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Best light for studying-Buying Guide and Review

Best light for studying-Buying Guide and Review

There is a saying, the more you read, the more you know. Actually, studying enriched knowledge. But concentrated study needs a calm and quiet environment, which is possible in night time reading with suitable high level of lights. Therefore, the best light for studying is an important factor of book loving people. Also the person who is keenly concentrated in study, who will enjoy favorable best light catering to studying tests and undoubtedly get benefit from synergy effect. 

Universal notion conceived the best light for studying is natural light for which a well-lit room with big windows is favorable for reading. Nevertheless we can see millions of lamps on the market with various categories, from which you can choose the best one for making yourself easy to study. But you may be confused when you consider buying the best one.This article will help you solve the problem of how to choose.

Why is good light important for studying?

The importance of studying Light is very simple. Also the color of light for reading is very important. light helps how comfortably the readers can read  or study  without workload and not getting tired in night time. People usually face a lot of problems during the time of reading specially for old aged readers while reading newspapers and books. There are some books, where the font size is very small like 6 – 8 points, which is very difficult to properly see without bright lighting. In many houses the light in the rooms is not so enough to read or study comfortably. So there is no alternative but to fix up the proper light for studying. 

However, proper lighting for study in the room is very essential, as lack of light greatly affects productivity. As per review  productivity and the hours of study you are able to spend there will depend on how tired your eyes are and obviously getting tired faster in weak light. If the light comes from only one direction to avoid shadows, which is not good every time, even then placing the desk in front of the window with direct sunshine is quite a wrong idea and natural light is not always a good option.  Quite a lot with light and color temperature to get you started fresh and energized even if no natural light is available. Human psychology is, if anyone wants to start the day with bright white light, they are able to improve their work and study efficiently.  

10 best lights for Studying-Review

Without any further delay let’s hit it with the top 10 best lights for studying which are reviewed by our efficient team of led lights house. 

 Lampat LED Desk Lamp

LAMPAT’s lamps include 5 dimmable rates and 4 lighting modes to offer essentially natural light to improve eye protection and attractiveness. You may experience a continuous service with a USB Charging port. The designed 1-hour auto-off guarantees effective power usage. It’s a super-reliable, long-lasting LED bulb with beautiful designs.

studying lamp

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  • Offers energy safe operation
  • Glare-free screen protect the eyes
  • Very strong and eye compatible light
  • 4 lighting modes
  • USB charging port
  • Slow 1A port on charging

TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp

Built-in USB port & great mobile charging for iPhone & Android smart phones. Long and flexible neck which is a perfect space saver. Hot, trendy white, contemporary styling with dimmable touch brightness. 3 stage dimmer from job to ambient light, Nichia high performance LED which makes better lasting, energy saving up to 65 percent, using less than 3 watts.

best light for study
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  • Has built-in USB outlet port
  • Adjustable neck
  • Simple and trendy, modern white style
  • Touch dimmable brightness feature
  • High efficiency LED
  • Longest lasting
  • Poor packaging
  • Lamp felt so warm after 15 minutes

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light

Newhouse Lighting LED Clip on Light is a state-of-the-art, versatile and lightweight gooseneck wire, 6-foot power cord and useful on / off switch providing perfect light at any point. LED offers clear, dry white LED light with 350 Lumens and 3000K. Energy-saving LED lamps have effective natural warm illumination that does not flicker, and an illuminated diffuser prevents the eye strained.

light for study
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  • High-grade LEDs
  • Designed with Modern style
  • Provide Warm Light
  • Long lasting capability
  • Good clamping allows for better flexibility
  • Strong and efficient
  • Plastic switch could be better
  • Not suitable for some configuration

Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Basic Desk Lamp

Simple Design Desk Lamp is a simple, low-cost and efficient desk lamp to fulfill your specific lighting requirements. It has a black metal frame and cover, a lightweight shoulder neck and an ON / OFF option at the bottom. Good for the classroom, children’s space or college dormitory. Painted with black metal color. 

best light for studying
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  • Low cost
  • Simple design
  • Flexible hose neck
  • Light weight
  • Metal base
  • Neck could have been better
  • Very short necked lamp

