10 Best Dusk to Dawn Light (Review 2021)

best dusk to dawn light

Dusk to Dawn LED lights are already well known and popular to people these days. Many of us know how these lights work but let’s explain in short for those who still don’t know about it.   Dusk-to-dawn LED lights can be switched on and off by the amount of light … Read more

How To Install LED Strip Lights On the Ceiling?

How To Install LED Strip Lights On the Ceiling

One of the types in the LED family is LED strip lights. Since LEDs are revolutionary in advanced technologies, LED strip lights are not behind the running phase. Installing LED strip lights should be considered when you learn of introducing ambient lighting to your home and commercial species. Now the … Read more

What is the best color light for Sleeping?

best color light for sleeping

Sleep is an important and essential function of the human body. It creates the human mind recharge, refreshes physical fitness and enables the body to repair and fit ready for another day. The brain cannot function properly without enough sleep. In accordance with research human sleep may be more than … Read more

Difference Between LED And Laser Diode

Difference Between LED And Laser Diode

The important distinction between LED and LASER lies in the operating theory. LED emits light as a consequence of the recombination of charge carriers around P-N Junction. Whereas, LASER emits light as a result of photons entering the atom which forces them to unleash identical photons. The laser acts on … Read more

Can you use LED bulbs in fridge?

Can you use LED bulbs in fridge

As we all know, LED lights are already popular over the world. These days people are using LED lights almost everywhere to set up a beautiful lighting atmosphere.  It is known to everyone that LED lighting fixtures can be installed both in indoor and outdoor areas. But most people don’t … Read more

10 Best Camping String Lights-Review

best camping string lights

While there are ceremonial programs or camping in night-time, something seems to be needed for creating a peaceful and ambient environment, that is a perfect lighting. So here in this article we will be discussing some best camping string lights. Camping string lights are more than the amber from a … Read more

How to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar?

How to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar

How to clean crystal chandelier with vinegar? In recent times, nothing makes a point like a chandelier when it comes to light fixtures. Completely, it’s all that glitters, the room’s mood setter and occasionally a conversation piece with the guests creates a fantastic environment. Stylish lighting is the fourth layer … Read more

Can LED bulbs be used in ovens?

can led bulbs be used in ovens

Can LED bulbs be used in ovens? Lighting is a really important factor in the kitchen. Without proper lighting it is quite impossible to watch the cooking process and avoid unwanted accidents. In the kitchen, burned out light bulbs can be distracting. Even if you try to prepare something in … Read more

Why Do LED Daytime Running Lights Flicker?

LED Daytime Running Lights Flicker

In recent days, there are various exterior lights in the marketplace. It is found that flickering of headlights is a common problem. Even Any kind of LED Lights flickering is very irritating. Many of the headlight manufacturers have come long a way in solving this problem. There are some certain … Read more

Can LED Headlights Drain Car Battery?

Can LED Headlights Drain Car Battery

Can LED Headlights Drain Car Battery? Draining the battery is not unusual. It could happen anytime especially when the car is parked a couple of days or more. There are reasons to get drain and sometimes damage. One of the main reasons that a battery gets damaged is due to … Read more