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Top 6 Best Umbrella Lights-Review & Buying Guide

Best Umbrella Lights

Summer has always been our favorite season and it’s knocking on the door. That is the reason you are here on our site, if I am not wrong. So it’s time to spend some time outside during the summer season and enjoy the yard, patio, porch or any other outdoor places.

To enjoy the day of summer, you have no alternative option than using an Umbrella. Because of global warming the climate has changed. Now it feels more hot in your skin which can burn it if you stay under the sun for long without an umbrella. That’s why you badly need an Umbrella to keep yourself off the sun and to provide a cool space to enjoy your time outside. 

However, after the sunsets you must provide friendly lighting which will enlighten your acts while still enjoying your outdoor space. So you guys already understood that we will be talking about Patio Umbrella Lights, especially talk about best Umbrella Lights.  

 Adding lights to your patio umbrella can be an extraordinary beautification and you will also get some extra light support by which you can spend more time outside with your friends and family. 

There is nothing worse than sitting back on your lovely deck, without loving the comfort of your umbrella outdoors. Whether you’re reading a novel, sipping with buddies on cocktails, or getting that special someone over for dinner, you can’t just avoid a pleasant time out in the wind! 

But, as the sun goes down, what happens? Will you stand up and just put everything behind?  Of Course not! So what umbrella patio lights can be your best choice.

6 best umbrella lights-Review

We will be reviewing 6 best umbrella lights which is currently available in the market. After researching tons of umbrella lights our team came up with some essential factors including their advantages and dis-advantages which you are suppose to know before buying the right one.

1.     Ocoyo Patio Outdoor Umbrella Lights

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Ocoyo Brand Umbrella lights is a unique and innovative gadget that came to light your summer night. Because of its reputation these patio umbrella lights are now one of the best umbrella lights and also best selling products on amazon.

This mini spaceship shaped lighting comes with 3 modes of brightness and is using a total of 28 LEDs for you to suit your need for different brightness on different occasions. For the dimmable option just press once and you will get 4 LEDs lights. If you press twice, the outer 24 LEDs will give you a bright option and if you feel not bright enough, just press the button 3 more times for the full power of super brightness mode.

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Installing this disc shaped light is very easy. You don’t need any extra tools, wires or any electrical sources. Just open the disc, clamp it to your umbrella’s pole. The strong built in clamp is auto adjustable but make sure the minimum pole size is 0.86 inches all the way to 1.81 inches in diameter. Moreover, you can hang it anywhere by using 2 hooks which come in your package.

This versatile disc with 28 energy saving LED bulbs is powered by 4 AA batteries which is not included. It can be your best choice because of its low price and 1 year warranty.

  • 3 modes of brightness.
  • Energy saving.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low price.
  • Limited pole range.
  • Not exactly waterproof.

2. Amir Patio Umbrella Lights

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Currently, it has a rating of 4.4 out of five stars with receiving more than hundreds of positive reviews. This cordless patio umbrella light is made of high quality and durable ABS material. It comes with 24 big and powerful LED bulbs with 12000 lumens flux. It has a long lifespan of 50,000 working hours.

There are 3 different modes of brightness to choose your lighting needs. With the 4 inner LED bulbs you can set lowlights. Furthermore, the medium option will light up the outer 20 LED bulbs separately. If you need the super brightness, just press the high mode for switching on all the 24 LEDs at once. These modes are operated by 2 switches. Black switches control the dim option and white switches control the inter 4 LED bulbs.

As usual the installation of this umbrella light is very simple. No requires any tools for setting it. Just open the disc and pop it into the umbrellas shaft. The clamp is very strong. Make sure the diameter of pole range should be from 0.9 inches to 1.9 inches.

This disc light is battery operated. You need 3 AA batteries to turn it on which is not included. Amir brand patio umbrella light offers you 45 days money back guarantee and 20-month replacement policy. Also they have 24/7 customer service and lifetime support. So it can be your best umbrella lights too.

  • Powerful lumen at 12000 lux.
  • Extended lifetime hours.
  • Durable ABS material.
  • 3 modes and 2 switches with super brightness.
  • Easy installation.
  • Not waterproof.

3. Totobay 28 LED’s Patio Umbrella Pole Light

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If you are looking for a premium grade rechargeable disc style umbrella lights, then Totobay brand umbrella pole light is for you. Made of premium quality ABS and plastic.

This Upgraded patio umbrella light comes with 28 LED bulbs with a maximum of 400 lumens and a minimum of 120 lumens which is sufficient to all your outdoor dark needs. It has 2 levels of brightness which is operated by a single switch. If you push it to the left side, only 8 inner LEDs will light up as a dim mode. If you move it to the right side, all the 28 LEDs will light up with super brightness. And if you want to shut down, just move it to on The middle position.

This umbrella light is powered by 2 built-in well shielded batteries which are rechargeable. You recharge it with a power bank, laptop or power adapter. It takes time 8 hours to fully charge. with the full charge you will get 18 to 54 hours back up for lighting.

