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Best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather

Best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather

Weather and climate virtually impact human life especially cold weather influenced  greatly in daily work and change the lifestyle of the people in the cold affected countries. Cold like chilled weather causes frostbite or hypothermia and becomes life threatening. In winter in a lot of countries in Europe and states of USA and Canada, near freezing temperatures impacts not only cause severe damage to citrus fruit crops and other vegetation but most vulnerable  infants and elderly people. When it comes to the frigid temperatures, however certain bulbs perform better than others, it depends on what kind of performance you require from the light bulbs. Luckily the outdoor light bulbs for cold weather have come a long way and provided many options for whatever your needs may be.

On the other hand just like any product used outdoors like lighting fixtures are affected by the surrounding weather conditions. Rain might be the most common threat associated with weather, while cold and warm temperatures are also alarming to the performance of a lighting fixture. Accordingly, people who intend buying cold weather light bulbs need to be aware of how their lights perform in different ambient temperatures. Also buyers need to pay attention to the operating temperature range of the fixture, when they consider to buy. While people consider buying, a common question raised, whether the brightest outdoor light bulb will work in very cold temperatures. In this article, we’ll discuss how cold weather light bulbs perform in both cold and warm temperatures including with the performance of other bulbs.

 10 best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather

Before starting the review of 10 best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather I would like to acknowledge you why LED bulbs are the appropriate choices. 

  1. They are not that light bulbs which emit heat
  2. They do not pose any risk of exploding when temperatures fall.
  3. They survive in the cold, since they are less efficient due to heat exposure and reduce their lifespan.

So, without any further delay let’s hit it with the review of 10 best cold weather light bulbs.

1. Great Eagle A19 LED Light Bulb for Cold Weather

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If you  like a lighter shade which is similar to daytime, you might like to consider it. The Great Eagle LED bulb serves as an appropriate substitute for old halogen bulbs and consumes far less energy (up to 85 percent) for good lighting quality. 

If the LED light bulb performs as the supplier claims they are made to, you will be getting around 1600 lm of light from them. The on-off automated feature will work perfect- if a compatible switch is used. An electrician may work out any issues resulting from incompatibility with motion detectors.

This product was checked and identified by the Underwriter Labs, which means it will meet the strict nationally recognized safety criteria. 

Manufacturer of this bulb says if you use it properly it could last you up to 22 years. We can not be sure that you will have it for this long, but the product has a three-year warranty that you might take advantage of just in case if you want to repair it.

  • Saves electricity bill up to 85%
  • Instant on
  • UL Listed
  • Easy to replace
  • Not dimmable

2. Philips LED Dusk-to-Dawn A19 Frosted Cold Weather Light Bulb

Cold weather light bulbs

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If you’re not satisfied with the pleasant, daylight colors, then this soft white light from this Philips LED bulb might suit you. Philips LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Light bulbs use approximately 75 percent less electricity than 60 Watt Incandescent bulbs while maintaining the appearance and feel of a classic light bulb. These LED bulbs are Mercury free and certified by Energy Star.

These Philips LED bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 4 times longer than halogen bulbs, each light bulb is expected to produce up to 22,000 hours of lifespan and includes a 10 year warranty as well. This will save your frequent bulb replacement costs. 

Philips LED A19 light bulbs offer high CRI with warm and comfortable lighting at 2700 Kelvin. These bulbs provide ideal indoor and outdoor use for bright, crunchy color combinations.

These Light bulbs are fitted with a light sensor that automatically switches the light bulbs on when the sun goes down and switch off the light when the sun rises. 

These items encounter strict test standards including flicker, strobe, glare and color rendering to ensure that they fulfill the specifications. Philips LED light bulbs are optimized for your eyes’ comfort.

  • Energy efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Soft white light
  • Compatibility
  • Sensor is too far up

3.  AmazonBasics A19 LED Light Bulb

best outdoor light bulb for cold weather

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When it comes to the Amazon Basics LED light bulbs, energy efficiency and soft, wonderful lighting go hand in hand. Setup incompatible lighting fixtures to create a clear, welcoming environment in every room, while simultaneously saving money on your electricity bill. Ideal for reading , writing or simply lighting up your space for regular and entertaining activities.

