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The best LED Rope Lights 2022

Commercial Quality Led Strip Lights are now trendy products in the market. To decorate the restaurant, bar, pub, hotel, offices, or any entertaining place, LED commercial strip lights are the best customer choice for lighting. Even you can install it at your home outside like a pool area, rooftop, garden, etc. Also, there are so many ways to use these led rope lights.

There are lots of Commercial grades led strip lights or led rope lights in the market. Among them, it will be difficult to choose the best one for you. No worries. We are here to help you to get the best led rope bulb lights.

We spent hours exploring multiple trusted sites for comments, reviews, and specifications of each unit to put together this guide. And as a result, we have compiled five of the best led rope lights.

5 Best LED Rope Lights Reviews 2021

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Here comes the list of top 5 best LED Commercial strip lights and best led rope lights.

1. JUNWEN LED Rope Lights- Best LED Strip Lights

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎9.76 x 8.27 x 2.72 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎3.34 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: JUNWEN

To start the list is the Junwen brand LED Rope bulb Lights. Currently, it has a rating of 4.6 out of five stars with 111 customer ratings. It is a high Quality LED Rope light for outdoors. To decorate your Outdoor like pool area, Hence, stairs, deck etc. it can be your best choice.

Junwen Brand LED Rope lights are coming with a cable plug built-in with two fuses in it. It will be automatically switched off during the short circuit. So these LED Rope bulb lights are more safe and reliable. It has a lifespan of 50000 hrs. and also energy saving.

They are made of transparent and heavy PVC rope. These ropes are also lightweight and have strong flexibility. These LED rope lights are heat proof and UV resistant, which can be directly used outdoors.

As these lights are very flexible, you can easily make any shapes or style with it. These LED ropes can be cut without damaging the rest part. By using a connector which is included with the package, you can link multiple kits together.

The package of Junwen LED rope lights includes 1 PC of 12 m LED rope light, 1 PC of 110 v 8 A cable plug, 1 PC of super waterproof glue, 1 PC of connector, 13 pecs of cable zip tie, PCs of mounting fixing clip, 2 PC of small end cap and 1 PC big end cap.


  • Length: 39ft/12m
  • Color: RGYB
  • LED’s Quantity: 432 PECS
  • Working Voltage: 110 V AC
  • Wattage: 66 W
  • Weight: 4 KG
  • Light Output (Lumen): 1136LMLifetime: 50,000+ hours
  • Waterproof Rate: Yes (IP 65)

Lastly, it comes with very sturdy construction and lights up very brightly. Moreover, for your better decision as a best led rope lights you can check out the Customer reviews on amazon.

2. Patiomore LED Rope Lights- Best Outside Rope Lights

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎7.52 x 7.48 x 1.89 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎1.08 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: T&P Designs

If you are looking to decorate your Commercial space, then you can opt for this giant Patiomore LED Rope Lights. Its length is 150 ft.

Patiomore LED Rope Lights to allow you to decorate the whole house, pool, yard, fence, and even lawn as it is providing enough length of 150 ft. The motive of the manufacturer of patiomore LED Rope Light is to allow you to use it for many years without purchasing it every time you need it.

The bright effects of these LED rope lights are beyond imagination. To bring the perfect brightness of these LED rope lights, they use 360 light bulbs every 50 meters. These LED rope lights can be cut after each meter. But you have to keep in mind that you can cut it only once.

These LED rope lights are made of very durable materials which avoid damages. By using incredibly flexible crystal clear PVC tubing, it can be bent into any shape easily. Patiomore LED rope lights are also heat-resistant, anti UV, energy-saving and connectable.

These LED rope lights are ideal for both indoor & outdoor decorations. With these LED rope lights for outdoors, you can create figures or building signs which you can use in the ceilings, staircases, driveways, galleries, clubs and parties.


  • Length: 150Ft
  • Tube Diameter: 3/8″
  • LED Quantity: 360
  • Rated Lifespan: 50000h
  • Power Consumption: 27W-32.4W
  • Voltage: 110V


  1. Crystal Clear PVC Tubing.
  2. Can easily bend into different shapes.
  3. Energy-Saving and Long Life Lighting.
  4. UL Listed Certified.
  5. High Flexibility, Temperature Sustainability, and UV Resistance.

