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10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review

If you think to decorate your small premises with lighting, LED shop lights are great lighting options for lighting a small work area or workbench. 8 foot LED shop lights are the new LED version of fluorescent shop lights.

8 feet Shop lights are commonly used in small garages and workshops.  These lights are simple but cost-effective lighting fixtures are needed to illuminate a small area such as a tabletop or workbench.

LED shop lights have longer lifetimes and higher efficiency than their fluorescent counterparts. but for the most part adopted the same linear fluorescent form factor and are typically available in 4-8ft lengths using a very similar fixture style.

There are lots of 8 foot led shop lights in the marketplace. Among them we will review for you some of the best 8 foot LED shop lights.

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop Lights Review

1. Barrina T8 T10 T12 8ft LED Light Tube

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 1Brightest 8ft led shop lights
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At the very beginning of our list we have Barrina 8ft LED Light Tube. This LED shop light is made of aluminium for high quality service. With just 44 watts, it produces a brilliant 4500 lumens. Even this light is capable of saving 65% of your electricity bills. 

To ensure durability and effective heat dissipation, the Barrina 8FT LED Light Tube uses high-grade SMD chips and modules. It offers illumination that is much lighter, less expensive, and healthier than traditional fluorescent lighting. 

Anti-glare eye safety with a frosted shield. There are no buzzing ballasts, no flashing lights, no mercury or toxic chemicals, and no ultraviolet or infrared radiation. 

Many popular fixtures are equipped with these frosted LED tube lights. Fluorescent replacement is simple—a ballast bypass (direct wire) installation is all that’s needed. 6500K ultra clear white to add a new and bright feel to the environment.

  • Aluminum body
  • High quality performance
  • No flickering
  • 4500 lumens
  • Easy installation
  • Flimsy but bright

2. SHOPLED 8FT LED Shop Light Fixture

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 28 foot led shop lights bulbs
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We have got a SHOPLED 8ft LED shop light fixture in the second position of our list. This product is scientifically designed as it has double row 384pcs LED chips in it. As compared to standard tube lights, this one can provide you with a larger spectrum of illumination. Ensure that all of the space’s darkest corners can reach quite well. 

With seamless connections or connector cable, this 8FT LED Shop Light Fixture can be attached one by one. Through replacing 150W fluorescent bulbs, you could save 57% on your energy bill. 

This LED Shop Light Tube comes with a self-contained fixture that you can easily plug in and use. You can put it anywhere you like on the wall or ceiling. This 8FT LED light bulb is ideal for lighting systems in the garage, storage room, workbench, basement, bedroom, under cabinet, and office. 

  • Scientifically designed
  • 384pcs of LED chips
  • V-shape
  • Easy installation
  • Wide application
  • Mounting clips are bit flimsy

3. Hykolity’s 8ft LED shop lights

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 38 foot led shop lights
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At number three of our list we have Hykolity’s 8ft LED shop lights. This 8ft LED shop lights produce 10000 lumens of lighting by using just 80W, which is equivalent to 4 pcs 40W 4ft fluorescent tubes, resulting in a 75 percent energy savings.

Hykolity’s 8ft LED strip lights with a V-shape layout have a large 270 degree beam angle, and double row LED chips give sufficient light to illuminate any dark corner of your room.

These 8-foot LED tube lights are plug-and-play. The light fixtures are designed to be linked together in a sequence of up to 5 pcs using a seamless connector or 24 inch extension cable, saving you a lot of money and time on assembly and wiring.

These ETL qualified 8ft led light fixtures are professional grade standard, making them ideal for factory, retail store, classroom, residential lighting, and industrial lighting.

  • Energy Saving
  • Super Bright
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Application
  • Long life-span
  • Hanging brackets are not included

4. GAYUSAN 8Ft LED Shop Light

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 4best 8 foot led shop lights
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At number four we have GAYUSAN 8ft LED shop light. This 8ft LED light is designed scientifically. The V-shaped LED chip provides 270° lighting with no light wastage on the ceiling. Simply hang it up with the supplied snap joints and plug it in to turn it on.

This LED light fixture with a flat aluminum strip design can be placed to ceilings or walls (using the provided clips) and then attached to power cables. These LED shop light fixtures are extremely light and can be installed anywhere.

It has more than 10000 lumens production and low power consumption of 90 watts, which can save you 60% on your electricity bill. The 8 ft 90W led shop light is an excellent choice for lighting garages. It is also widely found in warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, grocery stores, petrol stations, bars, and hotels. 