LED bulbs deliver at their best energy efficiency. With low power consumption and a long lasting lifespan, you will not only save time and money on replacing bulbs, but will also reduce your energy costs. LED light bulbs are a convenient, no-hassle, environmentally friendly option in any space in your house.

Amazon Basics provides a variety of LED bulbs with a lifetime ranging between 10,000 hours and 25,000 hours.

Though Amazon Basics light bulbs use substantially less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, they provide the same lighting efficiency. Enjoy smooth, white colors, incandescent equivalent lumens and a temperature associated with the light. 

Light can have different temperatures of color, as suggested in Kelvin (K) units. Low-value Kelvin bulbs produce a warm, cozier light (Soft White), while higher-value Kelvin bulbs produce warmer and more energizing light. 

  • Long lasting lifespan
  • Provides 800 lumens
  • 60 Watt equivalent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not dimmable

4.  Vgogfly 7W LED Cold Weather Bulb Light

best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather

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This dusk to dawn light bulb is ideal for illuminating corridors and rooms where lighting is essential when it starts to get dark. It removes the need to physically switch on a light bulb because of the built-in sensor which automatically turns the bulb off and on.  

Vgogfly 7W LED Bulb Light is an energy-saving LED bulb with 20 percent of traditional incandescent bulbs energy consumption. The warm white light tends to create a homely feeling on the exterior of your building, but it is strong enough to make the porches fully clear at night, even in the hazy weather.

The 7W of energy it takes in can churn light which is 600 lm strong- a return which halogens can not reach. Any E 26/27 socket or fixture may be used on this light. The plastic mask helps it cool easily, and lets it cool for a long time.

But if it crashes, then you will take benefit of a complete one-year money-back guarantee. If you like this you may get them repaired for free.

  • Dusk to dawn feature
  • Energy saving
  • Long life
  • Increase in security
  • Not small enough to fit everywhere

5.  Aukora 12W Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

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Aukora is a 12 W bulb but it gives you the advantages of a 100 W halogen lamp (without the heat). Its 6000 K nice, white color is perfect for anybody who needs a security bulb. It has a High-quality PIR infrared sensor mounted at the tip of the lamp, and the motion sensor lamp will automatically light up when sensing movement in the dark within 8-10 Feet and automatically off after the activity has stopped or vanished around 45-60 secs. You have to verify that the sensor points down within the correct distance and angle. To increase the strength of the light, you should change the angle and height of the light mount.

This light bulb of the motion sensor will automatically switch ON at dusk when the motion sensor is activated, and OFF at dawn. 

These movement sensors only light up in the detective distance at night or in dark surroundings, energy-saving, environment-protecting and long life, can be used in stairs, hallways, bathrooms, front doors, storage rooms, garages, closets, balconies, gates, etc.

The higher you put the light, the greater the degree of detection it will reach because the lowest may be 10 feet vertically. 

Unless the bulbs you buy are faulty, there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee. If they go bad during the first 12 months, you may get them replaced for free then.

  • PIR Motion Sensor Included
  • Built-in Dusk to Dawn Sensor
  • Energy Saving
  • Detects motion within 8-10 FT
  • Not cool white

6. LOHAS 6W Sensor Light bulbs for Cold Weather

cold weather led lights

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Lohas bulb illuminates open space with a daylight hue of 5000K. Its sensor technology makes it sensitive to changes in natural lighting conditions so that at nightfall it automatically switches on and turns off at dawn. 

It’s not the brightest bulb out there and the 500 lm it manages some of our other best picks. But it meets the crucial checks fairly well which is cost savings that cut off 85 percent of your utility bill for lights, and it would potentially give you 30,000 daily service hours.

Around four of those bulbs are in one box. You are probably going to fix them close to one another. We recommend that if they are working to reach ideal coverage, they are not placed more than 3 feet apart. Daylight(Crystal) 5000k white, 500 lumens, give off a cozy and fresh lighting. Great for lighting houses.

The E26 medium screw base bulb operates with a sensor from dusk to dawn. With its multipurpose design it can be used as a common LED light and for specific purposes.