Once again, the installation is very simple as you expect from such a shaft light. Just clamp it to the pole of your umbrella and make sure the diameter of the pole sizes ranging from 0.78  inches to 2.04 inches.

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries which are well shielded.
  • Includes USB cable.
  • Long run time.
  • Waterproofed.
  • Expensive than others.
  • No charging level indicator.

4. Sunlitec Solar String Lights Dual Charge

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If you want to shift to string lights, then sunlitec solar string is for you. It can be perfect gadget to your outdoor umbrella that will give you that warm and perfect illumination.

Sunlitec solar string lights bear 25 high quality G40 LED bulbs, 10 inches apart from each other and wrap up with glass balls to protect the light from rain water. Also this fabulous string light has four lighting modes. Quick flash, steady light, slow flash and pulsating light. That means you can get to adjust your string lighting mode whatever mode you are in.

Moreover, it has dual charging options with a premium 3w/5v high quality solar panel and a USB charging port. The solar panel has a 4500 maH battery that fully charges over the course of 5 hours of sunlight and 3 hours via USB charging. After full charges these LED string lights shine for 8 hours.

Sunlitec solar string lights can be easily set up and if you want, you can remove and put them in another location easily. The setup process of these string lights is a total 27 foot but make sure the panel is placed where it can absorb the sunlight.

Company offers a 1-year warranty and backed up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • High quality solar panel.
  • Dual charging system.
  • Waterproof
  • Long run time.
  • The glass part can be thicker.

5. Yescom LED solar powered string lights

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Another collection of string lights is the Yescom with 40 LED bulbs comes with a solar panel which charges an internal battery and saves electricity. You leave it up during the day for charging and when the sun will set,  the lights begin to shine.

So this solar umbrella lights creates a cozy environment and enough warm lighting for your patio and table umbrellas. It is very simple to use with a red button for turning on/off the LED lights.


  1. LED quantity- 40
  2. LED light color- warm white
  3. String quantity- 8
  4. Each string Length- 107 cm
  5. Solar panel- 4.5 V/ 112 mah
  6. Shell material- ABS
  7. Battery- 3.2 v/ 500 mah
  • ABS shell material Solar panel.
  • Energy saving.
  • Easy to install.
  • High powered battery.
  • Warm lighting looks cool.
  • It is only fit for 9 ft 8 rib (12*18 mm)
  • Solar panel and LED lights are not waterproof.

6. Giantex 10ft Solar Patio Umbrella Lights

solar umbrella lights
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At number six of our list here comes Giantex 10ft Solar Patio Umbrella Lights. Upon nightfall, 3 solar-powered lamps at each rib will light up your patio umbrella. Though it is not vivid enough but charming enough to make the mood sparkle. Solar Patio Umbrella Lights energy is really renewable and climate friendly. These lights are particularly for sunny areas. Handy crank raise makes things fairly simple even for teenagers to open or shut the patio umbrella. If you want to turn your umbrella to a larger shade you don’t have to worry at all. Just push off the tilt button and turn the solar generated lights in the evening to enjoy a peaceful summer night outdoors.

The umbrella handle is powder-coated and 1.5″ long, which ensures that the patio umbrella carries heavy weight as well. Umbrella cloth is constructed of 100% 180 G polyester, which is either durable or fade-resistant. Big oval design suits beach umbrellas, sun tents and rain shelters.

One hundred percent 180 G polyester cloth keeps away the strong solar rays. It diminishes the heat in the first place. By clicking the lever it raises the beach umbrella as the sun rises or falls. It may also expand the field of shadows. Vented canopy enables the flow of wind which helps, cooling the body much more. The umbrella base is not included. As per numerous customers, it is super easy to set up the patio umbrella. 

  • 3 solar powered bulbs.
  • Premier Operation System.
  • 100% polyester fabric.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Solar panel and LED lights are not waterproof.

An Ultimate Guideline before buying the best Umbrella Lights

As you may know There are key features to consider when choosing the best Lights for patio Umbrella. Below are some guidelines to help you determine the right patio umbrella led lights.

Lighting Type:

Before you spend your money to buy Led Umbrella Lights you have to sit down and think properly about what is the purpose of buying Led Umbrella Light.

If you want to spend some time chatting or gossiping and relaxing, then you should look to just provide some accent lighting for your patio. If so, then String style type lights may be best for you than others.

On the Other hand, if you are looking for lighting that will help you to complete tasks like reading books, serving food, playing cards with your friends, disc style lights may be a better solution for you. Because Disc Style lights are brighter than others, Patio Umbrella led Lights.

LED Lighting style:

After a complete research on the internet we have found that there are two main styles of patio umbrella lighting.