  • Scientific design
  • Easy installation
  • Wide application
  • Very bright
  • Energy Efficient
  • Only 2 power cords are provided with the package

5. BSK.BESTKA 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 58 foot led shop light conversion kit
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BSK.BESTKA 8ft LED Shop Light is also one of the popular lighting fixtures in the market. This 92W T8 integrated LED shop light 8ft has a high performance of 13000 lumens, equal to 150 watts, and a long lifetime of 50,000 hours, saving you 52% on your power bill right away. 

Simply use the supplied snap joints to hang it up and plug it in to switching it on. This 8-foot LED light fixture comes with both the lamp and the fixture and operates on AC100-305V.  

With the given connectors or connector cables, you can attach up to four of these 8ft led light tubes. With the supplied 48-inch connecting cables or small adapter, you can attach up to four lights together, saving money and time during construction.

This lighting fixture is ideal for garages, workstations, basements, homes, barns, offices, stations, attics, workshops, general lighting, and show areas.

  • 13,000 lumens
  • High quality performance
  • Easy installation
  • Extendable design
  • Instant on and no flickering problem
  • No filter to stop interference with stereo receiver

6. AntLux 8ft LED Ultra Slim Shop Lights

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 68 foot linkable led shop lights
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These 8-foot LED strip lights of  AntLux produce 12600 lumens at 110 watts and are extremely effective. Instant energy savings by up to 70% on your power bill. It will run for 50,000 hours without needing to be serviced.

These ETL-certified LED wraparound lights are 8 feet long. Rugged aluminum is used, and it evaporates heat well. To ensure a long lifetime and consistent results, protect LED chips and drivers.

Eye care design with a soft, non-glare surface. The ultra-slim style adds elegance to your room. There is 180° of light shining from both directions, and there is no insufficient illumination. Every fixture contains two 8-foot LED strips. There is no requirement for additional lighting. It can be installed individually or in a continuous loop by its linkable architecture.

These 8ft led light fixtures are ideal for warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, garages, offices, basements, workbenches, laundry rooms, storage rooms, barns, machinery rooms, and car shops, as well as replacing fluorescent light fixtures.

  • Super bright
  • Long lasting
  • Eye care design
  • Easy installation
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Some people complained about the packaging

7. TRLIFE 8ft LED Shop Light

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 7brightest 8ft led shop lights
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TRLIFE 8ft LED shop light with transparent cover, 120lm/watt highly effective performance, provide the right lighting for you. It has a V-shaped dual row LED chip and 270° beam angle allows you wider angle illumination to cover most part of the room. 

Instead of conventional fluorescent tube lamps, these lamps are simple to install. Anything you need is included with the package, and the led tube lights can be attached using the connectors included.

The 8ft LED lights are often used in general lighting in shops, garages, storage areas, basements, homes, warehouses, and offices.

  • LED tube light with T8 integrated
  • V shape
  • 270° beam angle
  • Easy installation
  • Highly efficient
  • The mounting brackets could have been better

8. JESLED 8ft LED Shop Light

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 8led shop light conversion
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Here comes another popular brand for 8ft LED shop light known as JESLED. With three rows of 8ft led strip lights, this 90w 8ft LED garage ceiling light offers 300 degree illumination, which is around 50% brighter than flat form shop led lights and 30% brighter than v shape 8 foot led shop light. 

This D-shape LED commercial light 8ft has a power capacity of 90 watts and a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which can save you 59% on your electricity bill. This integrated T8 8ft led light tube comes with both bulb and fixture to operate between 100 and 305 volts. You can also link up to four (4) 8-foot LED shop light fixtures together, which are flush mounted, extendable, and plug and play.

When the switch is turned, this 8 ft LED bay lighting lights up instantly. There’s no need to wait for old fluorescent tubes to “warm up” or turn completely on! There is no flashing light, which is good for our eyes.

  • Patented design
  • Super bright
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • No delay or flashing
  • Very tight fit

9. FaithSail 8 Foot LED Fixtures

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 98 foot led lights
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This 8ft LED shop light of FaithSail is ideal for any industrial or commercial environment. Our 8ft LED shop lights offer more illumination, are less expensive, and provide a cleaner alternative to conventional fluorescent tubes.

The plug-in power cord design of the 8-foot led fixture makes it simple to attach. Using the plug, connect the led lights end to end. No additional wiring is needed. The led fixture can be operated independently due to the built chain switch. 

It’s extremely light. This 8ft LED shop light comes with 12000 lumens at 5000K cool white, offering a high level of lighting while conserving energy and lowering the electric bill.