A one year guarantee should take care of any issues you may have with this bulb during the first three months after purchasing it.

  • Auto on/off
  • Energy Saving
  • Good Performance
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Some complain about the hard color of the light.

7. Govee 9W Smart Sensor Light Bulb

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This lamp absorbs 9W of electricity, but it will give you a luminosity that only halogens will equal at 70W. This is 800lm of bright white illumination, making the outside clear during the dark. In  Govee 9W Smart Sensor Light Bulb there is no flash or flicker either, it is constant, like you would expect with anything that suits the outdoor lighting needs, not taking into consideration the frigid temperatures.

A built-in automatic system guarantees that the night is on, and shuts off all by itself at sunrise. Govee light bulb provides 30,000 hours of lifespan, made from PC material, which meets unique cool requirements for the LED chip. It can solve the hassle of frequently replacing bulbs.

It has an adopted state-of-the-art LED technology, no glare, no flicker, perfect for porches, garages, courtyards, hotels, offices, hospitals , schools, factories, museums, shopping malls, supermarkets , restaurants, etc.

Simply screw into any regular E26/27 light socket or panel, without requiring wires or extra movement detector equipment. 

Finally, if you treat it carefully you might get 30,000 hours of life out of this product. A money-back policy of 30 days helps you to refund the bulb if it malfunctions within one month after purchasing it.

  • Auto On/Off LED Bulb
  • Energy Saving
  • Longer Lifetime
  • Easy to install
  • The light bulbs are little bit yellowish

8. TORCHSTAR LED Dusk to Dawn A19 Light Bulb for Cold Weather

Best Bulbs for Freezing Condition Outside

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Torchstar’s bulb doesn’t get fooled by the illumination from other lights. The controls operate well enough to have them turned on at the correct moment, even though certain bulbs have been on for a while. 

This light turns on automatically at night, saving you the hassle of manual controls and saving costs when not needed. It also pulls out the darkness out of the most hidden corners when properly placed. From its 9W energy consumption it yields around 800 lm and creates a 5000 K, clear white light.

The light significantly decreases the likelihood of going unnoticed at night by an incident or a security danger. If you decide to manually turn off the bulb, the switch may take three minutes to comply. But that’s a small proportion of the many years you would appreciate the brightness for.

Due to the standard E26 frame, this bulb is a perfect fit for porches, garages, gardens and outdoor lamps and can be used for other E26 / E27 socket lighting fixtures. 

The Torchstar A19 bulb is probably one of the light bulbs for cold weather and comes with a three-year guarantee on them.

  • Sensitive Detection
  • Conserve Energy
  • Light up Every Corner
  • Reliable Backup
  • The switch may take few minutes to comply

9. Hykolity 6 Pack Flood Light Bulbs

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Hykolity flood light bulbs are engineered with smooth dimming capacity, 80 CRI provides sunlight-like quality for true color rendering to meet any mood or decoration requirement. They need a dimmer. 

Hykolity UL certified outdoor bulbs are more environmentally safe , high-quality LEDs (no Ultraviolet, IR, or mercury) for a longer lifespan of up to 25,000 hours than halogen / incandescent / fluorescent bulbs. 

Hykolity 6 Pack Flood Light Bulbs is energy saving “11W 850LM” means 77LM / W high-efficiency, 95W equal to conventional bulbs. Estimated annual energy costs: $1.51 (based on 3 hours per day, 11 / kWh, rates and usage depend on the costs). 

The BR30 LED bulbs are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for use in bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, lamps and offices. The Hykolity LED bulbs are assured for 3 years of assurance! They strive for consistency and are backed up directly by the supplier with better customer support.

  • 85% Energy Saving
  • Dimmable
  • Lasts 25,000 Hours
  • Can be use both indoor and outdoor
  • Not Waterproof

10. Banord Dimmable 2W S14 LED Bulbs for Cold Weather

cold weather led lights

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In one pack of this product, there are around 15 of these tiny bulbs. Each one brings you 200 lm of light, released from LED filaments. They should offer you a soft, 2700 K glow, which means that they are a decent replacement for your old halogen bulbs.

