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Best Outdoor Solar Flood lights-Review and Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Solar Flood lights

World is progressive day by day for making life easier, convenient and better with every innovative discovery and invention. And the Solar lighting system is one of the pioneering creations nowadays, which is popular to the people of the world. In line of the Solar system solar powered flood light is one of the main products of its family. Security measures are one of the main factors of human life all over. In order to maintain and improve security, Anyone can decide to install some of the best outdoor solar flood lights which is one of the easy options to reduce criminal activities around in any area.

There may be wrong conception that solar flood lights are high cost involved with lighting up. But many research and reviews prove that solar energy is clearly the better option for consumers around their premises despite being connected to the national electricity grid.  

Solar powered outdoor flood lights mainly used to provide outdoor lighting during the evenings and night time. It is used for both street lights as well as can be used for smaller areas especially gardens and porch. 

 10 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights (2020)-Review

After researching and customer reviewing over hundreds of Solar flood lights our team came up with the 10 best outdoor solar flood lights for you.

1. CLY 60 LED Solar flood Lights

solar powered outside light

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At the very first on our list of best outdoor solar flood lights is CLY 60 LED Solar Lights. These solar powered outdoor flood lights provide maximum illumination for large spaces with 300 Lumen and 120 degree beam angle. 4000 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable and replaceable battery is Effective enough to have an overall consistent illumination period of 8-10 hours. 

You may either mount it on a wall or use it as a security lighting or place it in the field and use it as a garden light with adjustable wall mount bracket and a stroke. This brightest solar security light can be mounted and placed elsewhere throughout the year in any weather conditions, you just have to wipe out the dust. 

This solar powered outside light turns on at dusk and automatically shuts off at dawn on operating cycle. That reaches the broader angle, die cast aluminum and vibrant led production at 60 degrees.

The CLY 60 LED solar flood lights fit well for your garden or patio. The flood light would have a wide beam angle of 120 ° and will be able to operate continuously for 16 hours after a complete charge, among other important factors.

Key Features:

  1. Soft glow illumination
  2. IP66 waterproof rating
  3. Charging time: 6-8 h
  4. Can be used as landscape lights

Key Specifications:

  1. 300 lumens
  2. Beam light angle 120°
  3. Working hours: 16 h
  4. Rechargeable & Replaceable battery

2. HULPPRE Solar powered Flood Lights

best outdoor solar flood lights

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The second best outdoor solar flood lights we’ll be talking about is HULPPRE Solar Powered LED Flood Lights outdoor. It has an unique auto mode design. Lighting under auto mode will work depending on the remaining battery life and will make sure that it will light from dusk to dawn. 

HULPPRE solar powered outdoor flood lights have a remote controller with the option to set specific lighting times and brightness, with a one time setting that operates everyday before you render a new configuration.

This solar powered outside light can be monitored from 65.6 feet away with the super accurate remote controller. So this solar flood light is controllable both from the outdoors and indoors. 

IP65-rated water-resistant with sturdy aluminum tubing, allows your brightest solar security light to provide maximum efficiency during the year and throughout all climates. 

Hulppre solar powered outside light promotes customer service by providing a high accuracy remote, a solar panel with 16.4 feet cable, 2 ground spikes, and some screws.

Key Features:

  1. High accuracy remote 
  2. IP65 waterproof design
  3. Time configuration
  4. Unique AUTO mode design

Key Specifications:

  1. 1000 lumens output
  2. Remote distance coverage: 65 ft.
  3. 16ft. (4.87 m.) extendable cord 
  4. 70 LEDs

3. LEDMO Solar Powered Outside Light

solar powered led flood lights outdoor

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Here comes our third choice of best solar security light which is LEDMO Solar Powered Outside Light. This Solar energy street light Built-in broad storage battery for illuminating a surface area of over 3150 square feet. No energy charges because it is fully solar driven and wireless, which can save your electricity bills. 

This solar powered LED flood lights outdoor is operated by an updated remote control which provides a coverage of 25 feet. It has four auto modes which are gradient mode, full bright mode, half bright mode and 3/5/8 hours mode. 

With a brace bracket fixed to the board, this all-in-one solar light can be installed on a wall or on a pole without any additional wires. The suggested mounting height is 10 feet-16 feet. 