At last, these 150 ft 2-wire LED rope lights have 360 original light bulb per 50 meters, which, beyond imagination, will create brilliant results. Flexible, crystal clear PVC tubing can be quickly twisted into any shape and 150 ft in length is adequate to decorate the entire house, pool, yard, fence and even the garden.

Lifespan of 50000 + hours is sufficient to satisfy the long-term needs. The markings on every meter of thickness, making it easy to cut our commodity to any level. So it can be another of the best LED rope lights for you. You can also check the customer reviews on amazon about this product.

3. CBConcept 120 volt LED Strip Lights

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎12.1 x 12 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎8.49 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: CBconcept
  • Item Model Number: 120VSMD3528-30.5M-WW4000K

If you love the lighting, then you will fall in with this CBConcept 120 volt Best LED Strip Lights. To make your commercial space more attractive, you can choose this one as the best outdoor led strip lights. You can use it for backlighting for signs, walls and windows.

Also, it can be your landscape lighting and highlighting. Moreover, as a commercial building perimeter highlighting, it will be very attractive. If you want to decorate your bar, you can interior your liquor bar, wine cellar and display lighting by this LED commercial Strip Lights.

Each kit of CBConcept comes with 1 x Pre installed 3’ Standard Power Cord and Power Connector. It also includes 1 x Pre-Installed End Cap and 2 Mounting Clips each 3.3ft.

These strips of light usually have SMD3528 LEDs per 3.3ft and 1.46 watts per ft. Its standard output is sufficient for most of the indoor application with its size of 0.45-inch width x 0.28 inch of thickness. These commercial strip lights can be cut after every 19.69 inch, which can be very useful to decorate.

CBConcept Quality LED strip lights are very cool to touch as they are so flexible and easy to install. These strip lights can be plugged directly into house power output because of its 120 voltage. For safety, it has a built-in fuse plug for electricity protection and, for that, no transformer is needed.

It also has 12 volts and 120 volt SMD Rope light, which are both energy efficient. For 12 volt the advantage is it consumes less electricity but will provide high brightness and flexibility to use in many applications. But the problem is it might be needing a transformer and the maximum length would be only 16’.

For 120 volts, the advantages are it can plug directly into the power outlet and will provide you with high brightness. It has a thicker profile for long-lasting durability and flexibility as well.

The strip lights of CBConcept also provide some additional accessories such as Power Connector, Power Cords, Mounting Track, Mounting Clip, End Cap, Sealant, Female to Female Extension, I Shape/ L Shape and T Shape Connector.

4. Ainfox LED Rope Lights

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎10.2 x 10.16 x 7.05 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎‎11.09 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: ‎Ainfox
  • Material: ‎Plastic

Another decent quality LED Rope Light is from Ainfox Brand LED Rope Lights which is particularly designed for any commercial or any business center. If you want to make your stairways, railings, ceilings of your bar, restaurant, club, pub and desks, floor, ceilings of your office or commercial spaces more attractive, than it will be the best LED Rope Lights for you.

Ainfox LED Rope Lights are ideal for decorating the house and the workplace for every kind of special occasion or freshening up. The LED rope lights are mounted in highly flexible PVC tubing capable of contouring any angle and molding it into any shape.

With the included power connectors, the colors can be switched and changed to different colors. These LED rope lights are great for decorating stairways, railings, ceilings, desks, windows, boats, clubs, parties, galleries, and special holidays.

These LED rope lights of Ainfox are coming along with 150 ft of length and it contains a total of 1080 bulbs. The diameter of a very flexible tube is 10mm and 50000h of lifespan.

This LED Rope Lights are super bright with low temperature and consume less energy. The working temperature of these LED rope lights is -20 degrees to 60 degrees celsius.

The whole package of Ainfox LED Rope includes some very important accessories like 3 x Power Cord with Connector, 3 x End Caps, and 45 x Clip.

The installation of these LED rope lights outdoors is very easy and sound. You can plug it directly into the household power outlet. Connectors allow you to expand or connect to a continuous series of different colored LED ropes. The LED strip can be cut between each LED without compromising the remaining strip.


