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Are LED Shower Heads Safe?

Showering is not only important but essential to keep humans neat and clean for every day. It needs to be pleasant, enjoyable, and safe. Some people might think are LED shower heads safe for regular showering. Though LEDs are powered by electricity and the threat of getting an electric shock is almost nil. Because power produced in these shower heads is significantly low. Most of these showers turn to flash red when the water temperature is too high. Even though LED shower heads might save you from the potential danger of burning skin with extremely hot water.

In recent days, with advanced technology, you also shower without having to waste electricity using the bathroom light. Simply switched on LED shower heads generate enough power to light up your shower. Also, you can significantly cut down on your utility bill.

You can also check how LED shower heads work and why should you buy it, as we have two individual articles on this.

What is a Safety Shower?

A safety shower is a piece of equipment designed to wash away chemicals that have come into contact with the skin. While properly showering, dirty chemicals splash or go out from the body.

The people who engage in construction, agriculture, and farming, Industrial fields or the works are usually done outside in dusty weather are required to clean showering. Many users experienced LED shower heads ensure safe showering.

The majority of chemical labs have a wall unit safety shower. Mobile professions such as drug enforcement officials have portable style showers they can take on the calls.

While skin contact of corrosive materials can cause serious harm to workers, as soon as possible a person is placed in a safety shower after exposure, the better.

Due to that reason, showers should be placed no more than 10 seconds away (roughly 55 feet) from the workplace’s chemical hazards. It is important a safe shower should flow between 70-80 liters of water per minute.

Also, safety showers must be regularly maintained by health and safety personnel to ensure speed and efficiency of use when required.

Importance of Safe Showering and Bathing

Being able to go into the bathroom for showering, close the door and take care of our own cleaning rituals in private is something. Many of us agree and take it for granted.

Therefore, when we experience a decrease in mobility due to ageing or health issues, it can be difficult to admit we’re struggling or relinquish that independence.

In fact, showering and bathing is not just about personal hygiene when you get older. If you are laying in a warm bath, it can provide relief from muscle and joint pain and can also just be a way to distress. Truly, a refreshing shower can help to invigorate the body and provide a sense of freshness.

Nevertheless,  showering and bathing can also bring with it a lot of anxiety. While fear of falling, dizziness, or inability to manage things without assistance can make this normally pleasant ritual something to be avoided.

As per the reviews, bathrooms are the second most common area around the home, where elderly people experience a fall resulting in injury. When people get older or age about 65, the risk of injury by falling in the bathrooms. This injury can be minor and major, even so increasing by any means.

However, it is important to take steps to make the bathroom as safe as possible to reduce this kind of risk and make bath or showering relaxed and comfortable.

However, there is plenty of assistance available to help you or a parent stay safe while showering or bathing at home. In this article, you’ll find tips and guidance to mitigate the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom along with other pertinent information, which will be helpful.

How to ensure Safety showers in the Bathrooms?

In order to create a safe bathroom, the environment is essential to making those daily tasks as pleasant as possible. Bathroom safety is important. This is not only a re-freshness or cleanliness area but also a dangerous place for aged or older people. Therefore, find below the following tips for the safety of your bathrooms:

  • Make sure the bathroom is well lit, especially at night time.
  • To avoid slips, mopping up excess water and other spills immediately with a cloth.
  • To avoid scalds, setting the hot water temperature to 40C
  • Placing shampoo, soap, and other toiletries where they can reach easily
  • Establishing routine or bathing and avoiding difficult tasks while tired, rushed or stressed.
  • Making sure any clothing you wear in the bathroom is not too long could cause a trip hazard.

Modify the Bath Room

  • There are many options for a shower seat, so use a shower seat.
  • Install grab bars, as it is strategically around the bathroom to assist with transfers. Not to rely on towel racks or door handles for those that can easily pull out of the wall.
  • Try to sit on the shower seat or tab bench during moments while balance is concerned.
  • Make sure to proper lighting in the bathroom. LEDs are suggested to install.
  • Ensure purposeful movements and avoid rushing when showering.
  • Carefully, your feet are completely dry before stepping out of the shower or tub.
  • When sitting, explore the use of a shower wand.
  • You may decrease clutter around the tub or shower.

What are the Benefits of LED Shower Heads?

benefits of led shower heads

Each and every product has upsides and downsides and LED shower heads to have an assortment of advantages and disadvantages too.

Stylist: The majority of showerheads are anything but challenging to introduce, which implies you can include style and change a room rapidly. Only a couple of turns of torque, the best LED shower head, will usually expand the estimation of your home.

Temperature Sensor: Best LED shower head automatically controls the temperature with its sensor. The water can be balanced without getting wet when running a shower for your kid. This showerhead is likewise alright for you and your family to use as everyday showering.

Pleasant & enjoyable showering: Knowing the water temperature sensor users can enable more established youngsters to shower alone. It also makes showering fun with various colorful lighting likewise. Also, have the advantages that kids need to clean up with enjoyable showering.

Rain head showering: Children can enjoy rainfall showering with high-quality LED showerheads. They can also enjoy 3 colors changing by a water temperature sensor, which automatically changes colors according to water temperature.

LED lights are powered by water flow, and no batteries are ever needed. It makes an amicable air for grown-ups without kids. By the sparkle of the LED shower head lighting, you can spare vitality by not turning on the overhead lights in the restroom and shower.

Health Therapy: The exceptional advantage related to the LED shower head is the medical advantages. Many of the users are experienced for getting benefits by using the LED shower heads concerned with health therapy as relief from joint pain and body pain. Despite this, when cleaning up early in the day, the lights will help begin your day on a positive note.

Drawbacks of a LED Shower Heads

The major drawbacks of a LED shower head are low qualities, which was produced by the cheapest raw materials. Due to manufacturing low qualities of materials that will not serve you better as per your expectation. The customers are sometimes confused to find these types of LED showerheads, though they are looking fashionable and lucrative as well.

In Fact, the low-quality of showerheads is basically no industry-leading manufacturer which is also available in the marketplace at a cheap price. However, there are other things that the power source of the model needs batteries to operate while on the hand showering.

But the other products consist of a turbine that uses the water flow to generate light. So it depends on your need. If you’re willing to change batteries now and then, which incurred you money.

 Shower Heads sometimes Risky to Use (As per research)

Usually, people know that showers will wash away dirt and germs, but a new study shows your showerhead might dump nasty bacteria on you that may cause lung infections.

The majority of the people know to keep their bathrooms clean, particularly the toilet and sink. Whereas researchers discovered that places in the United States and Europe where germs called micro bacteria are found abundantly in shower heads. From that bacteria create lung infections, which is a common phenomenon.

Watch the video below to learn how to clean LED shower heads.

A study led by Author Matthew Geber, said, “We live in a world covered in bacteria, and the bacteria in our shower heads follow some interesting geographic trends and can be altered by our water source and water chemistry.” He also said, “bacteria thrive in shower heads and water distribution systems. Although most of these bacteria are harmless, and some can cause lung infections.” To know more just click here.

Final Words

Nowadays, wherever you go, wherever you live, whatever you use and eat, everywhere safety is important and first priority. Therefore, bathing and showering are not an exception to that. Also, there is common talk ‘prevention is better than cure,’ which is also significant for safe showering. No matter what, quality is one of the most important buying factors when it comes to shower heads.

Your close attention is much imperative to what the current owners have to say about the product. We discussed many things in this article, but the general rule of thumb is that you usually get what you pay for. Your knowledgeable, justifying choice is highly important.

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