LEDMO Solar Powered Outside Light can be used widely in rural roads, residential roads, sidewalks, industrial parks, landscape lighting, scenic spots, parks, gardens, streets, squares, gardens, garages, lawns, passages, patios, sheds, farms, boats, camping, basketball courts, arenas, sports fields etc. 

Key Features:

  1. Remote control-ability
  2. Charging time: 5-8 h
  3. ABS/Aluminum material
  4. Cordless

Key Specifications:

  1. 10000 lumens of light
  2. Battery capacity: 39000mAh
  3. Working time: 20 h
  4. Multiple Control

4. Solar Light Mart Brand Guardian 580X solar outdoor flood lights

best solar security light

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The Guardian 580X is an innovative brightest solar security light concept that can match homeowners and business owners respectively. These models include 84 pieces of LEDs, which together emit up to 730 lumens of light and yet use just 6 watts in maximum power mode. 

The Guardian 580X incorporates a Passive-Infrared (PIR) motion sensor to ensure protection from intruders. These solar powered outdoor flood lights have two luminous intensities. The dim mode that operates at 55 lumens, can run between 7 to 12 hours from dusk to dawn and the maximum brightness mode which has  up to 730 lumens but can last only 1 minute. 

The PIR motion sensor has a different interface, separate from where the flood light is placed. It helps the viewing angle to be changed to increase the tracking range. The PIR motion sensor can be quickly assembled because it can be placed on a wall. Considering the fact that the product should light up at its maximum strength when motion is identified.

Guardian 580X solar powered motion detector light has three lighting modes – Green, Blue and Red. Green LEDs which are normal flood lights work from dusk to dawn, Blue one works in full brightness and the Red LED comes up when there is no light at all. 

These solar powered motion detector outdoor lights have a super cell industrial quality of 2 watts aluminum frame solar panel designed and powered by high performance. 

Key Features:

  1. Separated PIR sensor
  2. Industrial aluminum solar panel
  3. IP65 waterproof rating
  4. Motion Sensor 

Key Specifications:

  1. Working time: 7-12 hours 
  2. Up to 730 lumens of light3’
  3. Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  4. Wide Angle Spotlight

5. Richarm Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Outdoor

brightest solar security light

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Reaching at number five of our list we have Richarm Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Outdoor. This model also provides outstanding performance, combining remote control-ability and several modes of service.

The solar powered outside light has an intensity of 800 lumens generated by two sets of 42 LED parts powered by a 2200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which can produce about 6-8 hours of continuous illumination. This whole package is powered by a poly crystalline solar panel with 17 per cent output.

With this capability, the solar powered outdoor flood lights have a flexible time setting which can be done manually and thanks to the remote controller that enables you to automatically schedule 3, 5 or 8 hours of light. The remote control enables the light to be changed to the appropriate level too.

This brightest solar security light, according to the maker, is efficient enough to light up an area of 430 square feet while at the same time providing a beam wide angle of 120 degrees to reach more space. 

Even, the product package comes with a 16.4 ft. Installation cable that will permit you to distinguish the zone you want to light from the location you want the solar panel to be installed in.

Key Features:

  1. Time setting adjustment
  2. IP65 weatherproof
  3. Remote controllability
  4. Photoelectric Solar Panel

Key Specifications:

  1. Working time: up to 8 hours
  2. 800-lumen output
  3. Maximum illumination area: 480 square feet
  4. 6W 800 LM Dual 42 LEDs

6.  ZOOKKI solar powered motion sensor flood light

solar powered motion detector lights

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Zookki Solar is one of the best leading branded solar powered motion detector lights which has a lot of advantages and different categories. Solar powered outdoor flood lights are a type of solar powered lights which are held through a large adjustable panel positioned towards an object or an area.

Moreover these are perfect for low cost long last continuous lighting in outdoors areas. Mostly it can be used for objects like flags, signs, on the pool or in driveways, backyards or the road. Notwithstanding, these lights can even be installed for best security reasons.

The solar powered motion sensor flood light usually has 28 super bright LED outdoor solar securities that automatically turn on at sunset for ease and comfort of the users, which made of high impact ABS capable of withstanding rain, snow and other extreme weather. This is also used in pools, garage and stairs, which is heat proof and waterproof. 