  • Weight: 10.93 pounds
  • Dimension: 11.7 x 11.5 x 5 inches
  • Style: Art Deco
  • Shape: Tube
  • Material: Plastic
  • Number of Lights: 1620
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Shade Material: Plastic
  • Light Direction: Up/Down Light
  • Power Source: Wired Electric
  • Batteries: No
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Wattage: 48.6 watts

Ainfox LED rope lights are really well made. The connectors are so solid and there are several extra power cords, so any leftovers can be used elsewhere. As it can be moulded into any shape or figure, it is very useful for people who want to decorate in their own ways. Just check the customer’s review on Amazon.

5. Shinelee 98.4 Feet Flat Flexible LED Rope Lights

Product Specification:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎10 x 10 x 7 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎11.38 pounds
  • The Manufacturer: STARSHINE


Another Affordable best LED Rope light is Shinelee LED Rope Lights. Shinelee lightweight LED rope lights to come with 5050 SMD LEDs of high quality, high intensity, and reliability. It can last for up to 50,000 + hours.

There are four layers of copper on the PVC to improve conductivity. The remote control of these LED lights comes with integrated wall control and short circuit safety. The power supply ensures safety for both adults and children.

Shinelee LED lights are very safe and multi-fashionable. The LED tape of it changes color and speed. It has not only RGB (white, yellow, blue),16 static color options, but there are also 16 million colors and dozens of light-changing modes with the app. By using the application, it can create outstanding LED scene lighting.

These LED lights are so easy to install and use. If anyone wants to cut the LED rope lights according to the space they want to cover, it can be cut between every 60 LEDs. But for the kind of information, it can be cut once. It’s good to be installed on any dry or flat surface.

The LED lights of Shinelee’s are waterproof. These Smart LED lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. For commercial purposes like clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, offices, etc. you can choose commercial strip lights. Shinelee Smart LED lights are coming in six different sizes: 10 meters,15 meters, 20 meters,30 meters, 40, and 50 meters.


  • Power consumption: 13.2W/M
  • Voltage: AC110V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Light Source: 60pcs RGB3IN1 SMD5050 per meter
  • Light Color: Multicolor
  • PCB Color: White
  • Control Mode: RF remote,Bluetooth and APP
  • IP degree: IP65 Waterproof
  • Lifespan: 50000 hours
  • Working Temperature: -20 ℃~ 60℃
  • Material: PVC and Copper
  • Beam angle: 120 degree
  • Warranty: 1 Years
  • Battery type: 2PCS*Triple A batteries
  • Battery included: No


  • Don’t light up when striping unopened packaging or while strip winding, otherwise the strip will be damaged by internal heat.
  • The soft strip only can be used after all seals are fixed.
  • Strong glue should be used in connection locations between two soft strips.

Shinelee Quality LED Strip lights are very sturdy and come with screws, which will help for installation, and of course, waterproof. These Smart lights can be used or controlled by phone/bluetooth as well, because to some point if someone loses it, it can be used by cell phone and anyone would definitely prefer these types of lights because they have more LEDs per strip.

Frequently asked Questions:

How long do LED Rope Lights last?

Lead rope lights are usually valued at 100,000 hours, while comparable incandescent rope light is valued at 25,000 hours.

Do LED rope lights get hot?

Generally speaking, LED rope lights to produce heat, but when properly installed, they will be “cool to the touch,” bulb rope lights become very hot, and should not be used where they can be touched or rubbed against, which can accidentally cause burns.

Are LED rope lights safe?

Yes, it just isn’t healthy. The LED will last for 11 years, but products like rope plastics don’t last long. Necessary quotation. I haven’t seen any LED rope lighting protection problems or instructions to uninstall them after any amount of hours of dimmer operation.

Can rope lights start a fire?

If you are using Lead rope lights in a high humidity outdoor setting, then there is a greater probability that the rope light may pose a source of fire for a long period of time. Also, test and repair the wiring of your LED rope lights if needed.

How do you hang rope lights on a fence?

First, insert the lights into the socket or extension cord and position the first lamp to test the distance next to the mounting hardware. Then unplug the lights to hang the remainder of the string with no attached electricity. Act your way up the fence, putting the lights on the supports.

Bottom Line:

Rope lights are flexible lighting items that help to improve the nighttime appearance of your location. They’re great for holidays, gatherings, conferences, marriages, and casual get-togethers.

But the problem is there are thousands of options in the market and it will obviously confuse you to find out the best choice for you. That is why we are presenting you the top Best LED Rope Lights by our efficient team of LED LIGHTS HOUSE.


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