The light is more consistent, low glare, and decay-resistant due to a special cover with strips style. Long lifetime (more than 50,000 hours) and stability are ensured by high-quality chips.

  • Super bright
  • Linkability
  • Simple installation
  • Good performance
  • Wide application
  • The packaging needs to be improved

10. Bbounder 8FT LED Shop Light

10 Best 8 Foot LED Shop lights Review 108 foot Linkable LED shop lights
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Last but not the least we have Bbounder 8ft LED shop light. This 8-foot led light fixture produces 8400 lumens at 72 watts and emits 5000K daylight to illuminate the entire room. 

For a simple and easy configuration, follow the installation guide, the package also includes mounting hardwares. For instant bright illumination in your garages, basements, sheds, and storage areas, mount directly to the ceiling or hang from the ceiling.

Both residential and industrial lighting will benefit from the 8ft LED Linear shop lamp. It’s ideal for use in offices, workbenches, kitchens, basements, garages, hallways, classrooms, laundry rooms, service rooms, and recreation rooms, among other places.

The most major aspect is that we have a 5-year warranty. Even their customer service is available 24/7. So you don’t need to hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or queries.

  • High quality brightness
  • Simple installation
  • Wide application
  • 8400 lumens output
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The hanging chain is long which makes the light hanging low.

Advantages of 8 ft LED Shop Lights

People are always looking for a reliable solution for their business.  it is hard to beat the performance and value of 8-foot LED shop lights. When choosing from the marketplace, you will find a range of options to help you get the right outcome.  Usually 8-feet LED is ideal for small and larger areas in need of ample light spread, easy to install and care for over the years, durable and lowered maintenance costs with reduced damage caused by heat.

Easy to Install

8 Feet LED Shop lights are easy to install anywhere you like. It can replace existing fluorescent tubes. And there is no need for new ballasts or lighting fixtures. LED shop lights are designed to fit in the existing fluorescent light fixture and require no ballasts. They simply run on AC direct line voltage.

Long Life span

8-Feet LED shop lights have excellent light output with energy efficient LED options. When compared with fluorescent light tubes, they save as much as 75% in power use. It has the highest lumen efficacy in their class and boasts an ultra-long life. These can be used for eight hours a day and can last over 17 years. It helps reduce costs even further. Hyalite LED Lighting offers these solutions in clear and frosted lenses to achieve any facility aesthetic you may be looking for.

Energy Saver and Reduce light pollution

It is already discussed in our several articles that LEDs are an unprecedented energy saver. It is not only for the LED shop light but other lights too. Traditional Fluorescent light tubs lose as much as 50% of their light. As because they shine light upwards as well as down.

Traditional fluorescent light increases energy costs and creates lighting pollution. Whereas the 8-feet LED tube lights reduce this significantly. LED tube lights emit 90% of their light downward spanning 130-degrees.  And this lowers energy costs and puts more of the light where it is needed. As such LED lighting reduces lighting pollution. 

Improved Lighting

While deciding to decorate your premises whatever in the small or wide area. You may have to think about 8-Feet LED shop lights. Because it is qualitative in improved lighting without driving up costs. These lights have excellent light output. Also energy efficient. Compared with fluorescent, they save as much as  75% power use. These lights have the highest lumen efficacy in their class and boast an ultra long life. If it is used for 8 hours a day, it can last over 17 years.

Low Maintenance Costs

For obvious reasons, LED shop lights last 10-25 times longer than traditional shop lights.  So you rarely need to do replacements. In a commercial outfit, this will pay back in terms of lower labor costs. You won’t have to hire people or equipment every now and then to replace hard-to-reach shop lights. You will also spend less money purchasing replacement bulbs and have few disruptions at work.

Important Tips When Buying Best 8-Feet LED Shop Lights

When you decide to buy shop lights, you have to think about lighting output. And lighting output depends on several things as lumens, Foot candles, Illuminance, and Color temperature. These are needed to be discussed for enhancing knowledge. That may help you to buy Shop lights.

Luminous Efficacy

Luminous efficacy is one of the important factors for high brightness. Luminous efficacy means the ability to emit light using a specific energy draw. It is calculated in lumens per watt. The higher the value is, the better the bulb is at energy efficiency. 

Using Luminous efficacy for determining a light source’s efficiency. It helps dictate how many light fixtures are required in a particular space. HID shop lights have lower levels of luminous efficacy than LED shop lights. It means they are less energy-efficient light sources.