These motion sensor lights are very easy to install. You just have to activate and mount it with the plugs and screws provided and this can be done within seconds. 

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Motion Sensor
  2. IP65 Waterproof
  3. Easy to Install
  4. 120º wide-angle

Key Specifications:

  1. 1200mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  2. 400 Lumens Lights
  3. 5000 hours work time
  4. 28 LED Outdoor Solar Security Lights

7. LITOM 120 LED Solar powered motion detector lights

solar powered motion detector lights

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One of the best models available on the market is the LITOM 120 LED Solar Powered motion detector Lights. This solar light has been upgraded from 30 LED to 120 LED for its LED size, which will provide extra visibility and a more noticeable area. The illumination coverage of one solar motion sensor light will exceed 323 square feet and 1300 square feet with the combined usage of four solar lights. 

With an improved wide-angle motion detector, protection light from LITOM solar led senses motion up to 26 feet at an angle of 120 agrees. Solar powered motion sensor flood light  reaches motion detection mode to activate at night, and lights up for 30s when motion is identified at night. It will automatically extend every time activity is observed during its illumination.

The LITOM brightest solar security light comes with a set hanging buckle and you can conveniently take off the light to mount anywhere you wish. Install it in your house late at night or take it out for outdoor lighting events etc.

There are 3 solar illumination modes required to match your different needs. When anyone enters, the light will sense and brighten and eradicate slowly, offering a good lighting experience.

The solar motion sensor light is water-resistant, heat-resistant and frost-resistant, which can be a perfect night support for outdoor patio, lawn, roof, yard, path, outside wall, fence etc.

Key Features:

  1. Upgraded Solar Panel
  2. 3 Optional Modes
  3. IP67 Waterproof
  4. Portable for multiple use

Key Specifications:

  1. 120 LED Chips
  2. Enhanced PIR Motion Inductor
  3. Wide-angle motion detector
  4. Range coverage of 323 square feet

8. Lemontec Solar Powered Motion Detector Lights

solar powered outdoor flood lights

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Another useful choice to consider when searching for the best outdoor solar flood lights is the Lemontec Motion detector lights. It has three main modes of operation which are Long light mode, Dim light sensor mode, and Strong light sensor mode. 

The battery capacity of this solar powered flood light is 1800 mAh and it is also durable, weather resistant and heat proof plastic construction. 

An essential feature is that the solar powered flood light also has a mechanism which enables it to turn on or off automatically based on the existence of daylight. Furthermore, something that many versions on the market do not include is that remote control enables adjustment of an automated time setting to decide the number of hours the light fixture should be activated.

These solar powered Motion detector outdoor lights are Eco friendly. For the entire day our energy is charged through access to sunlight. The Li-ion Battery can have 12 hours of nighttime lighting from only 7 hours of daytime charging. This brightest solar security light has 62 wide LED’s and are much clearer on the market than other solar lights. 

The light features a PIR motion sensor, which is triggered when movement between 10-26 feet is observed. If the light is on for 10 seconds and observed no further activity, the light will shut off. 

Key Features:

  1. Motion Sensor Detector
  2. Three Lighting Modes
  3. Eco-Friendly
  4. Brighter LED Lights

Key Specifications:

  1. Battery Capacity 1800mAh
  2. Durable, weather-resistant & heatproof 
  3. Plastic construction
  4.  62 big LED lights

9.  iThird Solar Powered Outside Light

solar powered motion detector outdoor lights

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The iThird Solar Driven Outside Lights are one of the most efficient ones on the market. These solar powered motion detector lights have sensor and dim mode. If no motion is observed, the lights remain dim and only switches on bright if motion is detected. There is an Always On Mode which helps to stay on the light all night.  

This light fixture is fitted with a daylight sensor that allows it to switch on the LED’s at night (no matter which mode is set) rendering it an isolated device. This device has a wide battery capacity which reaches 8000mAh along with a 10 watt LED light. That’s why this light is Eco friendly and also energy saving. 

These solar powered motion detector outdoor lights are perfect for garage, fences, garden, yard, lawn, landscape, driveway, pathway pool because it offers optimum illumination for your property’s protection and security during the night.