These lights can give a colorful feel to your space so they can work for decorative purposes. You can use these as outdoor decorative lighting to illuminate your patios or fix them along your building’s outer walls. These even function flawlessly in cold weather because they have not flickered nor prolonged the warm-up period that CFLs can need in chilly conditions.

The bulbs are therefore shatterproof, and do not fill the environment with heat. Banord promises that if used nightly, they will remain active for a cumulative 30 000 hours. If they struggle in that time, they can be replaced within the first year of purchasing them.

  • Energy Saving
  • Ambient Filament
  • Multi Application
  • Waterproof
  • The light color is little warm

 What are the Bulb option for freezing condition outside?

There are some environments that pose difficult conditions for operating systems including damp and wet areas importantly in Cold weather. Also many areas that experience abnormal temperatures like corrosive and hazardous locations and areas momententary  power failures. However people face difficulties whether the light source should be able to operate properly under these conditions or what could be the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather to protect from other situations. There are certain bulbs that perform better than others in conditions like freezing weather. This Article might help you find the right bulb for your needs and when considering to get the best light bulbs, please read out the article herein we elaborated the features of some cold weather light bulbs which can enlighten your idea and knowledge which might be helpful for you in choosing the best one. 

There are four types of bulbs considering their natures and classifications.

Halogen Light Bulbs for Cold Weather

The halogen light bulbs or lamps are parallels of incandescent lamps, which uses a halogen gas for increasing both light output and rated life. In the year 1882 Halogen lamp was patented for chlorine to prevent blackening and in 1959 General Electric further patented commercially viable halogen lamp using iodine as halogen gas.

Functions of a halogen lamp identical to a typical incandescent lamp, tungsten slowly evaporates from the burning filament causing blackening of the lamp, which decreases light output and reduces lifespan. In fact, halogen lamps are largely able to eliminate this problem because halogen gas reacts chemically with evaporated tungsten to prevent it from affixing to the glass as some tungsten is returned to the filament, which also serves to increase the rated life. 

However, according to review and practically proven that Halogen light bulbs tend to have short lifespans and these are not very energy efficient.

Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFL) and Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent light bulbs and normal fluorescent are almost the same but little bit different as CFL  made in special shapes with special technologies, which fit in standard household light sockets like table lamps and ceiling fixtures. It has integral ballast built into light bulbs. Whereas Fluorescent tubes require a separate ballast independent of the bulbs. 

CFL are a bit more moderate regarding cold weather and before you consider purchasing, make sure whether this bulb has the right qualities fit for the temperatures. Because many CFL bulbs will not turn on at extremely low temperatures, but a wide range of CFL bulbs  available that might fit your needs. There are some CFL bulbs that will not turn on below 32 degrees Fahrenheit while others will turn on at zero degrees or even lower. 

All Categories of Fluorescent bulbs are generally less expensive and tend to beat halogens for efficiency and lifespan. The alarming is they contain mercury, which can be hazardous when exposed in the open and the performance typically reduces with the frequency of usage. 

High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs

HID is also a popular light bulb with a variety of categories such as Mercury Vapor (MV), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Metal Halide (HM). All of them are considered gas-discharge Arc lamps that use electrodes and ionized gas to create light and light is produced from the Arc whenever excited electrons change orbit and interact with the inert gas. HID contains a secondary gas (sodium, mercury & halide), which not only designates the type of HID but also affects the color, intensity, efficiency and lifespan of the bulb, like fluorescent and require a ballast and need to be replaced overtime. 

Usually, HID and fluorescent compete in commercial application but long lasting, energy efficient bulbs are needed and also proper maintenance required as ordinary incandescent bulbs. Though, they work well in circumstances where quality light is light necessary but difficult or dangerous to regularly replace bulbs and HID light bulbs are yet to be considered as suitable in cold weather Conditions. 


The most recently developed with advanced technology Bulbs powered by Light Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs are now very popular and available in the marketplace. LEDs manufactured with a lot of qualities include the best energy efficient, high intensity, brightness and most safest compared any other bulbs are marketing nowadays. It is proved that LEDs have 80% more brightness per watt compared to halogen since several years. Although LEDs are more expensive than other types of bulbs, offering a return over time is worth a lot more than others. Whether heat is the mortal enemy of LEDs, but light up all year around and minding you to perform as best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather during winter seasons. 