1. Strand type.

2. Disc Lights.

Strand Lights:

Strand Lights are similar to Christmas trees. In fact, the concept of their operation is not far from each other. Strand Lights have a central trunk line that usually makes its way inside the shaft of the umbrella. So with a trunk line, depending on a particular set of string lights goes through the shaft of the umbrella and then spreads out into the ribs of the umbrella. This means you will see light covering the whole umbrella.

Strand lights are best for providing accent lighting, especially excellent choice for mood lighting and relaxing.

To properly set it up there are some factors you need to consider concerning the umbrella you have:

The Style of Umbrella:

If you are focusing on a market or standard patio umbrella, most strand light systems will be compatible. However, if you are working with an offset or cantilever umbrella, then you will have to look for a strand lighting system that has been especially designed with these umbrella styles in mind.

The number of Ribs:

If you have a patio umbrella, you have to count how many ribs you have. Typically, there are 8 ribs on the patio umbrella. But in the market there are many more variations. Some have 6,9 or many more. So when you will look for strand lights, make sure the number of strands offered by the system matches the number of ribs on your umbrella.


The diameter of your umbrella is very important for choosing the right strand lights. For these, you have to take the diameter of your umbrella and divide it by 2 to calculate the radius of the umbrella. This value meets the maximum length of each light strand.

Disc Light:

Disc light looks like a hockey puck or mini spaceship. Disc lights are specially designed to fix with the umbrella pole and throw down light from the top. Obviously disc light is brighter and focused around the umbrella’s shaft to illuminate every object below.

It can be best lighting for your specific tasks like reading a book, playing cards with your friends or eating food or doing other tasks around your patio umbrella. So this can be a perfect solution to the sky getting dark problems at night.

When it comes to grip the disc lights, you have to know which is the best disc light and about the diameter of the pole of the umbrella. Normally, these drop between 1.5 to 2 inches. So you will find almost all disc lights featuring an adjustable diameter to fix whatever the diameter of your umbrella pole is. On the other hand, if you think the pole of your umbrella diameter is unusual, you may need to check for a disc light with more specialist design.

Power source of LED lighting

One more thing you need to know about the power source of patio umbrella lights which will be running your lights. At present there are four different sources of power.

  • Regular batteries.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Solar powered batteries.
  • Electric powered.

Regular batteries

Actually there is nothing to say specially about these on. Because you guys are familiar with this. But one thing you should know, though they are cheap but they are not exactly environmentally friendly and not cheap in the long run. If you forgot to stock up, you have no other option of powering your lights.

If in that case, you should be opting for solar powered umbrella lighting.

Rechargeable Batteries

 rechargeable batteries are the best option for outdoor umbrella lights. It’s a cost effective and energy efficient way to power patio umbrella lights. While some of these utilize conventional AA rechargeable batteries, Others model built in Batteries that can be charged Via solar panels, a plug or USB cable.

However Rechargeable batteries are good for the environment and also its cost effective than others.

Solar Powered Batteries

Solar is an eco-friendly and green power source of your patio umbrella. There is a small solar panel attached at the top of your umbrella that absorbs sunlight during daylight to charge up the integrated battery system.

When the sun is set and darkness falls the light will automatically turn on and continue to glow and enlighten your night for some numerous hours until they run out of power.

Although there is no confusion about solar energy being an awesome and eco-friendly way of powering the umbrella but if you live in an area where there are cloudier than sunny days, a solar power system might not be the best option for you. Also solar powered umbrella lights are not much brighter like disc lights. So without gossiping if you have other tasks to do, you better choose another option.

Electric Powered

Maybe you can see some patio umbrella lights are using a direct electric plug that is connected to the mains electric supply. This means that you will always have a power cord running from the shaft of your umbrella. I think you will feel trouble because of this unattractive line of wiring from your home to your patio umbrella.

Installation System

Installation system is the main key for an overall enjoyable experience. In our products list all the patio umbrella lights are cordless. So you don’t need to tolerate any pain of cables and finding the vent close enough to use.

For disc lights, make sure the clamp is tight and mechanically fit to your umbrella pole.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between market umbrella and patio umbrella? 

 Answer: A market umbrella is a way of umbrella that can be applied to both wooden patio umbrellas or aluminum patio umbrellas. And a patio umbrella especially made for the home outdoor umbrella for your leisure use.

2. How do you hang lights on a patio umbrella?

Answer: it depends on which type of lights you have. mainly there are two types of lights style you will get for your patio umbrella. Strand and disc style. Strand lights spread out into the ribs of the umbrella. But before buying these strand lights, you have to focus on your umbrella ribs and diameter.

Disc lights are very easy to set up. Just you have to fix it with your umbrella pole. That’s it.

 3. Is there any difference between solar batteries and rechargeable batteries?

Answer:  No. There is no difference.

Bottom Line:

From The article, We reviewed the top 6 best umbrella lights and a proper buying guideline. As you can see the products have multiple features that you will love.

I Highly recommend that you check the customer’s reviews of products that you can find any faulty issue that can arise.

We hope this post has been helpful to you to gain some insight on the best umbrella lights for style and benefits.

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