Color Temperature

Color temperature describes the color appearance of light. Maximum white light color produced by light sources has shade of other colors. As instance, warm white light colors have a yellow/red and orange glow. While cool white lights have a blue tint to them. The most popular of all light colors are between cool light and warm light lies daylight white. Accurate color temperature is measured by Kelvin.

Higher color temperatures allow for better color acuity. 5000K allows for a very neutral and clean white light that allows for improved color perception that 4000K and below would not, due to its yellow bias. If you want to replicate natural daylight conditions, 6500K would be the optimal color temperature.

Foot Candles

Foot candles are the most common unit of measure used by lighting professionals to calculate light levels in businesses and outdoor spaces. In brief, a foot candle is a measurement of light intensity and is defined as the illuminance on a one-square foot surface from a uniform source of light. 

Now you are probably asking yourself, how do I measure the foot candles in our facility?! That’s an excellent question and exactly what I do as a LED Lighting Specialist.  There may be a number of foot candles in each room and under each light.  This is the process, which usually takes to measure foot candles for LED Lighting.


Illuminance depends on location, orientation and the size and shape of its light sources. While illuminating, make sure the quantity of visible light that illuminates different specific areas. It focuses from all directions. Best quality 8-feet LED shop lights can cover the areas when illuminated.

Mounting Method

Mounting method is one of the important things to keep in mind while deciding to purchase. Whether LED shop lights come with the option of mounting. If you’re planning on purchasing a fixture and suspending it from your ceiling. Positively make sure you have access to the right accessories like mounting studs, hooks, cables etc. Likewise, if you want to retrofit, make sure you’re getting the right size and length for your existing fixture.

Water Resistance

Where are you deciding to use the LED shop lights? If you plan on using your lights outdoors or in a moist, dusty, or hazardous setting. Then make sure that you’re getting water resistant vapor lights. Check the IP rating, and make sure that it’s rated to at least IP65 for outdoor use.


Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately a light source displays colors. Not all lights will provide accurate colors. While a low CRI is okay for non-color sensitive projects. You may need a CRI of at least 90 for projects like painting, assembling products, woodworking, or metal work. Fortunately, most LED lights have a CRI of at least 90, but can go all the way up to 98, nearly replicating daylight.

Frequently Ask Question

How far apart should led shop lights be?

It is found that every shop will have rows of lights.  So determine how many lights you will need for a shop before you ever pick out a light.  When you start a lighting layout do not focus on what light you need, just focus on how many you need.

Then you have to measure your ceiling height. One single measurement will give a guide to lighting the entire shop no matter how big or small.   it is good to use for ceiling heights from 8′ – 28′ (feet) high. In order to attain good lighting you always need the height of the shop to at least be equal to the spread of your rows. 

If you have a 10′ ceiling, your rows must not exceed 10′ (foot). If you like a bright shop, never exceed the ceiling height in row spacing.  This will be good lighting.

How to install led shop lights?

To Install lED Shop lights, there are 4 steps to be maintained. And then it will be successfully installed. The steps are as follows: 

Step 1: Mark the Hanging Point: LED shop lights are hung on a hook with chains. So the first step is to measure the distance between the two sets of chains and mark the hanging point.

Step 2: Install the Hook: In marking place, install the hook. Use a drill with the same diameter as that of the plastic expansion tube to create a hole in the wall  Insert the tube and screw the hook into the ceiling to fix it.

Step 3: Connect to Power Supply: On the side of the LED shop lights is a power supply jack and insert one end of the cable line into it.

Step 4: Install on the Ceiling: After that place the 2 sets of chains on the hook and adjust their positions to ensure they’re fixed. Finally, connect to the power supply to turn on the lights.

 How bright should shop lights be?

It is suggested that 30-40 lumens per square foot would be the minimum in a garage. This is about the lumens you would provide to create a well-lit kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in the garage, working on the car or a hobby, you might want to go a bit higher to 50-60 lumens.

How to replace 8 foot fluorescent bulb with LED?

As we have discussed before, most of the LED tube lights use a simple ballast bypass system. This simply involves ‘bypassing’ the existing fluorescent starter completely and wiring directly into the new LED fixture. So it is not difficult to replace an 8-foot fluorescent bulb with LED.

Bottom Line

8 Ft LED shop lights are an excellent choice for illuminating a work area. If you decide to buy it, please carefully read out our article, where you will find its advantages detailing features. Don’t give off to scan our Tips of buying guide, which may help you to enhance knowledge regarding Best 8 foot LED shop lights.

Integrated LED shop lights are available as a “lampless” solution, but LED retrofit shop light fixtures can present a wide range of possibilities as well.

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