Globe Electric Architect Swing-Arm Clamp-On Lamp

Globe Electric Lamp has a spring loaded arm which can be conveniently changed to focus the light wherever you need it. There is a metal clamp by which this lamp can be placed wherever you need the light. It has a 6 foot cord that allows you the capacity to cover any place you like. ON / OFF switch conveniently placed on the lampshade head for simple and easy operation. The architectural design brings a retro elegance to your room, bendable arm and revolving foundation, mounts anywhere with its c-clamp, sturdy metal construction for longevity, offering a wide lighting area that fits various needs.

best light for studying
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  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Included Medium Base A19 10W LED Bulb
  • Extra large cord
  • Changeable mounting option
  • Spring loaded arm
  • C-clamp built quality could have been better.
  • The screw is too small for the hole.

Limelights Gooseneck Desk Lamp

This cool organizer desk lamp of Limelights with iPad stand matches elegance and versatility. It’s perfectly finished and comes designed to keep in a desk organizer all of the necessary things required. The versatile goose neck chrome lets you aim the light precisely where it’s wanted. For ease the ON / OFF toggle switch is placed at the base. The package contains 8 storage compartments for pens, pencils, paper clips and so on. It also has a spot to rest for quick browsing on your iPad, book or notebook. Great for school, children’s space or college dormitories.

study lights
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  • Chrome goose neck
  • 8 compartments for storing
  • Stand for iPad or book
  • Flip ON/OFF switch for convenience
  • Stylish oval shape
  • Portable, Elegance, Beautiful
  • Low heat bulb required or less the plastic material will melt
  • Fire hazard

JOLY JOY Swing Arm Desk lamp

Architect model with lightweight swing arms and conveniently placed swiveled shade for concentrated, directed lighting. Wide 40″ long is capable of illuminating the whole desk floor, display and other items. Flicker-free still illumination holds shadows, halos and disturbing glares hidden. Step less dimming & color customizable temperatures make it ideal for any purpose, such as reading, working, gaming, painting, hobbies, crafts etc.

lighting for study
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  • Desk lamp with long swing arm
  • Eye-Care LED
  • Adjustable Light
  • Spacing Saving Clamp
  • Energy-Saving LED Lamp
  • Premium aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy material
  • There’s no brightener/dimmer
  • The touch controls are pretty useless

NovoLido LED Desk Lamp for studying

This eye-protection Led desk lamp with USB charging port offers 2 color modes. Long press for power, it reaches the eternal state of light. You can pick your ideal illumination. The memory feature of the usb desk lamp will also automatically recall the brightness level of the last use for all light modes. The Versatile Metal Hose of this compact LED desk lamp can be twisted at any angle, enabling you to change your table lamp quickly and focus light anywhere you choose. It’s compact and lightweight, foldable and waterproof, which ensures you can take it comfortably everywhere you go. Suitable for school, bedroom and office reading.

studying light
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  • 2 Color Modes and Infinite Brightness
  • 360° Flexible Metal Hose
  • Rechargeable Large Capacity Li-on Battery
  • USB Charging Port
  • Pen Holder
  • Stepless Dimming
  • The lamp makes a terrible high-pitched ringing sound.
  • Not bright enough for a desk lamp but a good reading.


COZOO lamp is fitted with 3 USB charging hubs, connecting various gadgets such as laptops , computers, speakers, Echo dots, lights, portable batteries, battery bank chargers without a mess of cords and wires. The USB port works whether or not the light is on or off. With a compact 180 ° arm and a 90 ° base axis, comfortable and customizable, you can change the lamp to match your needs, even perfect for storage in a bookshelf, backpack, suitcase, etc. With 48 high-quality LED beads for smooth, steady and non-flickering emitted light, the illumination is nice to the eyes and you can experience whatever you’re doing for a long time.

Best light for studying-Buying Guide and Review 1
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  • Multiple Functions
  • 3 Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature
  • 3 Port Smart USB Charger
  • 2 Standard AC Outlets
  • Touch Dimmer Control
  • Eye Protection Fold-able Reading Light
  • The power cord isn’t very solid.
  • It’s extremely light.