Why do LED Bulbs perform better than other Bulbs in Cold Weather?

Since long ago people have been habituated using lights as their obvious reason to make life easier and comfortable in different seasons with complicated situations and circumstances. Using light for a long time, people have already been acquainted and familiar with so much lighting system and its character more or less. Nevertheless, most of the users yet to have lacking depth  knowledge and meticulousness about proper specification of the different types  of light bulbs which also include cold weather LED light bulbs. Therefore, we take the initiative through this article, how to update users’ awareness about better performance LED bulbs in cold weather than other light bulbs.

Users probably know a lot about the great advantages of LED lighting systems by this time. In comparison to fluorescent and other types of bulbs, (mentioned above) LEDs are a more energy efficient, heat sinks, lifespan, and safer alternative for the environment. These lights are also sustainable through even the harshest and coldest weather conditions. In fact, LED lamps are an incredibly beneficial light source and you should consider your home and property, especially during the freezing winter months. Now this question can be raised: why and how LED bulbs perform better than others bulbs in the cold? 

Heat Sink Installed

Usually the traditional and typical type of bulbs require a certain amount of heat to power on and produce light. During the period of Winter season, such bulbs will tend to require longer warm-up time, but in some cases they may not turn on while the weather is below freezing point. You won’t have this problem with LEDs, because LEDs do not emit extreme heat and require far less power to light on. The main importance of keeping LEDs cool as most of the LED bulbs have Heat Sink installed on them. Further to ensure bulbs operating temperature do not go beyond the industry standard recommended 185 degrees by  heat sink attached with LED bulbs. The hottest temperature maintained by pulling hot air into the heat sink and warm air is dispersed into the surrounding air, so that LED lights keep cool and allow them to work in optimal temperature conditions.

Cold temperature operation

In cold weather fluorescent lamps and luminous flux are required to start higher voltage for perceived power or intensity of light but unfortunately are decreased. Whether LEDs performance are increased as operating temperatures drop. In consequent  LEDs a natural fit for refrigerated display cases, freezers and cold storage spaces without any hesitation. In addition to that outdoor applications such as the parking lot, building perimeter and signage. As per DOE testing of an LED refrigerated case light measured 5 percent higher efficacy of light source in lumens per-watt at 5 degree Celsius, compared to operation at 25 degree Celsius.

Instant On

It is generally found that most fluorescent and HID lamps do not provide full brightness the moment the switch is on, even they require three or more to reach maximum light output. Whereas LED lights bulbs turn on instantly with hundred percent brightness even in the cold weather condition without re strike delay. Customers can enjoy more benefit using the brightest outdoor LED light bulbs anytime, anywhere. For example: there are offices where employees enter early in the morning when it is still dark outside. Now if the office is equipt or surrounded with LEDs then they don’t have to wait for the lights to turn on.

Rapid Cycling and flashing display

Typical traditional light sources tending to have a shorter lifespan for time and again switched on and off. On the other hand, the LED outdoor light bulbs are surely unaffected by rapid cycling or frequently switched on and off. Moreover, the majority LEDs, even cold weather LED lights bulbs have flashing light displays and this capability makes LEDs well suited for use with occupancy or daylight sensors.

Control ability

One of the important advantages of LEDs that offer you in-made control ability, which makes it easier to use this lighting system comfortably. Inherently LEDs have semiconductor devices compatible with controls and there are some LEDs can even be dimmed to 10 percent of light output while most of the fluorescent lights only reach about 30 percent of full brightness with offering continuous opposed to step level dimming, that means, the shift from 100 to 10 percent light output is smooth and faultless not tiered. On the other hand, to get this benefit, you have to spend an extra amount of money to buy a dimmable commercial fluorescent lighting system, which is not worthy.

Endurable in cold weather

Since the Cold weather LED lights usually are installed in freezing temperatures, naturally it manufactured a more durable design and long lifespan and made the perfect choice for outdoor lighting. Importantly LED outdoor lights bulbs are used in various places in different needs as motion sensor security lights, signage lights or lights for unheated outdoor shops, where you use as per needs there is no question about its durability. They turn instantly and last upwards 15 to 20 years depending on usage. 