It is waterproof (IP44) and will withstand all sorts of harsh weather. It is constructed of rustproof stainless steel + ABS content. As the photocell sensor is integrated into the solar lights and the system is delivered in the OFF state, the light does not turn on when you click the mode button under the bright ambient. You have to change the light mode under dark atmospheric conditions or cover the solar panels until deployment.

Key Features:

  1. Stainless Steel 
  2. Sensor Dim Light Mode
  3. Eco-friendly & Energy-saving
  4. Solar Motion Light Parameter

Key Specifications:

  1. IP44 waterproof
  2. ABS material
  3. Work Time: 8-12 hours
  4. Sensor Distance: up to 16.4 FT

10. GoerTek solar powered motion sensor flood light

best solar powered motion security light

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The GoerTek solar powered motion sensor flood light eventually hits the end of our list of best outdoor solar flood lights. The Solar Security light features an incorporated body motion sensor mechanism and low light sensor. With a length of 120°, it can measure distances of up to 26 meters. As detected, it glows for 30 seconds and then weakens automatically.

Double Head & Multi-joint rotating system with 360 ° solar panels and outdoor solar lights, it can be separately and flexibly rotated to change whatever angle you like. To conserve electricity, the solar powered motion detector lights flood lights have a built-in replaceable 18650 (2000mAh) lithium battery and light sensor, that switches off automatically during the day and turns on automatically at night.

IP65 portable wireless solar powered outside light should be installed with screws on the ground, appropriate for all environmental situations and ideal for patios, lawns, patios or viewing decks. 

The product kit is also equipped with one Solar Sensor Light, one Switch Pinhole, two Expansion Rubber Stopper, two Screws, and a User Manual. 

Key Features:

  1. Dual Head Spotlights
  2. Adjustable motion sensor
  3. Invisible Pinhole Switch
  4. PIR Sensor

Key Specifications:

  1. 360° Rotatable Spotlights
  2. 17% Conversion Rate & 2000mAh
  3. IP65 Waterproof 
  4. Distance covered 26 feet

Benefits of Solar Powered flood Light

Nowadays, it is widely known that air pollution and greenhouse effect is vulnerable which massively affect our environment as well as the human life going to be hazardous day by day. Also renewable energy is one of the causes for increasing environmental crisis and pollution. In order to protect the environment new inventions and technologies are developed by scientists who dedicate their effort to discover new more environmentally friendly alternatives. In the past decades Solar energy has been identified as one of the most effective of unlimited energy sources. The energy collected by solar panels can be used for various purposes through a variety of products in the solar system like


Reviewed and research proved that Solar powered flood lights are Eco friendly. This is renewable power of the sum and they are free of cost. Solar power flood lights do not produce carbon because no power plants are used for creating energy. This is so easy, you install the device and go for years and years without having to replace or deal with anything on the lights and no basic maintenance is needed.

Budget Friendly

Anything you intend to buy, you have to think for eduquet budget and sometimes having problems out of purchasing ability.  The bes‍t outdoor flood lights are budget friendly as you only bear initial setup cost for light and the solar panel and to be continued further days to come. You don’t need to invest a lot of money over the decade for running the system, in addition, you will get free renewable energy for the sun and keep your house lit and hundred percent secure.

Provide Best Security Measures

One of the important advantages is Solar Powered flood lights provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area. This type of facility you can avail by using lights on all night or by using a motion detector. In order to get more security advantage you can easily install Solar powered outside lights, which will save your power consumption as the Solar flood lights will only operate when something moves in the area. Once motion is detected, the  Solar Powered motion detector lights come on for a set period of time and allow for someone to visibly see what set off the motion detectors. These Solar Powered motion detector outdoor lights can have the sensitivity set for a range of movement so that a passing small animal does not trigger the light to come on.

Solar Powered Flood Lights are Attractive

Nowadays, lucrative sleek design with using short-cut wires the Solar powered Flood Lights makes the products more attractive than the other flood lighting system. The installing system of other lights looks very crazy because of using long wires up to the place where lights are fittings but solar flood lights need not have a lot of wires and look attractive, sleek, modern, and interesting.  

Maintenance Cost very Low

This is in fact, the maintenance cost of Solar powered flood lights are very low. Once you install wherever like home compound, garden, entry gate, School ground and Firms you have to clean the solar panel and light on occasion and usually a couple of times per year only. Then you are good to go. This is the case for years, as long as there is no damage done to the solar powered flood light.  