Bostitch Office LED Desk Lamp

This goose neck desk lamp of Bostitch Office will do it all. One of the star features of this incomparable lamp is the built-in USB port for easy system charging. This desk lamp features a lightweight, silicone neck for fast placement of the light zone on any floor. If you’re using this lamp at home , in the workplace or in a conference room, the flexible collar makes for radiant lighting to let you see clearly from all angles. You get all the control at your fingertips with this easy-to-use, touch-sensitive power control light that changes colors with three brightness settings. Adjust your light configuration to suit your mood with a simple click of a switch. 

best led light for study
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  • Built-in USB port
  • Flexible, silicone neck
  • Easy-to-use
  • Cost efficient LEDs which last up to 25,000 hours
  • Power source provided by AC Adapter
  • Three brightness level
  • The base and head of the lamp is plastic.
  • The USB port is located at the back of the lamp, which might not be user friendly.

How to choose best light for studying

As we have discussed before, there are millions of lights for studying available in the marketplace. So you may be confused about which one is better for studying. That’s why we are going to enlighten your knowledge by providing some important tips, which help you buy what is the function of the best study lamps. When the things you know once then you will easily purchase the right one.   

However, there are some desk lamps, which provide ‘Task Lighting’ help you reading , writing, crafting, computer work and many more. The right desk lamps not only improve the show but create a pleasant atmosphere and facilitate a good study area. Therefore when consider to buying, keep in mind a good desk light should provide the following:

  • Clear bright light which can provide adequate lighting easy to work (reading, writing or sketching) underneath.
  • Moderate lighting focused beam with minimal glare for creating comfortable reading.
  • System of an adjustable design that can be positioned to accommodate a range of tasks.

How to choose studying light – A practical review


As per practical review, it is suggested that the best studying light should be 50 Lumens per square foot but it varies with different realities. For an example, the kids and the old aged will not be the same, they require different lumens output. It is experienced that the former just formulate their visual system and have clear eyesight in good condition, while the latter experience weathered eyes, thus making the two groups different luminance demands. 

As per review, impact exposure to the warm white light is about 3000K and the warm white light with lower lumens allows children to preserve their eye health to a great extent. When the old aged eyes are concerned, the lamp with higher lumens is necessary, which offers bright white light for studying.

Minimal shadows

Minimal shadow is an important feature of best light for studying. While considering buying study light, consult with the seller whether the lamp enforces glare and shadow. Because it is suggested that shine glare light or cast shadows should not be the best light for studying in a room. In addition, the light color of your study light should be similar to your background light. Exposing many shadows on your tables is difficult and uncomfortable to concentrate your eyes fully on study texts.  

However, while you are going to  purchase  a glare eliminating lamp, you need to be careful of its light color. It is advised to buy a lamp with a built-in glare filter or covering a wider lighting zone. 

Color temperature

There is  controversy which color is better for eyes whether soft white or warm yellow and the matter is yet to be unanimously resolved. The best light for studying depending on the choice, preference, habits and requirements may be different for the readers individually. When the better color is concerned does no matter as long as the lamp is bright enough for reading. 

Usually, natural color is required for comfortable reading or study and it makes sense that natural light from 3500K to 4000K is the best option to choose. 


There are different types of work on the table you may need like reading, drawing or designing etc. But every work requires different intensities of light, or it may have a couple of working areas in your desk space. So you are supposed to need flexibility of a desk lamp that can manipulate and angle of lighting. Therefore you look for adjust-ability light.

Working Area

Sometimes there are various kinds of desk areas, where the taller types of lamp can cover to light up. Prior to purchasing the light, you should work out how much space you need to illuminate and make sure the lamp has a stand with enough height. Depending on the working area of space, if you have a wide and huge desk then you will need a stall lamp and perhaps one with a long adjustable stand that can reach across the surface.

The On-Off Switch Position

The On-Off switch position is not at all less important, which can make your reading or study comfortable and easy. In order to turn your desk lamp on and off should be trouble free. There are a variety of lights for studying available in the marketplace. But good on-off switch options include pull chains, base switches, and touch operation lamps are the best light for studying.

The Right Amount of Light

There are many people now spending so much of their lives at desks staring at computer screens, eye strain is a real concern. As a matter of fact, if you get older  you need more light for studying, and LED bulbs are generally best for task lighting. Nowadays as per advanced scientific methods and technology LED bulbs at least 5-10 watts used for most desk work purposes

Frequent Ask Question

What is the best color for studying?