Traditional lighting is usually contained in a glass or quarts in exterior, which may be susceptible to damage, but LEDs tend not to use any glass, instead they are mounted on a circuit board and connected with soldered leads that might be vulnerable to direct impact but no more so than mobile phones and similar small electronic device. LEDs are such a qualitative product that without filaments or glass enclosure, LEDs bulbs for freezing conditions outside are breakage resistant and largely protect-able to vibrations and other impacts.

Brighter of Lighting

In the winter months the environment is usually gloomy and depressed weather Conditions especially in western countries,  the users can enjoy clearer visibility and brighter emissions with LEDs and also ideal for darker and extreme weather conditions. As discussed before LEDs require a very small amount of power for producing brighter light and best option for intense lighting outdoor areas in freezing weather.

Others benefit

pursuing advanced scientific method and technology LEDs are manufactured with more improvements on the horizon resulting in reliability and for low cost LEDs increasing reputation day by day. Because LEDs are sustainable, provide a variety of lucrative guaranteed colors, intelligent sensors and control, environment friendly, more secured. Moreover, LEDs emit virtually no infrared (IR) or radiated heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV), which burn hazard to people and materials and ensure safety. 

Buying Guide for choosing an outdoor bulb for cold weather

Know the quality of the light

LEDs don’t compromise with the quality. These bulbs are made with durable qualitative plastic materials and other related spars, resulting LEDs are more durable and can adequately manage a sudden change in temperature than a typical CFL glass bulb. LEDs don’t burn out or fail unlike incandescent light bulbs. Due to cold weather LED lights are manufactured maintaining highest quality. Prior to considering buying you need to find out whether the color temperature is right for your space. Majority of the bulbs produce light cool white, which is higher than 5000K, daylight about 5000K and warm white about 3000K.

Know the energy efficiency

Generally, LED lights are energy efficient as they use 50 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen options, resulting in substantial energy cost savings with long lifespan. But efficiency levels cold vary with different products. Feature of LEDs not like the conventional bulbs, it is an aim light in a specific direction, which emits light and heat in all directions and capability of directional lighting reduces wasted light and energy. To make sure, read the production manual and reviews on the energy savings of each option before deciding to buy.  

Know the lifespan

The expected lifespan of LED bulbs are measured in hours and very reasonably could last for between 30,000 – 50,000 hours or even longer, whereas a typical incandescent bulb lasts only about 1,000 hours and comparable CFL lasts 8,000 – 10,000 hours. Notwithstanding, various categories of LEDs specially cold weather LED lights have a long lifespan and can reduce labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial situations, achieving a lower maintenance lighting system for using quality raw materials. 

Know the Installation

It is imperative to know what sort of sockets usually you have and the bulbs you bought are a fit for them. The suggested sockets might be E26, E27 and A19 etc. are to fit for them. If you carefully readout the product manual, sometimes you may confuse as typically contain this detail. Therefore, you can also speak with your electrician if you are not acquainted with the various socket forms. 

Know after sales service

There are various eye-catching products of lighting with different many other companies in the marketplace and display centers and you may be easily influenced and attracted by those products, it is not unusual that you can bring the lights that don’t work as they ought to. No other way you should need to replace or get your money back if this happens. Then verify that the product you are buying has an Authentic Replacement guarantee and longer term warranty that you can take advantage of if you ever have to do so.

Sum up with Final words

In this Article we reviewed all about which lights will be the best outdoor light bulbs for cold weather, which included not only for Light emitting diodes (LEDs) but the other popular Light bulbs available at the marketplace. As per reviews and studies, features about LEDs paralleled with others Light Bulbs elaborately discussed in separate to draw your kind concentration. Now judgement is yours with all the liberty, which one you consider to emphasize on the product is your priority. 

Finally, it’s true LED lamps are an incredibly beneficial light source that you should be considering for home and property, especially cold weather LED lights as the freezing winter months. Most notably LEDs are extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance requirement and safety.

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