Ultimate Buying Guide for Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights

If you think you need to buy the best outdoor solar flood lights for your home compound, gardens, Entry area of Gate, Farms and Yards etc. We would request you to read and to keep in mind the following features we mentioned below that will help you to make out accurate products in order to fulfill your requirement you are looking for. As we mentioned in the topic as there are many advantages to installing solar powered flood lights. Hope you will get more significant information from the feature of the Buying Guide and feel very comfortable to choose the best solar powered flood lights that meet all of your demands.

Effective Brightness: 

While choosing the solar power outdoor lights, you need to check the quality of light bulbs. Depending on powerful light bulbs, the brightness is effective. You can also check it by comparing it with other brightened light keeping in the electric light shop or display. Please keep in mind while you are arriving home lately from work light bulbs flash bright, it can be quite a stress for your brain and the eyes.

Battery Lifetime:

Battery life is one of the important factors in best solar flood lights review. Obviously you should check the battery life, sometimes it is difficult to check it out. In that case you need to choose a branded battery, which can give you lifetime service of brightest solar security light.  

Automatic process of Activation:

Prior to confirming the final payment for purchasing Solar powered outdoor flood lights make sure that automatic activation system is properly working. Automatic activation systems are mostly helpful features to long battery life and also save energy, which has been converted from solar power. Turning on the solar powered motion sensor floods light and other one in different modes various situations or regulates levels of brightness depending on the conditions.

Weatherproof and Waterproof resistance:

In General we know Solar powered outdoor lights are installed in various areas in open sky,  in that case weatherproof and waterproof resistance can save and secure the solar powered outside light in weather of different seasons and in rainy days respectively.

Quality Materials:

Always keep in mind when choosing the best outdoor solar flood lights that good quality materials make for a more long lasting light particularly those kinds of LED outside power lights are regularly exposed to the outdoor conditions. If you live in such a region where weather runs in severe conditions, then you have to consider the price a little more expensive  of LED solar powered outside flood lights for longevity. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I replace an existing fixture with a solar powered lighting fixture?

This is a question of review and detail study for replacing an existing fixture with a solar fixture that can be done by a solar lighting expert. There is no doubt Solar powered flood lighting is more feasible than traditional grid lights. For details and more information you can contact a solar powered lighting expert.

2. How long will the Lights stay on each night?

Actually the solar powered flood lights are automatic systems and the usurer can be programmed to operate as per specifications. If programmed dusk to dawn then the system will automatically turn on and off as per set program. But then, it may be varied by different products from one option to another. Some can run shorter or longer. Nevertheless, you have to check them when comparing different products.

3. Can the lights be mounted on a pole? 

When the customer intends to buy, this question is usually raised whether it can be mounted on a pole. No matter what the solar powered flood light can be mounted on the pole. This is imperative to mention that its can be used in a lawn or any other outdoor space.

4. Can the cord to the solar panel be extended?  

In most of the cases the solar powered lights have a long cord provided with the solar panel. You can also solve it by talking with the personnel of the shop when you buy the light. Question of extension, you can refer to the manual or contact the support team of the particular manufacturer of the products.

5. How to install and use?

You may go through the product Manual as there is no special instruction for installation as it does not need any wiring’s and is very easy to install. There is no hassle and you can install anywhere you are required for.

6. What do I have to do to maintain the complete System?

Maintenance is not needed daily on the care of solar powered flood lights. As an alternative, you can only wipe off the solar panel from time to time for efficient charging and brightness. Each component life cycle can vary depending on environmental conditions as Solar panels last approximately 30 years, batteries last approximately 5-7 years, LED fixtures last approximately 50k-100k hours and Drivers and other electrical components vary from 5-15 years. 

Bottom Line

Necessity needs no bound, nevertheless choice involves decision making that can include judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. One can make a choice between imagined options and real options. By now, you probably have the proper idea on what the best outdoor solar flood lights are and what makes them special and top quality.  As per your actual need, you should check for certain consideration along with our review and suggestion which we have mentioned in our article. Evaluating your best option, you will be able to pick the Solar power flood light that has quality, brightness, durability, price, easy installation system and maintenance.

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