In accordance with current studies, color is sometimes psychological in human sense and emotion. Therefore, the method which useful colors reflect in the human brain that improves study performance is by increasing alertness and neural activity through provocation. So the most suitable colors are red, orange and yellow for studying. Surprisingly people thought a calm green would be the perfect color for the reading room, but it appears that intensity of brightness is much more motivational.

Is white or yellow light better for studying?

In fact yellow light is normally accepted like natural color as it is very closest to sunlight. In addition to that it’s the smallest amount of lighting, which is sensitive to the eyes and may make you relax and feel sleepy. Thus, as per several researches yellow the best color light for reading at night, when you want to fall asleep. Yellow light is definitely preferable for bedrooms at the same time as study and then sleeping.

On the other hand, white color is such a color lighting, which could help you to focus on reading or studying and as well as work in an office or factory wherever you need. Even white color light has more energy for making us vigorous and concentrated. But at the end of the day it might make you feel irritated or tired. Our sincere opinion is that warm white is still  the best for studying, healthy, but not too relaxing at all.

Which type of light is best for studying?

We discussed in this article that natural lighting (sunshine) is the best type of light for the study room and it’s absolutely free, not any cost effective. Moreover, natural light has not only a positive impact on mood and especially on eyes, rather it helps minimize the stress on your eyes while reading, writing and sketching etc. It is suggested by environmentalists, if you have a wider window in your room or elsewhere take initiative your reading table or desk in close proximity to it. 

As we suggested through this article, you obviously should avoid studying in dim light and we have a few more in reviewed information to share with you. 

You may consider buying a bulb that is brighter with a cooler white to natural daylight range is best for reading and study, which is the equivalent of 4000K to 6500K. This need to know white light releases certain chemicals in our body to make us alternative compared to yellow light. 

Finally, this is to inform you the A group of young Korean researchers have stated  in their discovery that 6500K color temperature is optimal for academic performance and inspires psychological alertness. Besides, 3500K light is beneficial for relaxing.

Are LED lights good for studying?

We have elaborated in our different articles LED lights have quite some advantages over traditional bulbs. Also it is discussed manifold characteristics including better energy efficiency as 50% savings and climate immpact, long life as 20000 to 50000 hours and are strong as no filament or glass to break. 

Obviously LED is better to study in the dark or light. LEDs commonly, 200 lumens of white, which is natural or artificial light and activate the release of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleeping and wakefulness too. Intensity of LEDs are above traditional bulbs very excellent for reading and studying.  Unlike other traditional bulbs, LED emitting devices and the best lamps for reading commonly contain built-in protecting safeguards.

Is night mode bad for eyes?

According to the clinical adviser, college of optometrists, the new IOS is described as ‘dark or night mode’ easier on the eyes, but it’s important to know that there is no evidence that screen use causes harm or damage to the eyes. In addition to that a little published and weak evidence available to say, using ‘night mode’ may be helpful in reducing screen brightness and improving screen contrast. 

Notwithstanding, on whether or not “night mode” is better for reducing eye strain, however we can confirm a few things:

  1. Night mode or dark mode could be reduced eye strain in low light conditions.
  2. White on a black background (100% contrast) could be harder to read and cause more eye damage or strain.
  3. A light on dark theme could be harder to read long chunks of text  for regular readers.

In accordance with review, we recommend using theme or night mode when you are in low light or when you don’t plan to read for long periods of time. Occasional or regular readers sometimes read for a short time and stick to light mode. Although black text is trouble free to read, it might be a good idea to try a gray background and control your screen’s brightness.  

Final words 

Reading lovers or the students are able to choose the best light for studying  that would not only help to reduce eye fatigue but also get twice the result with effortless reading. An excellent design of the best desk lamp for studying is enhanced decor of your room as well as helping your reading. As recommended in this Article you should focus on buying lighting that is 4000K to 6500K range is able to be deemed. If intend to buy it is also suggested to choose a well-designed lamp, which would meet up your test of pleasant decoration, economy for long lifespan and protect your eyes from unnecessary damage.

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