can be exceptionally helpful in coming up with focused illumination on the work area and highlighting the back space.

Remove the shadows: In spite of overhead lights you will suffer from shadows on your work area due to wall cabinets. But if you install light under the cabinet you can eliminate these shadows and get enough illuminations for your cooking and preparation of food.  

 Attractive Design: By installing under cabinet lights can give a gorgeous look to your kitchen or any other room, because lighting can always create a stylish look for a room which will allow you to have a very pleasant or enjoyable environment.

Types of Under Cabinet Lighting

In the market there are three types of under cabinet lights available. 

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • LED

Incandescent: You will get incandescent types of lights very easily and it is very inexpensive to buy. But the problem is they have a very short life and also use too much energy. 

Fluorescent: Fluorescent types of lights have very nice light color. They turn on instantly, they do not flicker. They also have high efficiency, long lasting. But the problem is some Fluorescent type lights design is not small. So if you want to use it you have to modify your cabinets.

LED: Now LED type Under cabinet lights are now very trendy for under cabinet lighting. They are very easy to install and you can install it anywhere in your cabinet because of its variation. They are long lasting, variety light color, and save energy.

Styles of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

There are two common styles of LED under cabinet Lighting. One is Puck and another one is Linear.

Puck: Puck Lights are round or oval and also shaped like hockey puck type. Under Cabinet LED Puck lights are very easy to install. It has very strong adhesive. With adhesive you just fix it under the cabinet. Under Cabinet Puck lighting are usually operated by batteries. 

Linear Lights: These lights are also known as  strip lights. Strip lights are very easy to install and can fit anywhere. It comes in different colors. This type of lights can be cut to length during installation.

Benefits of Under Cabinet Lights

Easy to install: LED under cabinet lights are very flexible and can be fixed anywhere under the cabinet. However, some kits are more simple to install by using adhesive. Just peel and stick. But if you want a secure installation, most of the kits come with brackets and screws to set it permanently. 

Energy Efficiency: It is very important for all residential lighting. So if you are looking for the most energy efficient under cabinet lighting then without LED you have no other option. Some LED Under cabinet lights are just 5 watts. Also LED Lights are easy to dim and produce very little to almost no heat. 

Dimming capability: With dimming capability it gives you much more control over the lighting. So we highly recommend you to buy lighting with a dimmable option. But you have to pay some extra money for this. But when you do not need bright lights, dimming can control your brightness and save some energy. Also dimmer has some other functions which might be suitable for you. 

Stylish look to Kitchen: LED Under cabinet lighting makes your room or kitchen look very stylish. Undoubtedly it will improve the look of your kitchen.

Feel Safe: Not only under cabinet lighting gives you brightness, but also you will feel safe. Because it removes the shadows. That’s why you will feel safe while you cook food or chop with a knife to your chop board.

Long lasting: You don’t have to worry about the lifespan of under counter kitchen lighting because of its long lasting quality. If you use it 12 hours a day, LED lights can last for more than 10 years. 

Frequently Ask Question:

1. What Type of under cabinet lighting is best?

Answer: LED Lighting is now most popular for under cabinet lighting because of its long life, high energy saving and low heat output. LED under cabinet lights is 90% more dynamic compared to the low 10% efficiency of incandescent lighting.

2. Is under cabinet Lighting worth it?

Answer: If you have a plan to install under cabinet lighting, basically it can save your money on your electricity bill. Because you don’t need to light up the whole room or kitchen. You will need just a little bit of light on the cabinet top below.

3. What is the difference between 3000 k and 4000 k LED?

Answer: 3000k is very close color aspects to Halogen lamps with a warm but crispy color than is called warm white. 4000k is cooler and its whiter color than 2700k and 3000k.

4. How long do LED Under cabinet lights last?

Answer: LED under cabinet lights are long lasting lights. Actually LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours. So if you use 12 hours a day it will use more than 10 hours.

5. Are LED lights good for Kitchen?

Answer: You know better what type of kitchen you have? If your kitchen has traditional style, then obviously you should go for LED lights. LED lights will be perfect for the traditional kitchen. Also it can add a more modern look to it.

Bottom line

From this article I have reviewed the best LED under counter lighting as of 2020. As you can see, the products have multiple features that you will like.

I highly recommend that, before making a decision to purchase please check out the customer reviews so that you can find the solution to any faulty issue that may arise.

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